May 15, 2006

Interview with Tom Biscardi - or was it JavaBob??

Yes, this is the photo he provided. I blew it up to 200% and crashed my computer once to get it this big for you.. He was in charge of the photo.

*Tom Biscardi is Second from the left of this picture wearing all blue, JavaBob is the first from the right, wearing all blue as well*

Recently I was told Tom Biscardi wanted to talk to me. I wondered why? Was I about to be the victim of a lawsuit? Was Biscardi accepting my challenge to speak out and answer some questions many have asked? Humm,, decisions, decisions.

Well, I went ahead and called him. Mr. Biscardi is very smooth. He is very polite and well mannered -- but make no mistake, he is a showman. I asked Mr. Biscardi if he would be willing to answer his critics by answering questions for my blog? After much discussion over what his interview would do for my little blog that was unknown- he relented and agreed to answer any and all questions I had of him, along with follow up.

I had approximately 4-5 telephone conversations with Mr. Biscardi ( my phone rang ). The latest one was right after I received the answered questions for the blog interview - the questions were not answered by Tom Biscardi, but from his partner and friend JavaBob, with this nice little note inserted by JavaBob to start things out.

Mellisa, (my name is spelled Melissa - for the 3rd time)

Tom is on the road taking care of business for Searching for Bigfoot Inc., He and I are in constant phone contact and he asked me, (JavaBob), to answer these questions for him. He has read the answers I supplied and is comfortable with them as written.

Please understand my take on these questions before we continue. The major issue Tom had and I had with Blogs such as yours is that you are free to print whatever you want or what ever you hear, with no responsibility for investigating or checking for accuracy. All of the questions you have asked can be researched and found on the web. My issue is that no one ever did that but still printed the cause of the questions as fact?

Are you able to or willing to address that issue in anyway with your interview? I will do my best to answer your leading questions as openly and honestly as possible, but it does make me feel like I am being asked to answer for issues that are based on perception created with minimal attempt at education, and not on any actual reality. With that said, I will answer these questions with actual information that is found in news articles or reputable web sites. I will augment some information with my personal observation, but the vast majority of what I have to say could easily be investigated by anyone who cares to try.

So, in the spirit of being as fair with Biscardi as he was with me, and the readers of this blog - I have invited Rick Noll to handle the follow up questions, and he accepted.

What JavaBob and Mr. Biscardi fail to realize - is Most of what I know, I did get from their site. Not sure what else I can say about that. I have spent hours on his site - and found nothing different than I have found anywhere else. Honest answer -- you just never asked me that one.

Well, your welcome :) Ohh, P.S. Leading questions are the point of an interview.. I am asking for specific information.. Or did you think you should write the questions?

Interview with Tom Biscardi

1. Tell us how you became involved in the search for this North American Primate that is yet undocumented?

Tom saw the Patterson video. After seeing that film, he spent many months at the library doing research on the creature. Once he felt he was able to spot the failures of his predecessors, he decided he could do a better job and began a search that has lasted over three decades. During that time, Tom has been privileged enough to have seen the creature five separate times. He refers to these sightings as “being bitten by the Bigfoot mystic”. Now he is driven to prove to the world what he already knows.

Follow up by Rick Noll: Interesting that so many others claim to have done the same thing and:

1. Not found that much information in the library,
2. Spent money buying the material from independent distributers,
3. And after all of that never coming away with a plan they claimed to have worked.

JavaBob/Biscardi: Just another indication of how serious Tom Biscardi is about this!

Follow up by Rick Noll: Seeing the animal five times through patient investigation and a well thought out game plan must mean that you were fully prepared for those encounters and planned accordingly. Do you have evidence supporting the five sightings? If not, why not?

JavaBob/Biscardi: There are some photo graphs and supporting foot prints. They have all been posted and/or published. Most are the Ivan Marx photos, but not all.

2. Are you with an organization? Or are you an Independent Researcher?

Tom is the founder and CEO of Searching for Bigfoot Incorporated. Searching for Bigfoot Inc., is currently, a privately funded corporation dedicated to proving the existence of this creature. However, as far as Tom is concerned, actually finding the creature is a need that Tom
Biscardi has fostered “independently”.

Follow up by Rick Noll: When was this organization incorporated?

JavaBob/Biscardi: Searching for Bigfoot was formed early in December 2005, our incorporation was officially recognized January 17, 2006.

3. Please tell us how you met Ivan Marx, and his wife Peggy.

Tom researched who the best man in the industry of tracking this creature down might be. His research brought him to a man that people like; Walt Disney, Bill Burrard, and Lowell Thomas found to be the best tracker and natural photographer in the world at that time. Tom spent several months living and working with Ivan Marx, before Ivan would consider taking Tom along on a serious search for the creature. Tom, Ivan, and Peggy have been friends ever since. Tom was with Ivan at his death bed and is still treated like a family member by the Marx’s to this day.

Follow up by Rick Noll: The name Ivan Marx is as synonomous with hoaxing as Ray Wallace. Please explain the perceptions held by the Bigfoot community at large that Ivan Marx resorted to hoaxing Bigfoot films of the creature, both stills and motion.

JavaBob/Biscardi: When I (JavaBob), first saw the original photos from Ivan Marx, I commented to Tom Biscardi about them. I said, these look like a man in a suit to me. I suppose, that is why the creature has not yet been shot. Every story I have ever heard from hunters who claimed to see the creature first hand, was that it looked so much like a man they couldn’t shoot it! They reported that although it was unusual, it still looked like a man. I suggested to Tom that he not show these to anyone because even if they are authentic and real, they do not match the average persons expectations of what a Bigfoot should look like. Tom’s answer to me was straight up. He said, “Bob, I appreciate the way you termed that, but these are the actual pictures we took. I cannot change that. The creature we saw is the picture we took and I have no control over what people may think about them.” Later on in our relationship, Tom shared a written manuscript from a Dr. Warren Cook with me. Dr. Cook analyzed these films and gave point and fact why these photos must be real and authentic. I have that original document at home in my files (I am currently in Sacramento) and will send you a copy when I get home (probably Saturday or Sunday of this week)

*Readers, please do not hold your breath on this promise, as JavaBob said in the attached email with this set of follow up questions - they will no longer be cooperating with this blog.* Apparently the follow up questions were too difficult.

4. Please tell the readers what you know about the "Bossberg" incident.

When the Bossberg incident had hit, Ivan was called in. At that time Ivan was working for Peter Burns. It seems that a creature was hit by a train, Ivan had gone and followed these tracks. He was fortunate enough to get some footage of a creature. Peter Burns also spotted some tracks in this same area. Peter called Ivan over to help him follow those tracks as well. However, Ivan, after inspecting those tracks, told Peter that they were not real, but staged. Peter and Ivan got into an argument about those tracks and Ivan ended up quitting his relationship with Peter. Ivan went on to work with Tom Slick and the Hoopa Indians after this incident.

Follow up by Rick Noll: You mean Peter Byrne? Right? Tom Slick died in a plane crash when? I thought the Slick expeditions started up in 1961 and that Ivan worked with the group then with dogs he had for tracking. Peter also states that he found the exact location where Marx claimed to filmed an injured Bigfoot and that the measurements make it a pretty small creature.

JavaBob/Biscardi: Yes, I meant Peter Byrne. Remember, Tom only heard this over the cell phone and couldn’t check my spelling. Peter Byrne is someone Tom refers to as a “bottom feeder”, we need say no more.

5.. The Ivan Marx photo - you display them on your Searching For Bigfoot Site, why do you think they are genuine?

Tom was with Ivan when most of this footage was shot. He has first hand knowledge of most of these photos. There is also a synopsis from Dr. Warren Cook that substantiates these photos. I will supply it to you after Tom gets back from his current trip.

6. What proof of authenticity of these photos can you offer?

This was answered in the question above?

Tom was with Ivan when most of this footage was shot. He has first hand knowledge of most of these photos. There is also a synopsis from Dr. Warren Cook that substantiates these photos. I will supply it to you after Tom gets back from his current trip.

7. Many of the readers here know about the Coast to Coast incident, involving the claim of 2 captured bigfoot alive in Nevada.. This will be a multiple part question.

a. How did you get involved?
b. When did you discover the hoax?
c. Describe for the readers - in your words - what happened?
d. Were the people, who paid money for the webcam viewing of these bigfoot, refunded their money?

All of these questions can be answered by the online/on air interviews that Tom has already given;

8/23/05 - Stagecoach Debunking

On July 15 the CEO and founder, Tom Biscardi, was informed by co-founder, Peggy Marx, that an acquaintance who she believed to be credible claimed to have an injured Bigfoot in captivity. This woman had been known to Peggy for over 20 years of phone communication. The woman insisted that doctors were caring for this creature, and that while we couldn't see it until it recovered from its injuries, they wanted assistance from us to protect, care for, and study it. The creature was being held on an Indian reservation in Nevada.

As weeks passed we received disturbing information that the creature was abducted by one of the doctors. Realizing the urgency and importance of making contact, we took action to ensure the creature's safety. By August 17 Tom assembled a small expedition team and made arrangements for professionals outside of the organization which included transportation, physicians, scientists and other volunteers.

Following bizarre and outrageous instructions, the team traveled four days and over 1500 miles between California and Nevada. The story we were receiving was that the creatures had been abducted by one of the two doctors who were caring for it. It seemed that this doctor was intent on stealing the creatures away, for his own personal gain. After some manipulating, the doctor that wanted to insure its safety by releasing it to the care of Tom and his team had regained possession of the creatures. By the third day, after all of the strange information we were receiving, the expedition team suspected they were being misinformed and insisted on meeting the woman immediately.

That same night, Tom Biscardi was scheduled to be interviewed on the Coast to Coast radio show. Tom, being pressured by the host of the show, and trying to protect the ownership of these creatures, took a huge risk and made the announcement that these creatures were in captivity. The expedition team finally arrived in a desert town, Stagecoach, Nevada, and discovered the shocking truth. The person who made these claims was a fan of the Coast to Coast radio show and had heard about Tom’s expeditions. She called her old friend, Peggy Marx and began this story. It turns out, she was unstable and totally house bound. This entire story was a figment of her imagination.

Due to the outrageous course of events, it was prudent to delay the official announcement and true story until Tom had time to meet with the Board of Directors. Because Tom and his crew were still on the road, it took a couple of days to get the Board together and make an official decision on what needed to be done.

Tom put out a video and did some additional radio broadcasts apologizing for the misinformation. He also offered a full refund to anyone who signed up on the website because of the misinformation that went out, no questions asked. The full and entire story was put up on Tom’s website (at that time). The site, Great American Bigfoot Research Organization is still up, but Tom is no longer affiliated with that site. Tom resigned from that organization for personal reasons and started up his current affiliation, Searching for Bigfoot Inc.

P.S. Because I was there when Tom first received the phone call about these creatures being captured, I asked Tom to allow me to go with him on this expedition so I could see the creatures first hand. I was physically along with Tom on this entire trip and I am speaking first hand.

Most of this information may still be available at our website.

8. Do you still have involvement with Peggy Marx?

Of course, Peggy, Ivan (before his death), and Tom have been working together for nearly 35 years. They are still close friends and keep in touch. One of the trackers in our organization is Lee Hickman. Lee is Ivan and Peggy’s grandson.

9. Could you please explain to the readers - Your meaning behind the use of the word "Bottom Feeder".. This has caused many hard feelings - and I think you should explain that.

“Bottom Feeders” is a term Tom has used to describe people who take and use the information other people, who are actually out in the field and working hard to discover, for their own personal and financial gain. The people Tom refers to, use other peoples work to promote
their own ideas without giving any credit to the people who do the actual field work. As a matter of fact, they sometimes go out of their way to actually personally discredit the people whose work they plagiarize.

10. Do you think the people involved in Bigfoot Research have been hard on you? If so why?

Tom, for the most part, does not feel that he has been treated poorly by any of the people in the field that act professionally or with integrity. However, he feels he is sometimes dealt with poorly by the few people who are not willing or able to verify the things they hear from the few
people who consider themselves experts in the field, even though they may never have spent a single day in the field. These same people are free to spill their opinion and theory on line as if it were fact.

11. How do you feel about the numbers of women becoming involved? ( I ask this of all the people I interview).

I am unsure of how to answer this question. All I know, is that an ever growing segment of Bigfoot Research arena has been women. Tom and this team are very pleased to be working with the support of any person who demonstrates the integrity and grit it takes to work in this
controversial field. Male or female is a non issue, being honest and sincere is what counts.

12. Do you think your work should be taken more seriously?

For those who are willing to do the homework, they will find that we are very serious about what we do. Most people who have taken the time to come and work with us go away taking us very seriously.

Follow up by Rick Noll
: What is it exactly that you or the group do? So far the biggest things I can identify is that you drive around, have length telephone conversations with dilussional people and make web sites showing some pretty poor pictures of purported Bigfoot.

JavaBob/Biscardi: There is a huge fabric of myth and misinformation about this creature out there. In this huge fabric there are threads of truth. With Tom Biscardi’s guidance, Searching for Bigfoot goes out and investigates alleged sightings and/or encounters and attempts to find the threads of truth. We collect those threads to help us prove to the world that this creature really does exist. What we show on our website is what we actually see and hear, the whole fabric. We do not alter it, nor do we make any judgment calls about it. Just like the observers we allow to go along, or the News media that goes out with us, we show you what we see, the way we see it, when we see it. As we gather up this fabric, we study it and search for the threads of truth in it. We will eventually be able to weave our own fabric from these threads of truth. That new tapestry will be the “product” that Searching for Bigfoot Inc., will produce.

13. Were you contacted at all over the Sonoma Footage? If so, could you please tell us your involvement?

Yes, Tom Biscardi was contacted about the Sonoma Footage. I remember it specifically because Tom used this contact as a “test” for me. I remember Tom sending me an email with the footage attached. He asked me for my opinion about the film. I called Tom and told him why I thought it was probably staged. Tom’s reply was “. Good for you! I can see you are learning. I already called these people back and told them I thought this was a man in a monkey suit and they shouldn’t pass it on any farther I was just curious about what you saw”

Follow up by Rick Noll:
So what tipped you that it was a man in a monkey suit and why didn't you go on record with the conclusion before the Penn and Teller show?

JavaBob/Biscardi: There where several things, but the most obvious was the image in this film didn’t even try to conceal itself. In fact once it got out of camera range, it moved back in again! This is something that a creature smart enough to avoid human contact for centuries would clearly avoid. As I have said, there is so much misinformation in this field that we cannot take the time away from our serious research to debunk it all. That is not what we are about. Anyone who is serious about this subject will eventually learn how to spot obvious fakes.

14. What happened on the X-ZONE? Were you mislead by Wayne Burton? Please explain.

Caught off guard, but not mislead. Wayne is a “simple” man who got very confused under the pressure of the radio interview. He did get his dates and names confused, and that proved to be difficult for Tom. However, Tom and the team’s idea, was from the start and all during the interview, to go to the site and investigate the alleged photo. Tom never said it was a picture of a creature, only that it warranted more investigation.

15. What would you like the readers to know about you?

As Tom’s business associate and his friend, I can share with you my observations. Tom, at times, has the tact of a pit bull dog! However, he is a caring and honest man. My best example of this might be what his reaction was to the woman in Nevada, who caused us such embarrassment. After discovering that this woman had made up this story and was instrumental in causing us to make a blunder that may take us years to overcome, Tom’s first reaction was to find a way to see that this woman would get some help to deal with her fragile mental state.

I was there to see this first hand, and I must say it really impressed me. A year later, I realize that this type of behavior is actually the norm for Tom Biscardi.

16. Do you think my blog commentary has been tough on you?

Not tough, just unfair and unfounded.

17. Why?

Most of the inputs printed were simply opinions and misinformation printed as though they were actual facts.

Short answer - Why should people trust Tom Biscardi?

Trust is something that is earned and not simply given. If there is a question about something Tom has said or done, come to the “horse’s mouth” before making judgments based on someone else’s opinion. Everything we post or print on our site is simply our observation.

The public is always welcome to contact us and make arrangements to come with us and observe for themselves. To the best of my knowledge, every person who has done that has developed a sincere trust in Tom, his team, and his work.

Follow up by Rick Noll:
Could you provide some of those people as references that I can contact and interview?

JavaBob/Biscardi: How about Steve Kulls, the Squatch Detective. He was the last person who went out with us. (email address removed by Melissa)

19. Why did you agree to do this interview?

Because, we believe that the use of honest and open communication can help develop a sense of synergism within this field. That sense of team will help us work together to solve the mystery of the century! Besides, Tom has told me he appreciates your bold approach and respects your straight forward manner of dealing with things. He apparently holds you in high esteem.

20. Anything you would like to say to your critics?

Come out in the field with us and see what we see, hear what we hear, smell what we smell, and talk to the great people we get to talk with.

Base your criticisms on real observation and not on perception.

Follow up by Rick Noll
Can I get a picture of you to go along with this blog interview?

(Picture posted above)


  • At 10:14 PM, Blogger John & Steph said…

    Melissa, thank you and Rick Noll for this well rounded interview. It was interesting and appropriately written concerning the subject matter.

  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger bigandstinky said…

    You know he had a role in some of Paul Freemans stuff where in walla walla, i have a picture some where, i will dig it out and send it to you.

  • At 4:14 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Your welcome John and Steph :) In my opinion the best parts of this interview were the follow up by Rick Noll - those were some excellent questions. :)

    bigandstinky - You may send whatever you like in my direction :) Thank you

  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger ouachita said…

    Tom Biscardi appears to be very much a "Legend In His Own Mind".

    What TB and JavaBob fail to realize is that in an interview it is often more telling what a person DOESN'T say than what they do. TB/JavaBob's failure to adequately answer some simple but critical questions speaks volumes.

    Kudos, Melissa & Rick!

  • At 11:45 AM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Thank you ouachita :)

    I thought my questions were extremly fair, given the person I was interviewing.

    And I agree, its often what isnt said that really says a lot. Biscardi was given an opportunity to defend himself and his research - he simply did not.

    He also questioned why I do not have comments on my board (to suggest I dont have readers) -- well, heres a few for you biscardi,,, what do you think about the opinions expressed?


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