June 7, 2006

Additions to this blog.

Hello everyone.

I am sure by now you have noticed the new banner. This is original artwork by Pat Barker. She worked very hard and did an incredible job -- I can not thank her enough !!!!!! Graphics and banner design, are courtesy of this blogs newest contributor, Payson.

While the header may read "A Scientific forum" I still plan to keep this forum fun... The use of the word "Scientific" is to describe the content,
but discussed in a way everyone can understand. Science can and must take an active role, and we have that with the contributions of those like Dr. Meldrum, and I will remain a strong advocate for Researchers and Science working together to help solve this mystery.

This blog will also continue to be about the researchers investigating this mystery. I am dedicated to getting their stories out.

This banner will change, as there are multiple renditions - I do hope you enjoy them. In case your wondering - these sketches are without color for a reason. I wanted a sketch - to represent the witnesses, who have seen this animal - who trust in us, and share the hope of all researchers, that one day this animal will be documented.

Thank you Pat - you have made this blog a whole new experience for all involved !!!!!!

Also, I want to give a very special Thank You !! To Teresa - she worked very hard to create the new signatures for all the different contributors to this blog !! Her "Squatchies" will give this blog a fun look. THANK YOU Teresa !!!

(Note: The squatchies are a no show due to graphic restraints by the host.)


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