August 31, 2013

Streaming Video

(Artwork courtesy of Peter Organizer of the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo
and Weimer WeWanchu Cottages

This On-Demand streaming video is a Cool opportunity at a nominal fee ($ 4.99), to see a Bigfoot convention from start to finish with more then ten hours of video content over the entire three days of the 2013 CLBF Weekend & Expo and more then four hours of the 2012 CLBF Expo ($1.99).

Check it out :) 

August 15, 2013

New Mammal to be announced at Smithsonian today!!

NBC 4 Washington;

The Smithsonian Institution will make a major announcement Thursday. A zoologist from the National Museum of Natural History will reveal the discovery of a new animal species.
Today's announcement will happen around 10 a.m. at the Smithsonian Castle and will be livestreamed here.

The only clue researchers have given so far is that it's a new mammal species. Scientists say such a discovery in the 21st century is incredibly rare. 

August 14, 2013

Shark Week is over; and do you believe in Coincidence?


First of all I must apologize. I did not get to see the Shark Week episode that I missed last week (canning beets is tough work) But, I did see bits and pieces...

I know. The episodes I missed was:




Alien Sharks was pretty cool and they did show footage of a live Megamouth Shark. Now, that is worth watching. 

I saw part of Sharkpocalypse (this is the show I was watching when the cable box rebooted)- and was confused by one part. In this program they discussed shark repellents to include a repellent made from a pheromone that is released when the shark is dieing. 

This is pretty cool. Why? Because this goes back to the Orca that killed the great white off the coast of California near the Farallon islands. How so? Well, when that Orca killed the Great White - the Great Whites that are normally observed in the area did not return for about a year. They high tailed it outta there. 

Now what bothers me is this, this reaction by sharks to the scent of a dead or dieing shark is not news. They have been talking about this for years and I mean years. My guess is they have been trying to isolate this pheromone. 

Now here is the conundrum. Shark scientists are already wondering if the practice of 'shark finning' could be causing sharks to leave certain areas and setting up shop (for lack of a better term) elsewhere, in waters where they were not known to frequent, and not returning. Thus, attacks where there have never been attacks before. So, if we have divers or swimmers releasing these canisters of repellent into the water - how will that work? 

Discovery will have to change their tag line from "It's a bad week to be a seal," to "It's a confusing time to be a shark." 

I guess we will have to weigh the good with the bad if and when this repellent ever hits the market. 

On a related issue, 

I have to wonder how those who said they would be contacting Mr. Kozak are doing in their quest for the truth. I know of one person who said he emailed Mr. Kozak on the 9th of August. But according to friends there is still no word from Mr. Kozak. 

Of course this person is not asking him questions or requesting other photos. He just wants to know if it was in fact Mr. Kozak who emailed me. Okay. But considering he and his friends already have Mr. Kozaks ear, I would probably focus on more important issues - like; 

"Hey, can you send other photos of the back of the "clawed" suit for comparison?" 

There is something interesting I noticed about these statements posted that are under the name of Mr. Kozak. 

Here read this: 

Look at the date of this email. June 17th. This is August. In the email Mr. Kozak says "I sent an email to Melissa Hovey last week." Bolding mine. 

So, why did they hold onto this information for more than a month? Heck, almost two. Hum... Interesting. Where are the emails sent by them to Mr. Kozak? Did they simply get lucky in their timing of these emails to Mr. Kozak? 

Interesting. Very interesting. I do not deny that Mr. Kozak may have emailed me, but what I am wondering is why the delay in releasing this information to the world, if they had it almost 2 months ago? And, why are these bloggers not asking Mr. Kozak for more photos? Are they, and Mr. Kozak is not responding to the request? If he won't send other photos to those who are defending him, or me, why? He told me he has many others, yet I have only seen the same photo that is widely available on the internet (of the back of his clawed suit). The clawed suit has only convinced those who already had it in their minds that the photo I released is the "clawed" suit. 

Ohhh, the things the mind wonders about. 

There are 3 emails posted publicly in total. One in 2012. Then, it's as if they lost interest, no more emails until fast forward to June 17th, and another on June 27th. The first email 4 days after Mr. Kozak emailed me the first time - and they received the last email on very same day Mr. Kozak emailed me. 

What are the odds of that? These people should give up Bigfooting and start playing the lottery. Holy Cow!! These anonymous bloggers just happen to email Mr. Kozak at the very same time he has finally emailed me to say this photo belongs to him? They must have felt a disturbance in the force. 

Really, I want someone to calculate the odds. That is some wild stuff there. 

The wording of these emails are very familiar.... They are so familiar, heck it's scary how familiar these emails are. 

I don't believe in coincidence, and neither should any of you. The person behind the emails could very well be Mr. Kozak, but there is something else going on here - but I don't believe in; 


August 9, 2013

Shark Week disappointment, Thank you and Kozak.

Unfortunately, I won't be posting today about last night's Shark Week program. Why?

Time Warner decided to update our cable box by doing a reboot. If you think I was upset, you are right.

I will wait for the re-broadcast and give my thoughts then. But, this gives me an opportunity to do something else.

I want to say - Thank you!!!

I have been receiving more emails and Facebook messages than I can frankly keep up with. I will do my best to respond to everyone individually, but that will take some time but I want you all to know, I am fine and I do appreciate all the kind words of support. You have all really made me laugh.

One person put it best, "the people who attack you now, have always attacked you."

This is very true, so this is an old song and dance, and one that doesn't even faze me anymore. I trust this community, has far more people, smart enough to look at everything and come to their own conclusion. I was right and your emails and Facebook messages prove that.

Please do not defend me. I know many of you would like to, and some have, but it will do no good and all that will happen is; you will be attacked. I don't want that. Seeing good people hurt, is not something I want to see.

In the end, the truth is always revealed.

While I cannot discuss the situation I have patience and I can wait. Besides, there are some very funny things being said - and I always enjoy a good laugh. :)

So, I thank you all, so much. Please know I am more than fine. But, I appreciate the concern and the support. It's good to know there are so many good people in this community!!


Mr. Kozak emailed me the first time on 6-13-2013 and a second email was received on 7-28-2013. Two emails in total. Now, mind you, this photo has been out there since Feb of 2012 and the alleged Mr. Kozak never replied to my emails sent to him in 2012.

You would think, if this is his photo, when he received at least 4 emails (from me) with the photo, in question, attached he would have been jumping to email me back. I made the decision after the first email from the alleged Mr. Kozak to simply give him the benefit of the doubt until this part of the story could be determined.

If, that makes me a bad person, that is not my problem.

Mr. Kozak knew about this photo within days of its release in 2012, and he was answering questions for at least 1 blog. In every statement (as pointed out by a blogger) Mr. Kozak gave, in 2012, not once did he say this photo belonged to him. He said this was a costume from his movie. He said absolutely nothing about this photo belonging to him, or being taken by anyone associated with this movie, "Clawed." The alleged Mr. Kozak said nothing expressing anything other than, the photo I released, showed a costume from his movie. There is a big difference.

Why did he wait so long? It's not as if he didn't know and he had already given one statement to a blogger and was contacted by me.

So, all I can wonder is, what is going on?

Everyone should be asking that question because something doesn't sound right. 

And it does strike me that last year (the same anonymous blog that can't stop talking about this) also had a person posting comments as Mr. Kozak. It was later discovered that it was not, in fact, Mr. Kozak. The blog did nothing about the fake account using Mr. Kozaks' name - it took another blogger, JRidley, to email Mr. Kozak to discover someone was using his name. The last I checked, the comments off the fake account were still available too. So, they know the person was not Mr. Kozak, yet they have not removed the comments either.

I can see the person now, behind the anonymous blog, the excitement and anticipation in their eyes as this person sees a comment coming into their blog, by a big time movie producer. I'm even willing to bet there was a collective puke session from the initial excitement. No checking if it was him, no, that will just ruin the fun. They rubbed their hands together, as they discussed how important they must be, for Mr. Karl Kozak to be sending a comment to their blog. This could lead to bigger and better things!! We can't just ignore this!! Just post it!! Post it now dang it!!!!

The comment goes public!!!

It wasn't Karl Kozak.

You can't make this stuff up. Wait - that blog proves you can. LOL.

So, I started removing the photo after Mr. Kozak's first email. Do I think the photo I released is a picture of the costume from the movie, "Clawed?" Absolutely not. But the right thing to do is to show caution and allow Mr. Kozak the chance to prove it is. If this is his photo (which I doubt) I know many out there would like to know, myself included. 

In my first email to Mr. Kozak, I asked him why he waited so long to contact me. I had emailed him several times with no reply of any kind in return. He ignored that question and every other question.

Which, I find odd. 

Usually when someone is the rightful owner of something, they will give you more information than you ask for. Mr. Kozak sends me one photo, the same photo already sent to me by, John Healy, and has been available online since 2012. I know that, because I released it after it was sent to me by Mr. Healy. Before this photo was available there were no other back shots of the costume from the movie, “Clawed.” There was a lot of chest beating but nothing in the way of proof.

I know the truth of this; distresses some greatly. But again that is not my problem. All I can do is tell you all what I know and that's it.

Oh, and the best part. Do I have an assistant? No. The alleged Mr. Kozak sent his email off the ABS website an email address, more people than I, have access to. At that time someone else was handling email for the group as I was sick. I have been battling a respiratory and sinus infection since Dec of 2012 - which sent me to the emergency room about 3 weeks ago. I am excited to see that bill.


No, I am not looking for sympathy. Others are making this an issue. The truth at times can be uncomfortable. If I were looking for sympathy I would have said something on my Facebook page. If you feel it necessary to bash me for being sick (and I know you people exist), then I have a deal for you;

I will prove it. Kindly donate enough money to pay for my medical bill and I will send you a copy of the bill. :) But you gotta send the money up front. It only seems fair. No worries, I know those that don't like me are not willing to actually put their money where their mouths are. So, that's just one more bill I will have to pay.  :(  Darn it.

So, those who think they know it all should really learn how to mind their own business.

In most groups, that receive reports, there is usually more than one person who reads them and responds. I do not blame the person (who responded to the alleged Mr. Kozak) for not attaching their name or saying what they said. I was unavailable and I had no reason not to get back to him - when I was feeling better. The alleged Mr. Kozak had already waited more than a year, and blew me off, so I didn't think a few more days would kill him and when I was feeling better I did respond.

As a Bigfoot Researcher,

I would love nothing more than to tell you all I have figured out the mystery of this photo. I have not. The alleged Mr. Kozak is not making it any easier, as he has provided nothing which makes this situation any clearer.

If Mr. Kozak has other photos, tell him to release them. Release something that's NOT available on the internet. Others claim a pretty cozy relationship with the alleged Mr. Kozak, so why are they not providing photos or something which proves this is the suit from, "Clawed". It seems odd they would simply believe someone without any proof to back it up.

You have to admit that is pretty odd.

Especially for those people who never simply believe anyone. Maybe this is a new trend they are setting, Instant belief?  Don't ask any questions just simply go with the information you are told via email. That seems to be the way this is headed.

And they call me a bad researcher. At least I am trying to get this resolved.
It's real easy to sit behind a computer and say, "she is making excuses." Well, how do you know that? You don't. You're not here, you are not reading my email, you don't know. If you want to call yourself an investigator - do some foot work. Prove it.
Others have seen the email exchanges between me and Mr. Kozak. So, that's all I need. I have their support and they know what is really going on behind the scenes. But, I understand it's very easy to say things and pass judgment on people you don't really know. You have no 'skin' in the game. If I were a friend of yours, would you feel the same way, or, would you wait until all the information is out before you yell 'she's/he's lying'.

I think we all know the answer to that. The attacks on me are not about the issue at hand they are personal. If this had anything to do with the topic of whether, Mr. Kozak, is the owner of this photo they would be killing themselves to get other photos or something which proves the photo I released was the suit from the movie, "Clawed". These attacks are personal.

Just remember one thing.

While you are out there making these judgment about me, in places where you feel safe in doing so, there is someone keeping track of what you say and eventually (as is always the case) your words will come back to haunt you. That's just the way some in this community work and it happens all the time.


You think you’re immune because you think you are friends with the right people?? Come back and talk to me when you have been involved with this community for more than a couple years. It takes time; but it will happen to you just like everyone else. Especially when you are listening to people who have only been around a couple years themselves and want you to believe they have all the answers.

These kinds of attacks have happened to just about every well known researcher in this community. Jealousy is a real difficult thing for some. 

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering. Mr. Healy has responded to the first set of questions, and I have already sent the follow-up questions. This may take some time, as he has a very busy schedule. 

August 8, 2013

Night 3 of Shark Week; "Great White Serial Killer"


Last night on "Shark Week" we were treated to an interesting idea. 

Can patterns be attributed to sharks, in the same way we assign patterns to Serial Killers? 

Well, that was the discussion as Jeff Kurr set out to see if two fatal Great White attacks were caused by the same shark. 

Honestly, I think it is possible. Everything has a pattern. Developing a pattern of movements is one of the very first thing an investigator would do when looking at a killing to try and determine if it was in fact a Serial Killer. 

I applied these same techniques to Bigfoot reports very early on in my involvement in the topic of Bigfoot. Then, unbeknownst to me, a fellow researcher did the very same thing, with the same state, and came up with the exact same results. I keep track of things like, time of year, size, height, smells, and the behavior of the animal. 

I apply this to all the reports I investigate now. 

I was happy they pointed out that Serial Killers and Great White Sharks kill for very different reasons. 

Developing information like this, can go a long way to answering questions about Great White attacks and if there is a way to prevent it. Making the ocean safe for both Great Whites and people. 

Okay, so it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. 

Have a good day everyone !!

August 7, 2013

Now accepting comments !!

This has been a busy blogging day for me.

Due to popular request, I have enabled comments. All I ask is that commenters keep your posts PG-13 as I do allow anyone 13 and over to read and comment on this blog. What some would call "Censorship" I call keeping it clean and fun for all. All comments will be moderated - which means it may take some time for your comments to show up. I actually read them and approve them one by one.

Just because you can type an F-bomb or type a filty name, that does not mean everyone wants or appreciates it. This blog is for everyone.

So, have fun - keep it clean- or your comment wont even show up.

Thanks :)

Tara Reid on Whale Sharks

Personally, I think there are some anonymous bloggers who could be related to Tara Reid. 

You have to watch this to believe it and read the accompanying story. This should make you laugh. 

I know I could sympathize with the host of this show. I have had that same look on my face for most of this week. 

Enjoy :) 

So, we are back to this......

If you care. Honestly I don't, but I hate seeing people mislead. I would rather be talking about Sharks or actual field research, anywhere, but it seems its the drama that these anonymous bloggers want to talk about. 

Here is the truth you won't get on an anonymous blog. 

Yes, I know all about the new anonymous blog posts. I don't think that Mr. Kozak would really deny he and I are corresponding. Why would he when I can prove it? So, they simply posted an old email from Mr. Kozak.

But, I appreciate that they waited to post it until such time as they felt I deserved a good bashing. Probably over my defense of a friend who had been attacked on another anonymous blog.

I know this is going to be confusing, but here goes. 

Mr. Kozak and I have been discussing this photo I released via email and I am waiting for him to respond to my questions - if it is Mr. Kozak who emailed me to begin with with a Google email address. 

Photo sent to me by both the alleged Karl Kozak
and John Healy of HealyFX 
Mr. Healy sent me the photo of the clawed suit taken during movie production, which was on a CD and taken by Mr. Kozaks photographer, (and that CD sent to Mr. Healy) that I released in 2012 after receiving it from Mr. Healy (see photo to the left). Mr. Kozak sent me the same photo within the last month (7-28-2013) See photo to the left (back of Bigfoot). I asked Mr. Kozak to send other photos he says he has, and he has not done so. Why? Because the photo he provided of the clawed suit (which is the same photo provided by Mr. Healy) has not convinced everyone except those who are trying to call me a hoaxer. I would like to see this ended completely. 

Look at the photo posted above. Does THAT look at all like the photo I released in 2012? C'mon.. LMAO. I may wear glasses, but I can tell the difference between the two photos. The neck alone should tell you a lot. Please. But, I prefer to exhaust all possibilities, so I did try to contact Mr. Kozak, to no avail. 

I have no problem at all talking to Mr. Kozak, as I emailed him 4 or 5 times last year, but he didn't respond. I asked Mr. Kozak why he never responded to my emails requesting information, when I was attempting to do the right thing, and he ignored the question. 

I have done everything I can. I can't do anything unless I have the information necessary. Do people want me to lie?

In FACT - I have removed the photo - from everything I have control over. So that isn't even true. I  decided until this was figured out, I would at least use caution. I have always said I am after the truth - and I HOPE Mr. Kozak can provide that. He has refused to so far. But, out of an abundance of caution - I have removed the photo from every site I can remove it from. I do not want to be associated with a hoax and have said that since day one. I removed the photo weeks ago. It seems the responsible thing to do. But, you won't read about that on any anonymous Bigfoot blog. 

Only question I have is, if this photo belongs to Mr. Kozak or any studio -  how did it come into my possession? Was it a publicity stunt? I have never ruled that out - if you think this photo is of the suit from the movie clawed. That is not being mean to Mr. Kozak - it is simply stating what could be the case. We have all seen viral videos using Bigfoot to promote movies. I have always wondered if this was the case. But, Clawed was released in 2005 and I didn't see the photo for the first time until 2008. So, not really sure it was for publicity or a viral video.

To those who would like us to think they have contact with Mr. Kozak, why aren't you asking him these questions? If this photo I released belongs to him - then either he sent it to me, or someone close to his company did. Why? Or, don't you care about anything other than trashing researchers?

I am simply not going to take anyone at their word for anything. Especially when I have it straight from the costume maker - the photo sent to me is NOT the clawed suit. 

In the posted email on the anonymous blog "Mr. Kozak" says the SPX company is out of business. 

Well, I called the number on their website and the number is not ringing through for me. It could be that I am in the states, or I am dialing it wrong, but their website sure looks to be in business. So, I decided to dial the number Mr. Healy provided me with personally in 2012. 

It rang and Mr. Healy was at the other end. 

He had a good laugh when I told him, Mr. Kozak, is claiming his company is out of business. He told me his company is still up and running, but he has gone into producing movies. So, that is where he spends the large majority of his time.

In fact - as provided to me by Mr. Healy - check out Demo Reel 4 that he just posted to YouTube a month ago. Looks like he is still in business to me. 

So, that's not true either. 

Why wouldn't the anonymous blogger who posted this, have checked all this out, before posting that article which clearly makes it known they are not in full possession of all the information? Were they trying to intentionally mislead their readers? Looks that way to me. 

If you go to the HealyFX website you can clearly see the costume for the movie “Clawed” on it. So, there is no doubt the maker of that suit is Mr. Healy. Mr. Healy was, shall we say, a bit animated during our conversation and provided me with far more information about the suit, who owns it, and all the behind the scenes stuff that I won’t get into now, but Mr. Healy has told me to email him specific question – and he would be THRILLED to respond. I think he is as tired of all this drama as I am. I'm just grateful he isn't upset with me. He is a very decent man.  

I wonder why none of these anonymous bloggers have emailed Mr. Healy? Or have they and they just don’t like what he says, because it doesn't fit with bashing me? Huh – interesting point to ponder. Note the timing of all this.

I have no beef with Mr. Kozak and am simply asking him to provide the information which he says could end this question once and for all. I am not going to bad mouth Mr. Kozak because clearly that email information was old, and there have been other exchanges since and it was from a very interesting time. Huh.... Something else for me to ponder. 

People really shouldn't believe everything they read from anonymous bloggers. If you were taken in by this, complain to the proper people for not keeping their info up to date and doing their level best to create drama where none is even necessary.

Makes a person wonder if there is a connection between this development, and the responses I posted to another anonymous blogger over his racist comments about a friend and fellow researcher.

Interesting to say the least. Ever notice how these things happen? LMAO. But, needless to say, I am going to let Mr. Healy, in his own words, have the final say on this blog about this photo.

Anonymous bloggers - get it right - or just shut up. You are making  yourselves look foolish - especially when the person you are trying to discredit turns around and discredits you. 

Readers of that blog who believe everything - should be angry they are being played. Yeah, you were played.  

Night 2; Shark Week - "Spawn of Jaws"

Well tonight's episode; "Spawn of Jaws" in Discovery Channels Shark Week lineup was interesting

A brief aside; yes, I am a Bigfoot Researcher, but I have other interests as well. I am a multi-faceted person. I don't just care about the documentation of Bigfoot. When I was a kid, I bought two kinds of books. Books on Bigfoot and books on Great White Sharks. 

Why do sharks interest me so much? I don't think it's a short answer, but I guess there are many parallels between Bigfoot and Great Whites. They are both massive, very misunderstood, and very little is known about either. And, if you think Bigfoot takes down deer or other animals for food, that would put it in the category of a predatory animal. As I said in my last article, all predatory animals are important to the ecosystem they live in. Losing those animals always spells disaster for the entire ecosystem. They are both, also, very mysterious. So, why wouldn't I care about Great Whites? 

For those of you who don't really follow anything "Shark", we see the return of Dr. Michael Domeier to television tagging Great Whites. 

Yes, I said return. The first time I had ever heard his name was in connection with the show "Shark Men." 

"Shark Men" was about a group of guys on a vessel called the M/V Ocearch. The show centered around trying get as many Great Whites tagged by hooking them, and guiding them to the boat and onto a hydraulic lift, which would raise these animals from the water so the work of tagging and gathering data could begin. 

Now, while I wasn't completely thrilled with this, I know how important it is to get these animals tagged so they can be studied and better understood. Dr. Domeier was front and center in this pursuit and was able to gain useful data. He seemed to be very happy with the project. 

But, last night, he made a few comments about how this process by the Ocearch crew was very stressful and dangerous to the Sharks. 

So, now Dr. Domeier has devised a new method. A method I think I have more concerns about than what the men of the Ocearch are doing. 

The new method consists of hooking the shark, pulling it along side a boat, wrangling it with ropes, and pulling it close to the boat allowing water to flow over the gills of the shark, keeping it oxygenated. The doctor would then lean over the edge to place a tag in the dorsal fin. Now, I saw something last night that was pretty disturbing. They made no mention of it - but it did in fact happen. 

As they hooked the first shark, I believe it was a 14 to 15 footer - the shot from the air showed the Great White on its back, being pulled toward the boat. That is very bad. Why? Flipping a shark on its back induces a state called, "tonic immobility" - which means the shark is immobile. For all intense and purposes it is paralyzed. It is unable to right itself. Great Whites (along with most sharks) must swim in order to push water over their gills. Leaving a shark of any kind in this state for too long, will kill it. 

So, they pulled the shark back to the boat, still on its back, and tried to get a rope around its head, but it slipped, and the shark was then in the water with its head pointed down and the sharks tail roped and in the air. 

I can see how this is far less stressful for the shark. 

It was decided to abandon the tagging of this shark, because it was simply in too much danger of not surviving the experience. So, they let it go. They said it swam away strong - but they didn't show that. 

Each time they conducted this procedure, these animals would throw themselves into the boat. One 18 footer, (wow) which was almost as long as the boat they were in, had the hook stuck in its mouth. So, they had to cut it off with a saw of some kind. You could see the sparks flying and the show narrator said "The sparks are hitting the water, so the shark is not being injured." Tell that to the Shark that is probably freaking out. 

I am not a "shark biologist", I am only someone with more than your average interest in this topic. I read everything I can find on Great Whites and there is one thing I know - stress on these animals is as dangerous to their survival as taking a harpoon and shoving it into their head. 

After the first season of "Shark Men" these guys were subjected to all kinds of hate, people who say they care about these animals were furious and said they were subjecting these sharks to dangerous procedures that could kill them. Various groups tried to shut them down (and are still trying). There was a huge uproar. I will tell you this, the sharks tagged by Ocearch look a lot less stressed then the sharks I saw last night. 

It just looked brutal. 

Losing a 14 foot female is a bad thing (can you tell a boy shark from a girl shark?) At 14 feet, this is a mature mating female. She has probably already had two years of mating. I don't think I need to tell anyone how important healthy mature mating females are to the survival of this species. 

Tagging and tracking of the Great White is so important to its survival. So, this is a necessary thing. I just hope Dr. Domeier perfects this for future sharks because honestly, it would be awesome to know where these magnificent animals are giving birth. While we know more now about the Great White than we ever did, there is still so much more we don't know. 

So, suffice it to say, last nights show had me on the edge of my seat for all the wrong reasons. Honestly, I had a hard time watching this. 

Tonight's episode is titled, "Great White, Serial Killer." I see Discovery is going with sensational this year. Geesh. 

But, I'll be watching !!

August 6, 2013

Night 2 of Shark Week, "Return of Jaws"..

Not really sure I like the title used by Discovery for this particular program, because it harkens back to a time when we knew very little about Great White Sharks other than how to kill them, and kill them efficiently.

But, the Great White Shark has returned to Amity, Sheriff Brody.

Discovery took us off the coast of Cape Cod to witness the use of an underwater tracking system (that looked more like a torpedo) which followed along side 2 Great Whites once tagged with a transmitter.

It was simply amazing. This torpedo looking thing, followed right along side these animals as they simply went about the business of being a Great White.

Greg Skomal a shark specialist at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries allowed the Discovery Channel to take us all on this wild ride. I must admit, it was amazing to watch as a Great White shark simply went about it's business, doing what it does best, looking for food.

At one point in the program, a 17 footer was tagged and they followed as it swam very close to a beach crowded with people. But, just at the point where you might have thought it would simply keep heading toward the noisy people, it simply turned and swam away.

Interesting. It's also interesting to think that maybe, just maybe, technology is catching up to the Great White and mysteries about this animal may one day be solved. Which is so important to the protection of this animal and humans.

Do we have anything to fear when it comes to the Great White. I would say no, but we should have a healthy respect for this animal. When you swim in the ocean, you enter their world. A world where they are king, lord and master. Great Whites don't care about political correctness. If you look like a seal, you may be treated like one. But, are we humans on the menu?

No, we are not. But mistakes do happen and people are hurt.

I am very excited that the Great Whites are returning to Massachusetts. The increase in the seal population made this possible and every ecosystem needs a predator to keep it healthy. But, more than that now I won't have to go to South Africa to see a nice sized Great White.

I am glad there are people in Massachusetts who care about this animal like, Mr. Skomal, who want to learn about them, share that information with us, and protect them. Great Whites are so important to our oceans and in turn to us. We can not have a healthy world, without a thriving ocean, our oceans are that important.

And, they are just awesome animals, who deserve to live.

Anonymous Bloggers respond !!!

Well bless their hearts. 

Oh the pain of the witty response. The piercing pain of the dagger thrust into my chest. They twist it and turn it, as the life drains from my body, my soul is ripped away. 

No, not really. LOL. 

A "certain anonymous" blog removed their racist post about Bruce H - and many excuses followed. Their dog made them do it. The cat walked across their keyboards. They had peanut butter stuck to their fingers so the keys were sticky. You know, all the usual excuses when someone has had their fingers slammed in the proverbial cookie jar. I can't remember when I laughed so hard at 7:30 in the morning.

According to these anonymous bloggers it's okay to do this to someone, who has never done anything to you, so you can "bait" others?

Their blog hits must be down. Ha ha!! 

Of course, to make it all better - they posted some comments about Bigfooting around an orchard.... Nice attempt to save face after it was pointed out they have said nothing about actual research in god knows how long.

What I found interesting is, while it's not okay for Billy and I to defend our friend Bruce (according to them) it's okay for them to put on an impassioned defense of someone they said "may contribute" to their blog, or may not, who knows but lets defend that person anyway because it makes us look like good noble people...... So it's the "do as I say, not as I do," defense. 

"Cheers from the crowd". 

They can defend whomever they like, even if they don't know for sure if the person deserves it or is even a contributor of information to their trashy blog, but friends of Bruce H should just stay quiet because he does not deserve or need to be defended.. umm right.... LOL. Wow, you just can't make stuff up like that. LMAO.

I thought I smelled hypocrisy.

Why did I post about their past inaccuracies - they have still not corrected with retractions? Because it's just more proof that they do not care about the truth or being fair, they simply post whatever comes to them, they do no fact checking and they simply post the most salacious material they can find all in an attempt to get the name of their blog out there. I know they hate having this pointed out. It's very hypocritical to be the very thing you accuse others of being. Creating drama for hits and admitting it, does not absolve you of your bad behavior. Making excuses for your bad behavior - does not absolve you either.

Now, they want us to believe they somehow know Bruce, so that means they can say whatever they like. That just makes it worse. So, you know Bruce - yet you still make racial comments about him? Wow...

Note: They made no mention of deleting Billy's comments correcting their information and offering the other side of their past hateful articles. 

Basically saying - we posted a racial blog about a friend of certain people - in order to draw them out - absolutely does not absolve you from what you did. That was most certainly racial - and not political. They used photos to make their point of both Bruce and the North Korea Dictator. It is not satire - it is racist. I feel sorry for those who don't know the difference.

Frankly I don't give two shakes, what these morons think of me. If I cared, I would be as anonymous as they are. But, I'm not. Why should I? Why should anyone? They basically admitted in that "apology post' they will say whatever it takes to get at people in this community. If you're doing that on a blog, that is code for - 'our hits have been down for a while so here is some gossip that we made up last night to bring those hits back up.' 

It's actually hard to believe they admitted to posting racial comments simply to get a rise out of people, but they did. Why would a person write a blog article like that and intentionally try to bait people?

They thought we would put the name of their blog in our defense responses - they were wrong.

They did apologize to Bruce - problem being, they also admitted they posted the article simply to get a rise out of friends of Bruce's. I'm starting to think that blog is run by a group of 16 year-old High School kids. They then took a swing at one of Billy's kids, and then went on to complain about me. LOL. Boo hoo. No I don't really feel sorry for them. 

Don't post racially offensive material, and articles about people you know are not true, and you won't be called out on your crap reporting. 

You be the judge. Sounds like a whole lot of excuses for bad behavior, in an attempt to win back some favor from the community. I am betting they received a lot of angry emails, accusing them of racism. So, they had to remove the post, but decided if they had to remove the post, they would attack the people who drew attention to their crap journalism. If you can call anything they have ever published journalism.

I will say, their reaction was exactly as expected - but we did get a little bigger gem out of it.

So, thank you and Bless your heart you anonymous bloggers.  LOL.

August 5, 2013

MEGALODON - Shark Week is BACK !!!

Okay all you Shark Fanatics;

Shark week opened last night with a bang on Discovery


Think about that for just a second. If you know what Megalodon is, you should be terrified out of your skull and reconsidering your next bubble bath. 

For those of you who have never been formally introduced to the most terrifying and largest predatory shark to ever live in our ocean, Megalodon, was a prehistoric shark far larger than any Great White shark. Megalodon could reach from 60 to 100 feet in length. 

Think bus with razor sharp teeth the size of your fist heading straight for you. Oh, don't worry about being bitten - this animal could gulp you down like a goldfish. But, I am sure he would take a bite for good measure. 

Can you imagine being at the beach with your family having a nice picnic without a care in the world. You decide to head out on your inner tube. You're laying there peaceful, with a nice full stomach and happy thoughts. Then - you see this coming. As the fin passed by you (if it gave you that much warning) it would probably block out the sun, casting a shadow over you.

The shadow that would be your demise. 

It would make "Jaws" look like a fairy tale to share with your young children. 

Of course, you probably wouldn't see this beast of a shark coming as they strike from below - just like a Great White - with such power you would be knocked unconscious from the force of the blow alone, propelled out of the water, and into the air, probably spun a few times, then caught in its mouth, and ate. 

Pretty dramatic, huh? 

Scary thing is, there are some people out there who think this animal could still be patroling the ocean. 

Could it? 

But, alas, this was simply something put together for the opening of "Shark Week". Honestly, that doesn't make it any less scary. 

I have always been a big fan of sharks - love the Great White and would do whatever I could to help protect them. I have a real problem with shark finners - their brutal tactics and disregard for the lives of these animals is horrible. Besides, if you talk to anyone who's ever had Shark Fin soup (the only reason for fining) they will tell you its like eating gelatin - with no taste. It's a goo that most would never eat again. 

But, I digress. 

Megalodon. Could it still be out there somewhere? Maybe in the depths of the Marianas Trench? 

Scary thought. 

Although I know this show was not an actual event, the next time I see the ocean, I will think twice before entering. :) 

August 4, 2013

Anonymous Bloggers.

I posted the majority of what is below, on my Facebook page. But, the situation deserves more attention. I have remained silent on who the actual organizer of Creature Weekend really is, because the person wanted no attention. Instead he wanted to focus all the attention on the speakers, the general public and the volunteers - who he says are the people who deserve all the credit for Creature Weekend being a success.

Now, you would think he would be given credit for not wanting to be in the spotlight or trying to make a name for himself by specific anonymous bloggers - Oh no... They want you all to know that Bruce is a horrible person who is simply trying to make a name for himself.

If that were the case, don't you think he would have his name all over the posters and advertisements for the conference?

Feel free to look - you won't find Bruce's name anywhere as the person responsible for the event. If Bruce is trying to grab for the golden ring of publicity - he sucks at it. Seriously. 

Don't let a good lie get in the way of the truth.

You get more hits by trashing someone's good name - whether the bashing is true or not. Isn't that right Anonymous bloggers?

I know Bruce H and what was said about him is just awful and a good example of what I have been talking about for a long time. Look on any Bigfoot Forum or Facebook - you might find a picture of Bruce H - but you won't find him. He likes to stay to himself, because he enjoys this field of research and he does not want to be involved in the drama that is always running through this community. Certain individuals who are too cowardly to use their names on an Anonymous blog - hardly even know Bruce - if they know him at all which is doubtful,  yet they compare him to the North Korean Dictator "Kim Jong Un".

The people behind that anonymous blog do not care if their information is correct or even close. They have been accusing ME of being the organizer of "Creature Weekend" since last year - when it first started. Why? Beats me. So, I guess that hasn't earned them points - so they attack, Bruce, for being the person responsible.

First question and the most important is this - why do they even care?

Oh, I know - because bashing people for putting on conferences is so important to the search for Bigfoot.

Yes, it is so clear to me now. If you don't like to socialize and meet new researchers, or share information, then don't go to a conference. Stay home. Complain on the internet about the conference YOU didn't attend. That's much more productive and makes our community look so much better. 

Truth be told - Bruce has never used his name in conjunction with the event simply because -- HE DOESN'T WANT PEOPLE GIVING HIM ALL THE CREDIT. Bruce gives the credit for the success of this event to the people who speak, those who attend (the general public) and the volunteers. In fact, Bruce, said to me at this year’s event, "It doesn't matter if one person shows up or 1000 - as long as they enjoy themselves and learn something they think is going to help them." I can see why that would make him a horrible person.

Actually, if I am going to tell the truth, these idiots have accused me of being the organizer of Creature Weekend and the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo. Okay, but I assure you I am not the organizer of either, but they are awesome events. 

I will not link to this blog. Why? Why should I?

It's an anonymous blog with anonymous writers - too afraid to put their names behind what they say. So, they honestly deserve nothing. The only way they can 'take the heat' is to hide. They sure don't do anything to help this community by printing factual information - heck they can't even be bothered to print retractions when they know the information they posted to smear someone is wrong. That's really all that blog is - one big smear campaign and the large majority of it is wrong.

We need more people in this community like Bruce. Someone who is good to others - and what Billy said about Bruce is absolutely true. Bruce has been a good friend and someone I could count on - when I needed a friend for advice, a laugh or someone to simply talk to.

He has NEVER put anyone down in this community.

Our community could do without these anonymous bloggers, who add nothing to what we are all trying to accomplish. If you are going to trash someone - in this community or not - at least have the steel to use your name so you can be subjected to the kind of "free speech" you so desperately scream about. This Anonymous blog and it's contributors like to dish it out, but obviously - can't take it themselves. So, they have no choice but to hide behind that trashy blog. Anyone with a 4th grade education can see that.

Oh, they have had many excuses over the years for not using their real names - but it all boils down to this - they can't take the heat of criticism and everyone would know their real agenda - which has nothing to do with the truth, so it is probably best that they remain hidden so they never have to explain why they are using a blog to hurt so many good people. 

This community of researchers deserves and needs better from those who say they are "Bigfoot Researchers." Unless your simply interested in gossip about others. In which case that trash rag is right for you. But, don't call yourself a researcher - researchers investigate in order to find the truth. The Anonymous trash blogs - don't care about the truth.

How can I say that? Because Billy Willard has went to that blog to call them out in their comment section on the BS they are spreading - on numerous occasions -- and they have DELETED his comments. I know it's true - because he sent the comments to me and I watched as they went up publicly and then "poof" were gone. THAT is the inconvenient truth.

All I can do is tell you all what I know because I was there. I know Bruce and I know what his intentions are behind Creature Weekend. His intentions are good - and for that he is attacked. How sad. How very sad.

I am sure once these Anonymous bloggers get a hold of this article they will once again, take to trashing me. That's fine. They have been trying to build a following themselves based on lies and misinformation. So, I get a good laugh out of what they will be making up next, trying to build a following for their Anonymous blog filled with known lies, bash others for having blogs, putting on conferences and trying to make themselves an authority.......I sense hypocrisy here.

But at least I have the guts to post under my name.