July 7, 2010

Stop the Presses!!!

Former Bigfoot Forums Moderator "RedRatSnake" sends an Email to Steve Streufert at Bigfoot's Blog ..

And, does RedRatSnake have something to say!! Good for you RRS!!

You can read his email (posted with permission) on "Bigfoot's Blog" by clicking THIS link. Scroll down the page, his email is posted right above "Angry bigfoot speaks"

I think for the first time, those who are speaking out against the BFF, are being heard - and this is not going to just go away for those in charge of the BFF.

I remember telling at least one member of the BFF Admin team a year or two ago, After Autumns mom was called a drug addict on the BFF and it was allowed. Eventually - they would upset someone who they could not control, and they WOULD regret it.

Has this finally happened, in the form of Bigfoot's Blog (Steve Streufert)??

RedRatsnake, you are starting to regain the confidence I lost in you.


  • At 11:52 PM, Blogger Steven Streufert, Bigfoot Books said…

    Hi all. Just an IMPORTANT NOTE.
    The blog entry mentioned above can be found through this PERMALINK:

    Melissa, I hope I am not the only one.


    Any of you still going there, please post something in protest when you notice unfairness, injustice, downright meanness, and violations of the supposed (double-standard) posting guidelines. Try to do so politely and within the posting etiquette if you can. But DO question authority! Be willing to "sacrifice" your membership there in the name of Truth, Justice, and the good-old American Way. Or something like that. Do you have the GUTS? Come on. Fight back. Don't let the dictators suppress your ideas and feelings. Do it now.

    Have fun!
    Bigfoot Books, Willow Creek, CA


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