July 15, 2010

What the Heck?


Who would have thought a woman (who posts on many boards) as "Dr. Onion" could be such a complete trouble maker, that the staff of the BFF would feel it necessary to dog pile on her?

That's exactly what happened yesterday.

Why? Well, it all got started because of a thread (on the BFF) about a good friend of hers (and mine) Joedy Cook. You see Joedy has this hand cast, he received from a person who casted it in the State of Ohio. Is it a gorilla? Is it a bigfoot?

Who knows.

But, Joedy had the nerve to make this cast available for "Monsterquest". I swear that show has been the best, and the worst thing that ever happened to this field of research. "Monsterquest" was damned if it did, and damned if it didn't, within the inner circles of this community of researchers. If you agreed to be involved with the program, you had a target placed on your back..


In this BFF thread, Joedy Cook is compared to Tom Biscardi. I am willing to bet not one person on the BFF administration team has spent any time with Joedy Cook. For that matter, many people who call themselves bigfoot researchers. The majority in this, only know Joedy from "Monsterquest". That does not seem to matter. The accusation was put out there, so anyone can decide for themselves.

Is there anything posted, in that thread in the the form of proof, that Joedy Cook is a hoaxer, on the BFF (after 2 years)?


So, Dr. Onion finds this thread for the first time, on the BFF, Wednesday. Which had been revived on Monday. Dr. Onion decided to make her opinion known.

In response, a BFF Moderator by the name of "Masterbarber" says this:

Does it matter? This is her opinion (pay attention to number 2):

Dr. Onion perceived an implication, that's all that should matter. It would appear others were allowed to discuss what they felt was an attempt by Joedy Cook to hoax. Why is that allowed, yet a post in his defense is not? I really don't get that. But, Masterbarber does not stop there. If a member says they are upset by comments on the BFF or any message board, it is not your job to decide whether their opinion is valid. It's their opinion.

This is posted by Masterbarber:

As a member of the staff of the BFF, shouldn't you be above these kinds of childish tactics? Not only did Masterbarber belittle Dr. Onion and her right to have a differing opinion from the thread, but he copies part of a post by Dr. Onion, strikes through a portion of that post, and adds in his own wording. Where is the exact BFF guideline wording that states, "Members may not express disapproval of an opinion". Please point that out. Whether Joedy was accused of hoaxing or not, the insinuation is there, as Dr. Onion felt the need to express her displeasure of the comments.

You know, it's not like Dr. Onion said,

"Accepting some dumbass who claims to be an expert in a field he doesn't even understand and evidently you don't either."

No, that was blackdog. Apparently that was perfectly fine. In fact I believe a member of the BFF Staff said, Blackdog is entitled to his opinion. Blackdog was not openly reprimanded or forced to explain his "opinion". Favoritism? Absolutely.

And the staff of the BFF wonder why there is a boycott of their site.

This is one of the most ridiculous actions I have ever seen, taken by an administrator. In fact one BFF member had the guts to stand up for Dr. Onion, until that person was silenced. That is actually funny because this other member defending Dr. Onion was very calm and collected. This member raises very good points, but the response was simply "shut up or else".

If you ask me, the disruption came when 4 staff members dog piled on Dr. Onion. One even went so far as to make a comment (or was it a warning) about her "past posting history".


Do you mean when she expressed her opinion back in 2008? Yeah, Dr. Onion is out of control. Anyone who posts a dissenting opinion every 2 years is a serious problem and needs to be reigned in, immediately!!.

This is my favorite part:

Why did no BFF staff member step in and scold this person, who is clearly stirring the pot, and completely off topic? I guess Dr. Onion is much more dangerous, and must be silenced! Or, maybe, JohnWS is simply expressing the thoughts of the BFF staff, so they don't have to say it themselves? JohnWS is in this "clique". Paranoid are we?

As if Dr. Onion is so dumb she needs to be fed an opinion by me or members of my forum? Actually, Dr. Onion posted her thoughts on that BFF thread, THEN, told me about this. I have never asked or even insinuated she should go to the BFF and intentionally start trouble. I have in fact asked staff members of the to stay away from the drama, that is the BFF.


Because of the threat for them to be banned, if they did show up and participate. Since that threat, anyone who is known to be a participating member or staff member of the, has been piled on like this - on the BFF. So, they at least follow through with threats.

So, my response to this is, grow up!

While Dr. Onion knows how I feel about the BFF, she will tell you I have told everyone I know, to make up their own minds, and do what they are comfortable with - on everything not just bigfoot.

By the way, I am most appreciative to the BFF for reducing my "warning level", Which I received for defending a persons mother who was being called a drug addict on the BFF. (Does anyone find it a coincidence the person who was attacked was the mother of Autumn Williams?) But, if you think for a second, I intend to back off, or shut up, you have all, seriously, lost your minds. I am done with the BFF, as are many good and decent people involved in this research. The BFF was once a place where we could talk and discuss ideas and opinions, now it is simply a place to go and be harassed and insulted (with the blessing of the staff). Do what you wish, I really don't care, ban me, I have no intention of ever returning. The Administrative team of the BFF allowed a good person to be attacked, by no less than 4 members of that staff - if that is not uncalled for, I don't know what is. To those who are decision makers on the BFF, if what I say about your site bothers you, then stop being such raging jerks. It really is that simple. Otherwise, you can look forward to many posts like this in the future.

I don't want to ever be apart of something like that.

I am sure, if I am banned, it will be for posting these comments from the BFF.. Lord knows they can't allow any of their idiotic decisions to make it out into the public domain, where they might have to answer for them. Does anyone really think complaints of heavy handed tactics, by the BFF staff, will be addressed if you send a member of the BFF staff a personal message? Please.. That will turn into the biggest waste of your time, and most likely land you in the bulls eye of their target of discontent.

By the way H.R. Puff and whatever your name is,

An opinion is an opinion held by the person voicing that opinion (see definition above). There is no "rule" that anyone must explain their opinion, so you understand it, I don't care if you are an administrator, and have requested a clarification. Apparently, it's not your opinion, especially if you don't understand it. If this is a new rule on the BFF, then you need to get back in those threads, and ask Redwolf why she feels the need to trash something she is ignorant of. How about the opinions expressed by Blackdog? No one understands his opinions/rantings, yet he spews them all over the BFF, to the detriment of the BFF. When have you or Masterbarber demanded he explain his opinion to your satisfactions?

What posting guideline did Dr. Onion not follow, that required you to step up and tell her she needed to explain her opinion, when asked by staff member? That is very self-important of you all to think you have that kind of power over the thoughts and opinions of the BFF membership.

And don't tell me you are trying to head off drama in the threads. That is a tired argument, and clearly not true (again, see above comments re:Redwolf, Blackdog).

Yeah, not reading a book, yet trashing the content and its author, is forming an opinion out of ignorance, and you should be curious about that.

I wonder why you're not.

Practice what you preach within your own ranks, then come lecture the rest of us. By the way. I notice the conversation that Dr. Onion and the other member was told to stop, is now continuing this morning...

For those interested in this embarrassment of an exchange, you can read it HERE

On a related note.

I would like to express my condolences to Joedy Cook and his family. Joedy's daughter, lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis, on Tuesday morning (07-13-2010). It is the worse pain a person can feel. This little girl had more strength and courage than most adults I know.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Joedy.


  • At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Steven Titchenell said…

    I was banned from posting on the BFF just because I used all caps in my subject line. A practice that is common in news programs and I feel is necessary when it's not possible to use bold print

  • At 5:52 PM, Blogger Diann E said…

    I joined and posted on BFF within the last 4 months. It took me one post to realize these are not opened mined bigfoot enthusiaist. They are mean spirited self-proclaimed experts and skeptics. It wasn't pretty or a pleasurable experience.

  • At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Michael Dean said…

    This is what the BFF is so good at doing. In fact they have perfected it to an art form, if you can call besmirching someone's name art.

    Making such comparisons - "So-n-so looks like another Biscardi" and calling it an opinion when it is a slam. The opinion 'card' is just an escape. They do the same with sarcasm.

    Joedy Cook came no where close to the things that Biscardi has done.

    When I think back on all the people that tired to reason with this bunch and finally gave up and left all I can do is wonder. Most of the posts as well as the threads have so little to do with Bigfoot anymore it simply isn't worth reading, let alone the way they employ their thought police actions.

  • At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I didn't see any dog-piling. I read that thread and Dr. Onion came in asking for a fight. If you ask me she wanted to be banned so then you all would have more "ammunition". You need to rename this blog to "Let's Rant about other groups and people we don't like". There's nothing much intelligent going on here on the subject of bigfoot.

  • At 12:16 AM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Of course you don't see dogpiling. I wouldn't expect you to. It's a good thing so many are speaking up on Bigfoot's blog and this one, to express the overwhelming attitude about the BFF.

    Times are a changing - and no one will look at the BFF the way they once did.

    That's the truth.

  • At 10:01 AM, Blogger DrOnion said…

    Dear Anonymous,

    You too are entitled to you opinion. In this case you are dead wrong about my having an agenda and looking for a fight.

    I would also say you appear to be biased and have an agenda of your own.
    It also looks like your not intelligent enough to recognize intelligence when you actually see it.


  • At 3:34 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    By the way Anonymous. I didn't think the BFF was a group? And, those in charge of the BFF have been ranting about people they do not like on the BFF and the BFD, much longer than this blog has been in existance.

    You need to do some fact checking. I think you're upset because the BFF does not get a free pass on this blog, and that is your problem to deal with, not mine.

  • At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No, I don't have an agenda. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion though. I fully expected my comment to never see the light of day. I have seen Melissa in action on other forums/boards so I know what she's like, or maybe I should say I'm basing my opinion on how she presents herself. (I am allowed to form my own opinion on her, aren't I?) The BFF has a lot of new staff now and I think things are on the upswing. You don't have to agree with me but for heaven's sake, why keep up the vendetta? Ignore them and move on! It's not very professional to keep ragging on and on against a website that you have no control over. Why are you wasting so much time and energy on this when you yourself have said that to the majority of bigfoot researchers out there, the BFF is a non-issue? Let it go already! I thought this blog is supposed to be about bigfoot, not bashing BF message boards and people you don't like..... but if that's the way you want to do business, go ahead, it's a free country. You're showing the public every day exactly what kind of person you are.... :-)

  • At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey anonymous

    You don't have an agenda, thats laughable at best. Your either an admin/mod there, or one of the people that are aspiring to be one. In other words, in the back pocket of one of the admin/mods. No one else, in their right mind, would stand and try to argue that the bff, is a good place to be. Anyone that is familiar with that place, knows how things work there. Its a clusterf**k at best. To many people, that are innocent in my opinion, have been slain by the dragons there, for no other reason than just showing up and speaking their mind or sharing their story. Its really sad. The problem is, the bff is at the top of the search's. And unfortunately thats what new folks see if they search the subject. I don't really care that I was banned for posting a silly ass emoticon, in a response to someone else slamming me, but that was ok ....Right.....that is the point to all this though. People that act the same way you do, are ridiculed and cast aside.........if they aren't in your little camp of disfunctional monkeys.........there is no difference from the emoticon post I made, that got me banned, than the post I was replying to........For the record, this is Wammy, and ya'll can kiss my white ass!!!!!!!!

    Dear BFF admin/mods......... For some reason you find yourselves relevant, when in fact your time has come and gone. Your trying to run on a name that was developed by someone else, when in fact the people that know how it is now, compared to then, barely waste their time going there, if at all. I have spoke to many people.....THAT ACTUALLY GET OUT IN THE FIELD, that do not waste a minute of their day, on the trash that you people throw at other folks.

  • At 7:03 PM, Blogger Edward (Ed) said…

    White Ass, now whammy we are gonna have to put you back into that FURRY berka, if you keep up that potty mouth.

    Good comment by the way.

  • At 7:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is what I don't understand..... if you've "spoke to many people that do not waste a minute of their day on the trash" why are YOU wasting so much time and energy here blasting them? Why not just ignore them and focus on your research, what you've discovered, your trips and possible evidence? Seems like you're wasting a lot of energy that could be focused more productively. Ignore the BFF, leave them alone and move on. Seems like that would be taking the higher road.

    No, I am not, nor have I ever been a mod/admin at the BFF. I've just been around the internet on this subject for about 8 years and have seen the ebb and flow of different groups/websites.

  • At 7:42 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Hello Anonymous.

    I have a secret for you. Blogs are about the opinions of interest to the person writing the article. I am keeping with that standard here.

    This issue is important to me, as it is something that has gone unspoken for many years, and something that needs to be changed for the good of this community in general.

    Whether you have an agenda or not, your goal is clear. If you had no “end result” in mind, you wouldn’t bother posting to this blog article with a comment.

    People appreciate my willingness to step up and call attention to these issues. The BFF is a black eye on this community, and until things change, this blog will be watching how they treat fellow researchers and witnesses.

    All my best,


  • At 12:13 AM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Anonymous said:

    "if you've "spoke to many people that do not waste a minute of their day on the trash" why are YOU wasting so much time and energy here blasting them? Why not just ignore them and focus on your research, what you've discovered, your trips and possible evidence?" End quote.

    What I don't understand is why you defend people who make this entire field of research look like a bunch of idiots? Why would you defend that?

    Apparently those in the BFF can have an opinion, voice it and punish others for not sharing that opinion, but I and others who feel the way we do, should simply shut up.

    I am proud of those who defend themselves and speak up for what's right. You should be too, considering you are willing to fight for your opinion too.

    I dare you to go on the BFF and tell them to stop bashing members, organizations and those that identify themselves as witnesses. Anonymous, you have had more freedom of speech on this blog, than you would ever have on the BFF - that I am willing to bet. Unless you are friends with the right people or on staff..

    That is a proven fact.

    Why should I and Wayne discuss what we do in the field? So it can show up on the BFF to be picked apart like the hundreds of others who have openly discussed their work? Yeah, great idea.

    Not speaking up about the "ebb and flow" of the BFF is the reason this has gotten so out of hand.


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