November 19, 2014

"Search For The Lost Giants" on History

An interesting new show has hit the History Channel ~ "Search For The Lost Giants." 

How many times in the Bigfoot Community have we heard or taken part in discussions about the mysterious lost giant skeletons? If you've been around for more than a couple months you've at least read about this intriguing mystery. 

Is the Smithsonian really gobbling up all these giant skeletons to hide some strange twist in Darwin's theory of evolution? Or are the newspaper articles about the unearthing of these skeletons just a big ole oops. 

Nothing to see - move along. I doubt that, but what is going on? 

But, this show has me curious about something. Many things actually, but I will focus on what I see, as the melding of two mysteries into one. 

First the Native American Stories in reference to these Giant Skeletons. Jim and Bill Vieira tell us that Native Americans described these giants as Cannibalistic warriors. 

Secondly these "Giants" have two rows of teeth. 

Two rows of teeth !? As if, being a Cannibalistic giant, isn't bad enough. 

Can you even imagine a 7-8 foot person with an attitude coming at you. Then add in two rows of teeth? That's the stuff of nightmares right there. 

I know over the last couple years, in our own community, some are putting forth the theory, that Bigfoot has two rows of teeth. There are some Native American stories about Bigfoot being a tribe of big humans that were brutal warriors. There are some stories where the Native Americans created a sort of peace treaty to keep the warring at bay. All things I've heard in reference to Bigfoot and now Giants. 

So, my question is this - are we seeing some cross over of mysteries? I will be honest, I don't really consider a 7 foot person to be a legendary "Giant." But, then, I also don't know what the average height of a person was back during the time these giants would have been on the earth (if the legends are true). 

It would appear they have been given the okey doke to excavate (with an Archaeologist) a suspected burial chamber in Goshen Massachusetts, and within the first couple shows, they have already discovered a tooth with human like characteristics. 

So, Giant hunters 1 - Bigfoot Researchers 0. We better step up our game folks. The "Giant Hunters" are winning. 

This tooth, of course, was turned over to our favorite DNA expert Todd Disotell. Personally, I love how Todd just lays it down every single time. I've never met him in person but I have the sneaking suspicion if you're the kind of person who has trouble dealing with hard cold facts, Todd, may be more than your system can handle. But, Todd has agreed to run DNA analysis on this incisor. 

This should be interesting. 

A quick aside: Todd has apparently abandoned his Mohawk.. Why Todd? Why? 

Regardless, so far it's a good show. It airs on Tuesday nights. If you have missed the episodes to date, and you have "OnDemand," you can access the earlier episodes. Check it out !!

Have a great day everyone !!!!


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