May 27, 2006

Quick Note

I recently recieved an Email from T.B and his friend J.B

In this email they tell me "As promised" they are going to be turning over the information on Dr. Warren Cook- with a catch.

Excerpt from Email "We will be posting Dr. Cook's paper, in its entirety on our web site and invite your readers to log on read what Dr. Cook has to say."

In order for the readers here to have all the questions answered - I will have to link to his blog..Or, post his website address (which he tried to do a couple times during the initial interview and I removed the links) I wont do that. I have stated this very clearly, I WILL NOT put a link on this blog to T.B's website, or post the website address, for any reason whatsoever.

Now, if he is serious about this offer - he may still post the information on his site - he has not done this yet (I am assuming he is waiting to see if I provide the link). If you have been around this field of research for more than a few months - it's not hard to find his website, but for me to post a link provides him more legitimacy than I am willing to provide.

I can tell you that as of today, I have not seen the information - I could have missed it, but I doubt it.


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