September 15, 2010

When your lies catch up with you,

Someone is gonna notice.

I just had to post this photo again with this story, as now it has more meaning than ever.

Kitakaze sent a pm yesterday to two moderators of a bigfoot website complaining about me. He took this complaint and posted it to the JREF. I will not post it here, as that is redundant, but there are links in this article with some very INTERESTING proof that Kitakaze is a liar, and he knew he was lieing when he wrote a Personal Message yesterday expecting I would be punished for posting an article about him on this blog.

In this personal message complaint, Kitakaze accuses me of stalking him, and asking bigfooters to stalk him for information. Below you will see a link to my website where I have this personal message posted outlining his grievances against me, and his threat to have police sent to my home - if his information is not removed. (Information being a myspace link posted by a reader of my blog, not me personally).

You can simply follow this LINK and read how Kitakaze was really "outed" in the Bigfoot Community.

If you don't feel like clicking the links, I am supplying them below:

This links shows the top of the archived forum conversation, which is most likely how information on who kitakaze was, got out.

This next image is the post that started the ball rolling.

Now, we have the outing of kitakaze's facebook page.

And finally, we have Kitakaze, who comes along and is so grateful for the attention, he discusses the fact that he has a myspace page.

No where in this thread will you read Kitakaze being upset that his information is now public. Read it for yourself. Does he appear upset, or grateful for the kudos and attention?

It wasnt me.. I didn't even know this information existed until today (Thank you Dr. Onion).

By the way, Kitakaze, if you want to continue spreading rumors, inuendo and outright lies about me, you better make sure they are true - this one, really makes you look like the person you SAY you are not, but many of us know you are.

You did this to yourself, and as such - you only have yourself to blame. Funny how you didnt complain when you were the subject of hugs and kisses, from the very people, on the JREF you say detest. You were taken in by the "publicity" you so desperately crave (and ridicule other for), and you allowed yourself to be "outed publicly." No wonder people have known so much about you - long before I did. Duh. I hadn't even thought about looking on the BFF. I didn't even think you were dumb enough to post your personal info on a bigfoot message board... How dumb.

Get your information right, and you wont be the subject of this blog..

Why should any bigfooter listen to a thing you say, when you make up such slanderous allegations about people? I wouldn't trust you past my front door.


  • At 12:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    He definitely is a liar. His name and profile were already outed by his best bud Drew. He lies all the time when he posts on the BFF. Now he is whining like the true Drama Queen that he is on the JREF board about being stalked. This all comes down to him being called physically ugly, which he is. This isn't about any true threat against him. I doubt anyone is calling his work. I don't believe a word that liar says.

  • At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Melissa, thank you for this blog. No one else it letting the truth be told. This kitakaze guy is clearly a liar with an agenda. How did he expect to keep his name from being pubic when he was filming a documentary? If he is a musician, isn't he used to groupies? He hadn't taken any precautions prior to now? This makes me think the documentary was always a lie and that he never intended to make one. Caught again, in another lie.

  • At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't normally follow these things, but as a mental health worker, I am seeing some very sick patterns. I don't think kitakaze should be provoked because he is clearly unstable and has a narcissistic personality. I will predict he will somehow make himself a victim of anything said about him, however true, and twist it into something against him. Do not engage people like this because they do not understand their illness. I would hope he gets help, but statistically I predict he won't.

  • At 12:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    He's calling the police on someone calling him ugly? Isn't that calling the ugly police?? Just saying, he might risk being arrested.


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