May 16, 2006

Discussions with Biscardi

JavaBob SearchingForBigfootInc _ wrote: Once again, I will have to contact Tom and work with him to get his take. Or you can wait a few days and he can do it himself. Are you asking for a photo of me or Tom? And, do you want answers to the clearly sarcastic questions, or just the serious ones? Thanks.. JavaBob

From: Sent: Mon, 15 May 2006 04:54:05 -0700 (PDT) To: Subject: Re: Answers to your questions

Well, I guess if at all possible, a picture of both - you and tom :) I don't think I know what you look like..

My questions are serious. I discussed this with Mr. Biscardi and he
did understand then, that hard questions needed to be asked and answered. When I spoke to him after reciept of your answers, I did tell him I wanted to wait for the answers to the follow up before posting the article - he deserves to have his side heard, in full. I don't do my blog for ratings or numbers - so, I guess you can answer them or he can - you have done a fantastic job so far :) So, I would like all the follow up questions answered. Thank you so much Melissa M. Hovey

Can you sense the sarcasm in that email from me?

Above are a couple of the final emails between JavaBob and myself, They are complete, the only things taken out are email addresses. I am pretty sure you can tell when JavaBob sent this email about the "sarcastic" questions.

I found nothing sarcastic about the questions asked by Rick Noll. People have been asking those very questions for years - and have never gotten a response to them. I have to say JavaBob did a fantastic job of Public Relations for Mr. Biscardi - and he deserves applause.

On the very first day I called Mr. Biscardi, I did have an open mind. What if people had mistaken his enthusiasm for attempts at deception? It could be - you never know for sure whats in someone's heart and mind until you talk to them. My first conversation with Mr. Biscardi, at first was very pleasant.

As I said before, he can be very polite and very jovial. He reminds me of a child with 50 cents and is skipping all the way to the candy store. He has some extreme highs and lows. One night he called me at 11:22 pm - (yes, that is right). I was more than happy to take his call, as I wanted to know all about this man, Im not stupid. When I picked up the phone he quickly apologized for calling so late (very nice, cant say that wasn't polite) and then went into a story (which I wont discuss as I did promise to keep some things confidential, and I do keep my word about that, REGARDLESS) during his telling of this story - I almost felt sorry for him. He was very depressed and sounded upset.. I think in somethings he is sincere - mainly about his emotions and how others make him feel, he is very honest about his feelings there, and will tell you all you want to know.

During that first conversation, Biscardi struck a nerve with me. When I called him, the very first comment out of my mouth was -- "If you want to talk to me, you will do it in the form of an interview for my readers" - I was firm on that. There was a pause (on Biscardi's end) and finally "ahhh ohh ok ". Then we exchanged pleasantries.. A few minutes into the conversation Mr. Biscardi then leveled the BOOM.. "You are nothing in this research, your blog is nothing, I don't have to do this interview - do you realize what my interview will do for your blog?" "My interview will put your little blog OVER THE TOP" He went on to say "I don't need your little blog to tell my story".. I then said to Mr. Biscardi "You may be right, I may be nothing, my blog may be nothing - but my readers I assure you are not, and they deserve honest answers, so don't insult my readers!!"

What Biscardi failed to ask (or realize) is I could have a total of 1 reader -- and I would still fight this hard for the truth.. That 1 reader deserves good information. I am not in this for fame or glory, I could care less about that. I also don't care what his interview could do for my blog in terms of numbers, which by the way, I did a blog a few months back, an interview with a very well known and respected man - and his numbers were MUCH higher than yours biscardi.. So much for putting me "Over The Top" - LMAO. In fact - I have done interviews with the men and women in the field - that brought higher numbers of readers to this blog.

I really don't care about the numbers Mr. Biscardi. Maybe that's your problem, you care more about that - and because of that - your not keeping your skepticals firmly in place?

Im not sure what Mr. Biscardi expected when he agreed to this interview. I was very straight forward in discussing the "ground rules" - I would ask the questions, he would answer them, and he could NOT refuse to answer one. If he did, I would post the question and let the people decide. He still agreed.

It was never agreed that JavaBob would be answering the questions for Mr. Biscardi --- in his words. I was told JavaBob would act only as the transcriber - as Mr. Biscardi stated he was on the road and couldn't get to a computer. I agreed to that - not to JavaBob answering on behalf of Mr. Biscardi, and when I saw that is in fact what they did - I was upset - not angry, the anger came when I read the email remarks by JavaBob. Was handling the interview like this your idea JavaBob? If it was, you gave some pretty piss poor advice to your boss. What was it about me that said "Hey, Im stupid, treat me that way"?

During my last conversation with Mr. Biscardi - he brought up the number of hits on my site. He said "I noticed your blog has a low number of hits" (to imply my importance in this blogging game,, snicker) I said, "first of all, I just started keeping track of the numbers with a site meter in January - recently I changed the starting date to December (the month I actually seriously started working on this blog) see, the numbers don't matter to me all that much.... I skewed my own numbers. He then asked me, if my blog does so well, why is it not showing up on some site rating service he has.. I said "Well, I don't know about yours - but Google Search, Yahoo Search, MSN and many others rank me in the top numbers depending on what your searching for.. I later discovered this search he discusses is a "paid" search engine -- like I said, I don't care as much about self promotion as Mr. Biscardi does, if people want the information - they can find me, Im not hidden.

In JavaBobs email comments he asked me if I was going to address certain things in my interview.. I tried to do just that. In my questions about Bossberg, he could have told me everything he knew about that... He chose not to. I asked him to address and discuss the things that people say about him - that's the only way he will ever re-establish his credibility (which I think is pretty much shot right now). Instead, JavaBob decided to give short yet sweet answers to the questions people most want answered, he attacked me via an email message - so, I decided turn about was fair play. If any of you noticed, my questions in blue are very easy questions -- why did JavaBob and Biscardi have such an issue with them? I hadn't even gotten to the hard ones yet, and already they were crying foul. I was truly amazed.

During one of my final phone calls from Mr. Biscardi - he wanted to know what I looked like.. I was, well - confused by this. What did my physical appearance have to do with the substance of what I was offering? He told me, and I quote "Well, you know all about me, you even know what I look like, can you send me a picture so I know what you look like?" I said "Well, my picture is posted on my blog - you can go look at it there". And he did. When he saw my picture - even his voice changed. It was almost spooky. He went from talking to me like I was one of the guys -- and his voice became very soft and mellow.. He told me how attractive he thought I was - and then went on to tell me "There is just something about you, I cannot put my finger on it right now, but your going places in this - I can feel it , and if Tom Biscardi thinks your going somewhere - girl you are !!!"

I almost said "Yeah, to the bathroom, so I can throw up".

Maybe that was supposed impress me? Im sure that is exactly what his intent was, as he said this to me many times. Do I care if I go anywhere in this -- No, not really. Mr. Biscardi - you read me completely wrong. I told you from day one - I have never seen this animal, I don't know that it exists -- so, I don't have anything to gain or lose. I am simply writing this blog to have a place for myself and others (if they wish) to come and read information, not the tabloid crap put out - but good information that is out there in this research.. That's my goal here. Nothing more, NOTHING less. And, Mr. Biscardi - as long as you hold my blog and its readers in such contempt - I will not be putting a link to your website on this blog.

Yes, Mr. Biscardi asked me to put a link on my blog to his website, I wont do that. In fact during all of my conversations - this was the only comment by Mr. Biscardi that seriously made me pause - I didn't know what to say - lmao. I already knew by this time he was infact playing games, so I knew a mutual linking of sites was not going to happen -- lmao. My blog is "Nothing" as Mr. Biscardi says -- so not having a link to it on his site, really shouldn't bother him.

My commentary on the Biscardi/JavaBob interview is not over. I will be watching Mr. Biscardi and checking out some of the things he told me. I will report any positive and negative. My blog is not a gossip rag - but I do intend to keep him under my watchful eye -- researchers have the obligation, in my opinion, to police ourselves - and put out the good with the bad.

BREAK A LEG MR. T.B. (sorry, I just had to, *snicker*)


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