August 31, 2008

Stan Courtney joins the SE for Interview 3

SQuatchNation - tonight we get back to Bigfoot, and there is no better way to start than a visit from our friend Stan Courtney. Stan has been a busy man since we spoke to him last. Since becoming semi retired he began a mission that he calls 48 in '08. The mission is simple - to meet up with researchers from the continental US and get for some bigfooting. Stan will be discussing that in detail, as well as his audio recording, blog, and The North American Bigfoot Forum.

Should be a fantastic show tonight - hope you all tune in.


August 27, 2008

Steve Kulls on The Grey Area/ Topic: GA Bigfoot on Ice.

Tune in tonight at 8 P.M. Central for a 2 hour program, with Guest Steve Kulls. Steve agreed to come on The Grey Area and discuss all the details of the "Bigfoot on Ice" in Georgia..

Steve has stated on other programs, he was not sure if he still planned to follow through with this show - Lets see if he is a "man of his word". I have received nothing from Steve stating he will not be calling in for the show, so until that happens, Both Monica and myself are preparing for this show.

If you have questions for Steve, our call in number is 1-724-444-7444 and the talkshoe ID number is 19957.

This show is being done to try and get some of the questions answered only Steve can answer, and as our conversation setting up the details of this show, he said he was ready to do just that. Steve will not refuse any question - and and has agreed to supply me with information to prove certain details.

Tune in, and hopefully we can put a large part of this behind us.

In the interest of full disclosure.. I am back in Texas after my 8 days of "Not a Bigfoot Free Vacation" in Ohio --- but, Monica will be calling in from Houston :) But you will all be able to talk to Monica in the chatroom - and she will be on the show for about the first half hour to forty-five minutes :)


August 20, 2008

Tonight on the Grey Area

Tune in to the Grey Area tonight at 8:00PM Central to hear Monica Rawlins and Melissa Hovey interview the BFF's own bipto (Brian Brown). We'll talk about the BFF, the BIPcast, the Bigfoot Show, and maybe even stupid frozen monkey suits.

He's usually the one asking the questions, now it's his turn to answer. This is going to be gooood! >:)

Update to tonights show.

Brian (Bipto Brown) is still scheduled as our first guest tonight.. There has been an addition.

Billy Willard has agreed to be a guest for the last hour of this program (9 pm central). I spoke with billy this morning, and he agrees there have been enough written statements, and he has agreed to go one on one with me - and he will not refuse to answer any questions - this is the only condition of the program. If he knows the answer, he will tell - if he does not he will not embellish to keep this thing going any longer.

Tonight you WILL get billy's side in this, and he has a side all his own to tell, and he will be naming names of all involved, who knew what and when.... This needs to be over, and by god tonight billy's part in this will be over.

The Grey Area

August 17, 2008

Sean Forker Speaks out...

Tonight, on The Sasquatch Experience...

After a weekend of questions... I have the answers. No one in this situation is giving full disclosure. I am.


August 15, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot Press Conference

To quote Fox News:

" This has been a fun exercise today, but we have real news."

And that's the extent of it. Both CNN and Fox moved on after a couple minutes.

Is there anything else that really needs to be said? The only question I have is, how many of you are actually surprised?

August 9, 2008

BigfootTrackers - Did they find a body??

It's not often I stay away from topics in this field of research, but this one has left me dazed, confused and angry - so I have stayed away...

Until now.

Bigfoottrackers. Who are these guys? Does anyone really know? For those of you reading about this for the first time let me give you a brief synopsis of the situation (if that is possible).

A couple guys headed out into the woods one day, a day and a half later (with the help of friends) they drug out the body of a bigfoot (or so they claim). First they claim to have killed the bigfoot, then they said later they stumbled upon the body by accident but, they report an entire group (5?) in the same area. The list of deceptive comments by these men is very long, so I wont even begin listing them. Since announcing their alleged find this group of men has been bending over backwards to insult everyone in this field of research.

The UTube videos are now gone, but the anger from the community remains.

The important question is this: Do they have the body of a bigfoot?

Answer: No one knows.

It's being reported that DNA tests are being performed as we speak, with the results pending. The BigfootTrackers have teamed up with Tom Biscardi, and there is a press conference scheduled for this friday August 15th.

August 12, 2008
DNA evidence and photo evidence to be presented at a
to be held on
Date: Friday, August 15, 2008
Time: From 12Noon-1:00pm
Place: Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto (A Crown Plaza Resort)
4290 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California 94306

Searching for Bigfoot, Inc.
Menlo Park, California
Tom Biscardi, CEO


*End Press Release*

Does this scheduled press conference mean bigfoot has been discovered? No. Does this mean the guys in Georgia are really in possession of a bigfoot body? No. What does it mean?

Who knows? Now we are dealing with the release of this photo:

Is that the body of a real bigfoot?? Well, before you call your parents and start calling your boss a liar - check out these photos.

Thank you to W. Parcher, Crow Logic and Plaidlemur for his hard work. For those of you that don't know, thats a gorilla mask, the match is undeniable.

I often times do not discuss issues such as this,

because even though the situations end is pretty obvious - It's sometimes wise to sit back and watch all the steps to the ultimate demise of the issue. In this situation we are still waiting for DNA results which I am fairly certain will "seal the deal".

Set aside all the lies and attitude,

The question is "Do the Georgia guys have a bigfoot body".. Or, is this just another game, played at the expense of those who get out there every single day and do what they can to get this animal documented? I truly hope this is not a game. I want for this animal to be discovered but, do I think it's happening right now?

Not this time.

I truly hope I am wrong, but I really think I am not. My comments on this issue are short and sweet but after looking at the above photos, whatelse is there to say?