May 15, 2006

Editorial on Biscardi Interview , by Kathy Strain

When I was a little girl, I saw Legend of Boggy Creek on television. It had a profound effect on my life… So much so, that I felt deeply that this was what I was meant to do with my life. I went into Anthropology because of my passion for the subject. I think it is fair for me to say that I have worked hard to contribute to bigfooting, both in the field and in the science realm. I have tried to be scientific in what I do and what I am associated with. And I'’m not alone… There are hundred of people out there, spending their hard earned money in search of an answer. They don'’t seek acknowledgement, repayment, or glory… Just an answer to the mystery.

It is because of this that I am feeling so very frustrated. First, it was the BFRO and their stubborn stance that the Sonoma Video was real. They verbally assaulted investigators that said different. Then, the world found out the truth… It was all a hoax created by Penn and Teller. Strike one for bigfoot.

Next, there is Tom Biscardi. I don'’t know Tom, never meet him, but my impression of what I thought hasnt changed due to this interview. Let'’s see. Peter Byrne is a bottom feeder (completely untrue). Ivan Marx is the best man in the industry of tracking this creature down (again, completely untdebaclehe debackle of the captured bigfoot (yeah, Stagecoach, Nevada is a well-known hub of bigfoot activity). And then there is this:

Quote JavaBob/Biscardi: "There is a huge fabric of myth and misinformation about this creature out there. In this huge fabric there are threads of truth. With Tom Biscardi'’s guidance, Searching for Bigfoot goes out and investigates alleged sightings and/or encounters and attempts to find the threads of truth. We collect those threads to help us prove to the world that this creature really does exist. What we show on our website is what we actually see and hear, the whole fabric. We do not alter it, nor do we make any judgment calls about it. Just like the observers we allow to go along, or the News media that goes out with us, we show you what we see, the way we see it, when we see it. As we gather up this fabric, we study it and search for the threads of truth in it. We will eventually be able to weave our own fabric from these threads of truth. That new tapestry will be the "“product"” that Searching for Bigfoot Inc., will produce."

It sounds to me that they believe that making sensational and false claims, seeking out newspaper and television press everywhere they go, and generally disregarding scientific methods contributes to a “new tapestry that they are producing. Well, strike two for bigfoot.

I wish there was a Hippocratic Oath for bigfooters…. “first do no harm….

I don'’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to make some money by studying bigfoot. In fact, I wish we could all do it. However, I do mind if someone'’s need for money supercedes ethics. I mind if they continually seek out publicity with their wild claims and never produce anything to show for it. I mind very much if they make bigfoot into a joke… Because it effects me personally. Many of us have worked way too hard to take two steps back now.

So, is there a strike three? Or do we just stop pitching to those who don'’t want to play on the team?

I would like to thank Kathy Strain for writing this editorial. :)

*Interview with Biscardi Follows below*


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