September 18, 2010

When internet posts become dangerous.

Yesterday, after being confronted on the JREF, Kitakaze admits he is has not gone to the police, and now says, "What I am trying to prevent is being stalked."

So, which is it?

He then says this:

What do you mean, "Which is it?" There is only one. I am trying to prevent being stalked. It is happening at its worst by people calling my work looking for my personal contact information. I have recorded the worst stuff on the Internet and made sure that such calls are dealt with properly in the future. I have no specific threat, and everyone I have spoken with personally on the matter has said that the time to involve the police is when an actual threat is made.

So we have gone from specific "I am being stalked," that made Kitakaze fear for his child's safety, to no personal threats made, or evidence Kitakaze IS being "stalked." Kitakaze can't even prove his alleged stalker isn't a crazed fan of his (he is a musician/DJ, you know). So, what proof did he have, when he named me for this "stalking" on the JREF? Apparently none. He just threw it out there, disregarding my right to have these kind of accusations against me - be proven.

What I find funny about all this is,Kitakaze, has used the real names of people (first and last), within this community of bigfooters - on the JREF and other websites, even though their real names have never been used on the JREF before. Kitakaze has outed at least 4 people, on the JREF - and he told them he could because, "They are public figures." He has also been discussing me and my personal life (none of which he has ever asked me about, or is even true) on the JREF for over a year now, and he complains about his "privacy" being violated?

Huh, well guess who else is a public figure, Joshua!! That's right, YOU are. You always have been, as you have had your name out on the internet (for all to read) as you sold your talent on Myspace and Facebook.

You did this to yourself. I would be happy to never type your name, as you do nothing to further this 'bigfoot conversation" one way or the other.

This whole situation is sad. Sad in the respect that there are people who ARE stalked every day in this crazy world we call "the Internet" and in real life. Kitakaze, is taking a very serious situation and turning it into something that he can toss around at will, when he loses a debate.

Kitakaze and his word, have now become something worthy of serious questioning. I know I will never take anything he says at face value, and neither should you. Why should we, when he tells blatant lies and does so to the detriment of others. He also does this with complete and total disregard for the personal safety of others.

How do I know some crazy person wont read his lies, and come after me, thinking they are trying to save kitakaze and his son? That is the fear I expressed to the authorities.

Kitakaze is playing a dangerous game, and people can be hurt by these types of lies. He had better pray nothing happens to me anytime soon.

Now for a bit of honesty. If you really thought this was about stalking - you need to read his posts again. Kitakaze was busted in a lie, accusing Roger Patterson of being convicted of Grand Larceny and Embezzlement - neither charge by Kitakaze was true, and that was proven by me. Instead of Kitakaze doing the right thing, and acknowledging he has made a mistake - he immediately went on the defensive and started throwing around accusations of "Internet stalking."

Kitakaze makes mistakes all the time, and never has the steel to admit it. Instead he goes on these little tirades and screams that he is being mistreated. If you listen to him, and feel sorry for him - I do not feel sorry for you.

Look, if someone is being "stalked" or "harassed" whether it be the Internet or in real life, it is a serious situation and not something to be thrown around at will. Which is exactly why I took the steps I took. This is not a game to me, as such I did what was right and appropriate. You should always take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Don't follow kitakaze's example.

Kitakaze has now decided to turn his focus off me, and start accusing others, by demanding privileged information from my Administrative Staff at the SFB.

Easy, John. I want to protect everything close to me. You are admin of that forum. That BlackScope person is clearly stalking. As a forum admin, I ask you to give me her/his IP address so I can give it to the police here. This has gone way overboard. Will you cooperate?

So, now Kitakaze is asking people to break the law for him? Ain't gonna happen.

IP addresses are private and protected pieces of information, and can only be given out, when/IF I am served a warrant, or if law enforcement delivers a warrant to my hosting company. None of which has happened.

You are burying yourself in a deep hole of trouble Joshua - you are not entitled to any information that is not public. FYI Kitakaze, why would you need an IP address to file a report? No one over the last week asked me for your IP address (and I do have it, duh), and I was still allowed to file a report. Your full name was sufficient, as one of the law enforcement officials was able to find you by simply googling "djKitakaze" as I told him to. So, when you tell members of my staff, you need an IP to file a report - that is another lie.

Oh, and Apology - Kitakaze's biggest defender, you apparently do not know your law. Study up, before you continue to give advice you are not (obviously) qualified to give.

Pay particular attention to the part where it says "Harass or intimidate." I usually stay out of things I am not qualified to discuss, and Apology, you were nowhere around during my conversations with the authorities so, you do not know what type of reports I HAVE filed. I would mind my own business if I were you.

Who's privacy is Kitakaze trying to invade? Why is it okay for Kitakaze to attempt to collect private information that is not public in any way?

Why is Kitakaze entitled to information, he feels no one should have about him? I do (however) thank you (kitakaze, and the JREF Administrative team)for making all this public. I have downloaded Joshua's most recent thread, with his comments asking my admin to break the law, and invade the privacy of a member of my board.

I also have other various tid bits to pass on as well.

Your lie is over Joshua. You have been busted. Shame on you for taking such a serious issue and trying to get sympathy. Sympathy you do not deserve, because you are a liar and a drama queen. I am just grateful you feel the need to type so much. It makes my life easier, and that of law enforcement.

It does make sense that, Kitakaze, would remain at the JREF making his false accusations, as he can get away with it there, and no one else is allowing him to spread his lies. For that I am grateful. Which (in all honesty) makes the bigfoot sites, more credible than the JREF - who says they offer "critical thinking".. LOL.

Wow, what a whopper of a lie that is. They sure do use the words, "critical thinking," but when you take a deeper look, there is really very little actual thinking involved. Especially in this situation - it's blind faith that their little buddy, Kitakaze, is telling them the truth, even though he now admits, he was not being honest. Joke is on them. Question is, will they finally do the right thing, and question Kitakaze and his lie, or will the JREF'ers that defend Kitakaze, finally tell him they are tired of his lies and games.

Crying wolf and making false accusations aganst people for attention, does not make you a credible person, Joshua, think on that a little.

When the word, "farce" was thrown at Kitakaze to describe his allegations, that was a good word. Bravo!!!


  • At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    With all of the Whoppers that Joshua has been trying to sell I think he should open up a Burger King.

    Whoppers, Whopper Jr.'s, Whopper meals that are a few fries short, Double Whoppers, Triple Whoppers, his list of Whoppers goes on and on.

  • At 4:27 PM, Blogger Steven Streufert said…

    Wow, Mel, this is some crazy sh*t! These controversies are approaching some kind of mass hysteria. Keep holding to the Truth.


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