July 8, 2010

BFF Lurker thoughts.. Interesting.

This comment was sent to me via personal message on my forum. I am re-posting with permission. I know who this person is, and am keeping that person's identity anonymous. I know what happens when you speak out publicly against the BFF.

Sent 07/06/2010 @04:27 PM

Hey Mel,

I wanted to say Hi and tell you I am reading this book right now. I was reading what you were saying about the BFF and everything seemed okay when they were talking about the fact or fiction aspect of the book...but when it started getting personal I was so disappointed. At one point ( I think it was Redwolf..I don't know her real name) basically made snide comments about how the only reason anyone gives Autumn any attention is because of what she looks like.

It actually showed me a lot more about how Redwolf, JayleeD and Teresa are as women than anything else. I simply cannot stand women who judge other women by their looks. Have we learned nothing about the evolution of women's spirit? It's a funny though because I have read Dian Fossey's book and Jane Goodall's books and no one talks about what they looked like. There was a lot in Dian and Jane's books that they thought no one would believe. But you know that Leakey put them out there because he believed women are better researchers in such cases, and it has nothing to do with looks.

It just made me so sad when I read how they were being over on the BFF....I want to tell them what I think...maybe I will and see if they ban me...hahahaha. I just could not believe how petty and ignorant they are being. I remember them being the same way about you....and it just put me off...I usually hang around women who do not judge each other on how they look. I hate superficial bulls*t...but that's how they are I guess.

I don't really even know anybody over there anymore and it seems like everyone I liked came over here! Anyway I am liking Autumns book so far and you know why? Even if it is is exactly the kind of stuff that Fossey did when she was studying the's about becoming part of their world, not making them adapt to ours...but to do that you would really have to live where they are over an extended period of time.

Anyway...I also feel that even if I saw a bigfoot creature...I would not tell anyone about it....because I just don't see any good coming from it...I don't think these creatures need us in any way shape or form...they've been fine without us for years....the only thing I'd worry about is habitat loss...we just need to keep land wild for them. They'll be fine if we do that. is good to see people having civil discussions here...

take care


  • At 9:13 PM, Blogger Regan Lee said…

    I don't like using the "sexist card" because it just ... causes so much to-do, and frankly, it makes me tired. I'm too old I guess. But a lot of what I've read over there is sexist regarding Autumn. I of course don't speak for her and am assuming a lot, who knows what her take on it is. But from my perspective, some of the criticism has crossed from just criticism of her work, and onto to her: her looks, her role as mother, etc.

    She's been called "emotional" -- something used to dismiss and trivialize women for eons. She's been accused of using her looks to get attention, and worse, she's been accused of playing up her looks for all its worth. I don't know who it was but someone over there said something about they wouldn't listen to a female researcher who was (paraphrasing) "dumpy, overweight, and brunette" the way they'd listen to Autumn. Wow. As if Autumn's (or any attractive female) work is only as good as her looks. She's been accused of trying to get sympathy for being a single mom; she "complains" too much about it. So we're supposed to take seriously the criticisms of people who are so shallow and cheap they make such tired old sexist comments? With that kind of critical thinking, I'm sure they make excellent researchers.

    I am still finding it amazing that so many are missing what Autumn has to say about the nature of research itself,and the relationship between witness and researcher -- and researcher who is also a witness. So very important and that perspective is fresh and needs to be discussed, not just "is Mike for real."

  • At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree the personal attacks on Autumn are ignorant, but what else would we expect from Kathy Harper (Red Wolf) and the other Harpies?

    I am not missing what Autumn says. I have also heard it before, so I just don't care. If people are enjoying the book that is great. I am also a researcher AND a witness. I don't want to hug Bigfoot. I want documention of this animal. Opinions vary...

    John Cartwright

  • At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Can someone enlighten us to the State of origin that Redwolf is from? Anywhere close to many of the other Admins/Mods on BFF? I couldn't help but notice the 'wolf' reference, being Teresa also has wolves.

  • At 11:22 AM, Blogger Melissa said…

    I'm not sure why, but this comment did not show up in the comments portion of this blog. I am posting it for the person who asked this question Anonymously.

    Quote Anonymous @ Mon 7/12/2010 11:07 AM:

    Can someone enlighten us to the State of origin that Redwolf is from? Anywhere close to many of the other Admins/Mods on BFF? I couldn't help but notice the 'wolf' reference, being Teresa also has wolves. ~ End Quote

    My response:

    Actually, Redwolf resides in the State of Oregon (last I knew). The BFF staff members are from all over the country.

    There are some members of the BFF Staff that are very good people, but as I have said, those numbers are too few to make any difference.

  • At 9:53 PM, Blogger In Search Of said…

    Well,I used to really enjoy the BFF,but it seems that for the past couple of years it is almost like the site has been taken over by teenagers who were bullied and are resorting to cyberspace for revenge. It is so juvenile over there that it is getting to the point where I rarely even check the site once a week and I used to check it several times a day. As for Autumn,to each his own. While I have doubts about the validity of the witness,doubts about her motives in the field,still it is no reason to attack the woman personally and making a profit,sadly enough,is what capitalism is all about. Capitalism..just look at the word: capitalize. Capitalism is a system where the rich capitalize off the sweat and blood of the poor and working class,but until we throw it out and get a fair system in place the goal of everyone is to make money to survive,so I dont begrudge Autumn that part. I do think her motives may be geared more towards money than toward honest to goodness research but that isnt illegal and its also just my OPINION. I just think that we are at a crossroads in bigfoot research,it is time that maybe we permanently separate into a couple of distinct groups(flesh and blood science group and the paranormal/mystical/habituation group) and leave each other alone. Just some of my thoughts on the matter. Peace.

  • At 7:41 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Hello Anonymous.

    I have a secret for you. Blogs are about the opinions of interest to the person writing the article. I am keeping with that standard here.

    This issue is important to me, as it is something that has gone unspoken for many years, and something that needs to be changed for the good of this community in general.

    Whether you have an agenda or not, your goal is clear. If you had no “end result” in mind, you wouldn’t bother posting to this blog article with a comment.

    People appreciate my willingness to step up and call attention to these issues. The BFF is a black eye on this community, and until things change, this blog will be watching how they treat fellow researchers and witnesses.

    All my best,



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