July 17, 2010

Dear Anonymous.

In a response to my latest article,"What the Heck" a comment came in, and was posted. I decided to put this response by me to a specific portion of that comment, on the front of this blog.
The person has chosen to remain Anonymous through multiple postings, but I think what this person says is interesting and requires a response. I would hate for this specific statement to be lost in the comments section of this blog.

Anonymous said:
"I have seen Melissa in action on other forums/boards so I know what she's like, or maybe I should say I'm basing my opinion on how she presents herself." End Quote.

I'm sorry, do you know me? I don't think so. Have you ever spoken to me about my thoughts, and how I approach issues? Do you know what is important to me, and not? I doubt it.

How I present myself? Is there a way one should present themself on the internet? Is there a rule book? I see you have been arguing the BFF Staff should present itself anyway it wants - yet, I and others should present ourselves in a way which pleases you, and those sympathetic to the BFF cause?

Explain to me how that works in your mind.

My actions on other forums? Let’s see, I was banned from one forum, after I and a friend busted a hoaxer. Seems the hoaxer is friends with the Owner and some staff members (at least this is the "official" reason, and the banning notification came countless months after it happened). I know this person is a hoaxer, because I spoke with the person he worked with on this project (by phone), and was told “The photo is legit, but they have been doctored”. Yeah, I should just be quiet about that kind of thing, right?

I was removed from another board once a relationship broke off. He was a member of that particular group, I was not. I in no way violated any of their posting guidelines. Big deal, moving on.

I have only been talked to or warned about postings I have made on the BFF once – and that was for defending a person whose mother was being called a “drug addict”. I sat there for at least a half hour and watched BFF Admin come in and out of that thread, before I said anything. One can only assume it was because of who the comment was directed at. Are you going to tell me the BFF Admin needed to discuss how to handle that situation? No one is that stupid (at least I hope not). I already discussed another situation on the BFF so, I won't bore you with those details.

How did I handle that warning sent by Teresa Hall? I sent an email to Paul and Brian telling them I would not be returning if this was acceptable behavior on the BFF. I returned once to correct misinformation about myself and a specific organization. Other than that, I do not waste my time.

Tell me Anonymous, how would you feel if you or someone you loved was called a drug addict or something equally as bad. So, how do I know what happens on the BFF?

I am told, DAILY. I am thanked daily for my strength in speaking up about this issue, and from more than just banned members. I hear from current BFF members who are sick and tired of the favoritism and the inability to discuss topics without being verbally assaulted by the Staff or other “friends” of Staff. Are they trying to talk about “crazy things”? No. They simply do not share the opinions held by the staff.

You don't know me, or anything about me, so your comments about how I present myself, are really about as valid as any opinion I could express about you, Anonymous. I could also say there is something to be said about a person who posts such hateful comments about someone, and does so, “Anonymously”.

I bet your attitude would change if you were placed in the bulls eye of certain BFF Administrators - you wouldn't be so critical of me, and would most likely fully understand what I am talking about.

I have some homework for you "Anonymous". Go onto the BFF and find one of the many threads which have discussion of my "Pink Forum" (which isn’t pink, so I can only assume they are color blind). These comments and conversations have been going on, long before I ever posted a negative word on this blog about the BFF. Tell them it is wrong to discuss these things, they should leave me and my members to do what we wish and just simply ignore me and my site - and let’s see what happens to you. Did you miss what happened to the BFF member who defended Dr Onion on the BFF? I bet you won’t get nearly as far on the BFF as you have gotten on this blog. Post there, the same things you posted here.

Just let me know when you do it, so I can grab some popcorn. It's going to be fun to watch as you have your backside handed to you, just before you get banned for arguing with a Staff Member, and telling them how to run their site.

Odds are you are friends with those in control of the BFF, so it wouldn’t matter anyway. I figure that, since you think you know so much about me, and in that one statement parroted comments made by specific BFF Administrators. You know, I could be wrong. The BFF has been rescinding warnings levels since all this started, so you might be just fine.

You also said:

I've just been around the internet on this subject for about 8 years

Funny, that’s about how long the BFF has been in existence. So, you are most likely more than just passively concerned about this topic, as you would like me and the readers to believe.

Since you have been around so long, why don't you tell the readers of this blog how the comment below would be received by certain members of the BFF Admin team, if said to anyone but a friend of certain BFF Admin.

It's a good thing it was Jim Flowers (friend of certain BFF Admin) or HRPuffnStuff would have been the victim of a blood bath, or called a "Hero Worshipper" (Phrase coined by JimF and his friends for such comments). You sure as hell couldn't say that to Dr. Meldrum on the BFF and walk away with your pride intact. Stop pretending like this does not happen on the BFF. If you have been around it for 8 years, you know better, and shame on you for pretending like these things don't happen.

I am all for the expression of opinion and ideas, but they should be your own, and not come after someone has put you up to it.

I wish you all the best “Anonymous”. But you shouldn’t lecture one person on their “behavior” and not be equal in your judgment of others.


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