December 29, 2007

MonsterQuest - Bigfoot

In case you missed the MonsterQuest Episode entitled "Bigfoot", well - YouTube strikes again. A person using the name of "RetardedRyan" has made it easy for everyone to watch.

He has it broken up into Parts. Well, enjoy.

Also, you can listen to some of the women involved in the taping of this program discuss the filming and their experience in the Cascade Mountains during that 7 days. Click this LINK and scroll down to the interview dated 12/02/2007 MonsterQuest-Womens Expedition Interview.

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 3

Part 4

Part 5


December 8, 2007

The GCBRO, and Monster Central - My View

Monster Central is a maze of gravel roads that slice through 1,500 acres of forested land. I am not sure how a recent television show titled "Legend Hunters" got that wrong, but they did.

It's hard to imagine passing through the gate from the main road, that this place even exists.

It does.

Once I parked and unloaded my vehicle, I began a guided tour of Monster Central during the day light hours with Scott.
The area is very dense in spots. This area has a fair amount of water sources for any animal that passes through or decides to stay a while. When you walk the property the Deer stands are obvious, and in good shape. So, I didn't have to be told this area is used for hunting, but that was later confirmed.

After roughly an hour of walking the property, Scott and I returned to camp and I was then introduced to members of the GCBRO.

The first person I met I will identify as Bob. Bob is the GCBRO's answer to Chris Buntenbagh. If you need something "techy" Bob is the man. I spoke with Bob only briefly at first, but I found him to be very friendly and his interest in the research genuine.

To be very honest, that was my take on all of those I met.

Bobby Hamilton.

Meeting Bobby Hamilton was a particular pleasure for me. I had heard this name a number of times during my 2 years in this field. When I first laid eyes on Mr. Hamilton, he was standing behind tables that had been set up with food laid out - You see, this weekend was not just a weekend to see Monster Central for the GCBRO members, would be new members or the curious like myself, but a Barbecue.

I love living in the South.

Here is some information many did not know about me. I am addicted to barbecue. Since moving to Texas I have been actively searching out all the Barbecue hot spots - and when I tell you
Sonny Bryan's has nothing on Bobby Hamilton's Barbecue - I am being most sincere. I was in pure heaven. Its my belief everyone should eat this good in the field.

When I first became involved in the world of Bigfoot Research,

I had read an article on Bobby Hamilton, and learned information I later discovered not many people know. Mr. Hamilton is not only a Bigfoot researcher and the man behind the GCBRO, but an ex-professional wrestler. After reading this article I brought this up with many people, and none seemed to know this about him, including some in the GCBRO who were, well stunned when Mr. Hamilton confirmed this.

I have always thought it important to not just know who a person is now, but to also know where they have come from. Life experiences make up the people we are today. I find Mr. Hamilton to be a very kind hearted and good man. He was very honest with me, and I really think he wanted me to base my opinion of the GCBRO less by my interaction with him, and more on the group as a whole.

Coming up is the final article. Where I will discuss what happened, what didnt happen and my night in the field at Monster Central.