July 5, 2010

Oh,, Steph Responds!!! Collecting Bets Tomorrow :)

I posted the comment Steph sent to my blog, as I would never deny someone the right to defend themselves. But, then I said to myself,

"self, why not put her reply, right on the front page?"

Steph appears to be very happy with her reply. I should make sure everyone can read it. It really is the only fair thing to do, and well I do have my selfless moments from time to time.


Too bad Steph didn't allow the comments to her blog, I know were sent to her directly (because I read them) like she promised she would.

Huh....Maybe she just forgot about those silly emails disagreeing with her assessment of Billy Willard?

Here is Stephs response to my blog, where I devoted an entire article to her misinformation about an expedition she didn't even think about looking into or asking simple questions before she posted her hate filled article about Billy Willard. Way to be front and center with ALL the info Steph.

Apparently Steph can dish it out, but she can't take it.

Steph writes:

oh ya, better go read your own article. "Billy Willard and I put together an expedition that included researchers from 5 different organizations, with 30+ researchers, from 10 different states."

I think the conversation is over. ive answered you on my blog.Ya it may be ba a rag blog as you like to call them. im not trolling for anything just ran across your critical whiney self-promoting page. Thanks for the conversation but ive seen and had enough for now.

End of Quote

YEAH!!! wheww, I almost reverted into a lively round of "I know you are, but what am I!!" Hahaha..

First of all, what is a "ba a rag blog"? I know I never said that. Why? I don't even know what that means..

I did read the article, I wrote it sweetie. Did you score low in reading comprehension? Well, school isn't what it once was, or so I have been told.

Nowhere did I post in that article, all 30+ people were on the property for the entire 7 days. You took a run down of the participants, and tried to turn it into something sinister. I can understand your need to play "Gotcha" but, that just comes across as desperate.

Okay (big sigh from me) point to where it says (another dramatic sigh)"All 30 people were on the property the entire 7 days", and you will win a big beautiful gold star. Hell, I will give you two, but no more than that, greedy.

This is why you should never post angry.

Which reminds me, I should find some really cute smiley faces for this blog.

You're right, this conversation is over. I have far more important things to do, like pulling out my fingernails, or even better, getting my wisdom teeth yanked (without Novocaine/ No-va-caine). Yeah, I can think of so many other things I would rather do, than try to reason with someone who can't admit when they are wrong.

Steph, you were busted causing trouble, and you got your pride handed back to you (along with a specific body part). If you want to complain about being critical and self-promoting, and whiney, please take the time to read your own blog, take a nice long read. I have seen you post more hate, than anything to help further this research.

Me thinks someone is jealous...

I used to think you were smart, now I just lump you in with your friends - Teresa, Jim, Blackdog, Redwolf and the rest (oh, you didn't tell people?). You are no better. In fact, your animosity is so high for people in this, it really makes me wonder why your involved. I remember when you first came on the scene. You started out posting comments to this blog. Not many, but you did. You were so nice and cheerful. What happened to you?

Usually when people are wrong, they just admit it. Now, before you get your panties in a wad, I usually don't have to admit to being wrong. Why? (You ask in a questioning voice) Well, my little toad stool, I ask questions and get the facts, (pay attention here Steph, this could be a critical moment in your blogging career) before I publish an article to this blog. If you would do that very simple thing, you wouldn't be on the defensive tonight, and posting in such a foul mood.

Maybe someone just woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

All kidding aside,

You have no desire to know Billy Willard or anyone outside your own little group of hate mongers in this field of research. I know exactly why you went after Billy. The reason is not hard to figure out, once everyone knows the company you keep. Your only interest is spawning more anger and hate, and you will do it for others if necessary. That's fine, but I really think you should be honest with yourself and everyone else. I bet by the time you finished reading the articles about your friends (on the way down the page to your article) you were all dis·com·bob·u·lat·ed (figured I would sound it out for you with your comprehension problems and all).

I suppose showing everyone your bigfoot video is out of the question?? Aww too bad. I would have enjoyed watching you defend it against your pals. I heard you peddled it pretty hard in certain circles. Makes me wonder why you won't release it for everyone to see - since you believe it is so important to be critical of everyone else. I wonder what you would do, if that pointing finger came back at you.

Oh, dang NEVERMIND. Thank you for showing me. :)

By the way, IF you responded to me on your blog, I really don't care. Your comment here, show me how little I should care about anything you say. Oh, and yes, you are a troll. The things you have said about me in the past, were not original, not even your work and well, made me feel bad that you needed hits on your trash rag of a blog so bad, you would resort to such tatics. I rarely feel bad for someone, but you hit my soft spot there Steph.

Dangit, you did it again. I need to grab a tissue.

Again,thank you for not proving me wrong. Man, you had me worried! I had 50 bucks riding on whether you would post in a positive manner, or be as hate filled as always. Guess which side of the bet I took.

I will spend the money wisely. TOOTSIE ROOLS FOR EVERYONE!! Except Steph. Steph is a big meanie..:)

FYI, you didn't just happen on my blog. You have been here off and on since I wrote the article about you. I have a site meter - geesh. At least TRY to tell a convincing lie...

Best of luck to you Steph :)


  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger Edward (Ed) said…

    LOL, Oh my my my my....You got the dishing out part right.

  • At 6:19 PM, Blogger LAL said…

    Melissa, Steph has let you know someone sent you correspondence under her name that was not from her. You owe her a public apology and a retraction.

    I'm disappointed this article has not been removed; it was beneath you to begin with. I've unsubscribed.


  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Actually, you unsubscribed almost a week ago, and just sent this today.

    Yeah, I got her email, and showed her the same professional courtesy she showed to the others Steph admits she ignored.

    Maybe you should dish out your righteous indignation on your friend. Billy Willard has done nothing to her, or anyone else. It's not my problem or Billy's, Steph can not read, or ask questions herself. Instead she defends her right to pass along ignorant statements.

    Well, its my right to point the ignorance.

    I owe her nothing. Funny how the IP's match up to both my blog, and her IP on my website.

    Sorry, you both lose.


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