June 15, 2006

Interview with Bill Green

*Photos provided by Bill Green*

If you are a Bigfoot Researcher, or even if you just read various Bigfoot message boards, and you don't know who Bill Green is, you are really missing out on a wonderful person. Bill Green goes to all of the various internet sites with one goal in mind - getting new information about Bigfoot.

I first noticed Bill on the Bigfoot Forums. Daily, I am impressed with his drive and determination to gather as much information as possible - and share what he has with other Researchers. Bill will not be bothered with Bigfoot politics - as he understands what this research is all about, and I find that very refreshing. I have had moments early on, when I seriously thought about getting out, I doubted myself and my ability to do anything positive for this research, and at those moments I would see a post on a topic from Bill, and I would remember why I am in this.

Bill is a tremendous source of inspiration - as he reminds me why I am doing this, to help people like him, find what it is they witnessed, and understand what they witnessed. That will not happen until we document this animal, Bill keeps many of us on track toward that goal. Many witnesses become Reserchers because they want answers to what they seen with their own eyes.. Bill is no different.

Bill is highly respected and cared for by many if not all, in this field of research. I personally think the world of Bill - and I hope he always stays as enthusiastic and energized as he is today.

Interview with Bill Green -
Connecticut Bigfoot

Question: Please tell the readers about yourself.

Bill Green: Hi everyone my name is Bill Green I am a Sasquatch-Bigfoot Researcher.

Question: How long have you been active in the field of Bigfoot Research?

Bill Green: Ive been doing research about the sasquatch mystery for 19yrs now longer now though in Connecticut and the USA. Im from Bristol, CT , my focus of research is to study and research all sightings, or evidence presented to me about Sasquatch, the amount of authentic Sasquatch evidence found over the years in China and the USA.

Question: What do you think about the growing numbers of women becoming active in this field?

Bill Green: I think it's great that women and men work together in forests, or on the net when researching Sasquatch.

Question: Have you had a sighting? If so please explain.

Bill Green: Yes, I saw a 5 1/2 ft tall gorilla -human like creature walking on railroad walking on railroad tracks last year. I was so excited it was like freeze frame moment for me i was not scared at all.

Question: One piece of equipment you think is the most important?

Bill Green: Camera's are the best when Im in the field looking for evidence.

Question: Most researchers have one Report that "Stands Out" in their minds, is there a report that still "stands out" for you?

Bill Green: Well most of the authentic sightings or footprints etc that i hear about on the net or regular newspapers but not the tabloids.

Question: What questions would you like researchers to ask witnesses?

Bill Green: I would ask someone, who encountered a sasquatch, to tell me everything about their sighting in every detail. Tell them to take photos of the sighting locations, or any possible evidence they might have found etc.

Question: What you would like people to know about you.

Bill Green: Well my hobby is collecting DVD's of movies and DVD sets of Television series.

Question: Do you have any advice for a new researcher?

Bill Green: For a new researcher to be very careful what you find in woods about Sasquatch. Always talk to people that might have seen a possible Sasquatch in USA or Canada other countries, and always keep in touch with researchers on the internet etc.

Thanks Bill Green CT. Sasquatch Researcher please keep in touch ok.

If anyone wishes to report a sighting or footprints etc of Sasquatch to me please email me at: All info about Sasquatch, Yowie, and Yeti sent to me will really help me with my research, and the other friendly researchers that i will share the information with, that is sent by you all.

I would like to thank Bill for answering my questions - and being apart of these interviews. I Consider Bill a good friend. I hope he always keeps looking for answers and searching for more information. Bill is a good man - and will always be one of my favorite Researchers :) Thank you Bill !!!!!!!

Ohh I almost forgot - you can also drop by Bills own website, by clicking HERE


  • At 11:23 PM, Blogger Henry May said…

    Great interview, Mel. Tremendously interesting and compelling. Bill is a true gem in the Bigfoot field and a great friend besides. I couldn't think of a better person for you to interview, Mel.

  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    Your welcome Bill, it was truly an honor to do this interview.

    Thank you for being kind enough to answer my questions :) Your an inspiration to many Bill :)

  • At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Filtereyez said…

    Bill, thank you for all you do in this field, and thank you for all the smiles your post have given me. I only wish we had more researchers like yourself - you are one in a million!!!


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