February 16, 2006

John Green, The Final Questions,

OK, I am giving in.. I feel bad making everyone wait to see how this interview went... So, here are the final questions. I really enjoyed this interview with Mr. Green, and I hope you all did too. :) Thanks for reading..

Question #3. Bossburg. A few months ago, I read an article about the Bossburg Cripple foot tracks, this question will be in two parts.

a. Your opinion, real or hoax? and why?

Mr. John Green: I don't know. The circumstances under which they were found were very suspicious, but some competent people have considered them genuine.

b. I read you phoned Rene Dahinden, but after that, what was your involvement? Did you leave the area or did you stay? If you stayed, what did you do? If you left, why?

Mr. John Green: I was unable to go to Bossburg at that time, but I made several trips later on, interviewing people, looking for evidence, and in one instance spending a day struggling through deep snow on a wild goose chase. I was never able to stay there long, as I had a weekly newspaper to produce.

Question #4. Is there one Track Cast that you feel could be the best example for the existence of this animal? Which one? And why?

Mr. John Green: Not one, but the several casts of tracks made by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin after they got the movie and by Bob Titmus when he investigated the site several days later. I choose those because there is a movie of the creature that made them and because Bob casts a series of tracks that demonstrate tremendous foot flexibility.

Question #5. What was your first thought when you laid eyes on the Skookum Cast?

Mr. John Green: I don't recall a first thought. The people who had been there told us how they had worked out an interpretation of the puzzling imprint they found and I and others were trying to check their opinions against the cast they had made --with the handicap that it still had a thick layer of dirt clinging to it.

Follow up Question: And after it was cleaned up, and the scientists like Dr. Meldrum started giving opinions? Then what did you think?

Mr. John Green: That it was unquestionably an imprint left by a very large animal and that no part of any known animal could be responsible for it, particularly one print of the back of the heel and part of the Achilles tendon of a huge humanlike, hair-covered leg.

Question #6. Is there one sighting or one report by a witness that stands out in your mind? And Why? How do you view witness reports?

Mr. John Green: There are quite a few sighting reports that rate high for significant observation and apparent witness reliability, but they lack supporting evidence. The one with far the best supporting evidence is Patterson/Gimlin but that was just one individual walking away. The one that combines supporting evidence with significant observation of behavior is Glen Thomas' story of watching a large male excavate a steep, five-foot-deep shaft in heavy rocks to get at hibernating rodents, and share the meal with a large female and a small child. The excavation, which appears to be impossible for humans to duplicate, is still there as to witness reports in general, many nowadays are obvious hoaxes and presumably there are even more hoaxes that are not obvious, but reports by thousands of apparently credible witnesses are in themselves a phenomenon that requires an explanation.

Question #7. Questions about the Patterson/Gimlin film have been done over and over, but I am curious about one thing, Wasn't the area of Bluff Creek an area Bob Titmus was researching? If so, did Bob Titmus direct Patterson and Gimlin to this area? If not, do you know why Mr.Patterson and Mr. Gimlin headed to Bluff Creek?

Mr. John Green: By 1967 Bob was living and searching in British Columbia and I'm not sure he would even have heard of Roger Patterson. He certainly was not in touch with him. The reason Roger and Bob went to Bluff Creek was because Roger had been notified that many tracks had been seen there a few weeks before, and Roger hoped there might be more tracks show up which he could photograph. .

Question #8. Do you think Main Stream Science will ever take a serious look into this mystery?

Mr. John Green: Yes, that is slowly coming about.

Question #9. Do you have any regrets?

Mr. John Green: No.


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