April 28, 2007

The MK Interview "Lets Talk Bigfoot"

I am sure many of you know, last Wednesday night MK Davis took up the offer to be debated as the first guest of "Lets Talk Bigfoot". Kathy Strain did a fantastic job in her roll as the counter to MK's theory.

I opened this up by asking the question many of us wanted to know the answer to,

Do you think patty is human?

His answer was a firm "yes". This interview included photos provided by MK Davis and he was asked to go through those one by one and discuss his "theory".

Why did I partake in this interview?

Whether I think a theory or idea is credible - is not the issue here folks. People should be able to hear this entire "theory" themselves (from the person who is putting out the theory) and make up their own minds. So many fantastic things are floated around in this field of research, but I have all the faith in the world that the majority of "Bigfooters" have their feet firmly planted on the ground, and can make up their own minds. Some say I was not hard enough on MK. To them I say, this interview was not about me. This interview was about giving MK his time to discuss what he thinks is credible evidence, to bolster his new theory - it was up to him to make me change my mind. A debate or discussion of issues allows for the free exchange of ideas or information. Its easy to bash someone, anyone can do that, it really requires no talent or thought at all.

I told him a long time ago, I would give him the opportunity to discuss his theory.

This was his chance. Did he change my mind? No. I still do not believe "Patty" is human. I also do not think she has a braid in her hair, and I think your really stretching the limits by removing hair from a 40 year old film to see the skin under it. Is that an excepted practice in photo analysis? I have no idea - but it makes me wonder if that is something that can be done with a reasonable amount of reliability, on a film as old as the Patterson Film. Maybe it can be, I have no idea.

While I do not agree with the theory put out by MK Davis,

I respect his right to think whatever he likes, and I respect him for being tough enough to come forward and put himself in the line of fire for this interview. He knew this could have gone very badly for him - but he appeared anyway and he answered all questions asked. There were no "off limits questions" prior to the interview and MK knew his theory would be questioned.

Has this debate/interview made me change my mind about purchasing any DVD's - No. Many of you would be shocked to know I do not purchase every DVD that comes out on the topic of Bigfoot. If it helps me further my research, then yes - but this does not. If Bigfoot is human, then many things just do not make sense to me. Why have they not tried to build homes, or shelters in one place for year round living? They have no culture, no community (evidenced by you can not simply walk into the woods and find an entire group of them living in one area). In my opinion Bigfoot (if its out there) is nothing more than an animal, nothing more, nothing less. Bigfoot may be more intelligent than some other animals in the forest - but still an animal. I buy DVD's that give me information on what to try next. I'm not sure what a DVD telling me "Patty" is human, does for my research. So, you wont be finding any movies such as this in my Video Library - or set to record on my DVR.

My personal opinion is, we need to find a Bigfoot, before we decide what it is. That just makes sense to me.

At the end of the show, MK said he enjoyed this opportunity to discuss his new theory, and he even agreed to return for a part 2. Regardless of his opinion, MK is not a bad person. As I have said on many occasions, I think he has made some bad decisions, but that does not make him a bad person.

I hope everyone who listened, enjoyed the program. We had a couple technical issues - I'm hoping no one heard, but other than that I would say the show turned out nicely. I hope everyone continues to tune in every Wednesday Night at 9 pm.

You can download the archived show by clicking this link "Lets Talk Bigfoot" or you can join in the discussion of this program by becoming a member of and weighing in on THIS thread.

April 25, 2007

"Let's Talk Bigfoot" Debuts Tonight!!!!

Tonight is the night folks. At 10pm ET/ 9pm CT/ 7pm PT, "Let's Talk Bigfoot" jumps onto to BlogTalkRadio! For those of you who do not all ready know, the show is hosted by Melissa Hovey and Teresa Hall, both active field researchers (along with yours truly) for the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Reseachers.

The shows focus tonight is a debate over findings in the "Patterson- Gimlin Film" by MK Davis, who will be defending his work against Kathy Strain. MK Davis has a lot of theories regarding the anomalies and details he has discovered in his work on the film. MK has previously gone public and announced that he believes the subject to be a relic Native American. This has stirred the pot of controversay, and tonight we will get the answers to all the questions... straight from the mouth of MK Davis.

Some MK Davis Information:
MK Davis's Stablization Gif* File
MK Davis Press Release

Please email us your questions: , Instant Message them to us: letstalkbigfoot on your Yahoo! Instant Messenger or Call us at 1-347-996-5814.

Hope to hear from you all!

+Sean Forker

Founder/ General Manager - SQuatchMEDIA -

"Lets Talk Bigfoot" with Guest MK Davis

Tonight on "Lets Talk Bigfoot", we will have as our first guest MK Davis. MK has graciously agreed to come on the program and discuss his new theory. The person debating MK, will be Kathy Strain and giving the questions will be Teresa Hall and Myself.

Please click the following link to see the pictures MK will be discussing tonight. Once the program is over this link will be removed, so look now, and call in with questions.

April 22, 2007

Listening and waiting

Much of Bigfoot Research is listening and waiting...

Last nights research was a team of four, consisting of myself and 3 other active researchers. The area we were in is one I have been actively researching with a friend and fellow researcher Van for quite sometime now in Northern Texas.

I would tell you where, but then the Biscardi's of Bigfooting might show up.

We arrived to this area at roughly 7:00 pm,

First order of business setting up equipment. The idea was to set up 3 recording devices around our position. The first one was roughly a 20 min hike from where our cars were parked. The second and third were within 500 yards of our final position. After the last two recorders were placed, we then went to where we would be for the night and set up a bionic ear - and that too was attached to a recording device. Also on hand for the night was a "Sound Blaster". If you have never heard one of these things - your truly missing out on a heart stopping experience. When a sound blaster goes off, it stops everything. Crickets stop chirping, it just gets silent. The first time I ever heard a sound blaster, I was on the banks of the Trinity, while I was forewarned the sound blaster would be going off shortly, it still made me sit up and say out loud "what the h-e-double hockey sticks was that?? ( but a more condensed version). It can be unnerving.

So, all the devices were in place,

The only thing we could do now, was wait. The usual suspects responded to the sound blaster - coyotes etc.. In fact, after the first blast of sound, it sounded as if a whole pack of coyotes was very close by... That had me a bit nervous. They must have just went about their business - as I am told they often do. We never seen one single coyote for all the howling we heard.

We had the perfect night for this operation,

The skies of Texas are absolutely beautiful on a clear night, we knew there was a chance of storms - but we seen no sign of storms, until we decided to pack it in for the night. Then the clouds started to roll in.

Unfortunately I can not report that we seen a Bigfoot, most of the time Bigfoot is not an animal that performs on demand, regardless of what you might have read or heard in recent weeks. Most researchers just accept that, and we are happy to spend the time looking and being around friends.

Once the night was over,

We then had to go about the business of recovering the recording devices we had set out, two were in a great location. Most of this is trial and error, finding out what works, what does not - and tailoring the research to fit what does work. If this were an exact science, this blog would not be titled "The Search for Bigfoot", because that's what I am still doing.. I'm out there searching, looking and trying to find any evidence that helps to prove this animals existence. Unfortunately, last night was not Bigfoot's night to be documented in the State of Texas in this research area, but its not for a lack of trying.

So, now the process begins of listening to the hours of recordings, and discussions of what to try out next. What did we do wrong, what can we improve on for the next time.

Oh, sorry for the lack of photos, but we arrived so late, and well, once the sun sets, whats the point in taking scenery shots.. I will work on that for my next article on my own experiences in the field.

April 19, 2007

Lets Talk Bigfoot

For those of you who do not yet know, Bob and Kathy Strain have decided they want to produce a blogspot radio program. Well, they asked Teresa Hall and myself if we would host this hour long program.. After much discussion between Teresa and myself - we said "ok". Sean Forker of the Sasquatch Experience has graciously allowed Teresa and myself to take over an hour of his program, every Wednesday night.

Our first program airs April 25th at 9pm central, with MK Davis as our first guest. MK has agreed to come on the program and discuss his latest theory. Also joining us will be Kathy Strain. Teresa and I will be asking the questions, and on the hot seat will be MK Davis and Kathy Strain.

What will happen when MK and I get onto a radio program for the first time since he announced his new theory? Who knows, you will have to tune in and find out. I appreciate MK's willingness to come onto our program and discuss this issue - hopefully we will all understand a little bit better.

You can listen live by clicking this link "Lets Talk Bigfoot" every Wednesday night at 9 pm Central/10 pm Eastern.

April 14, 2007

The Morning After

*Photo Courtesy of WFAA* read the full story here

As many of you know, I live in Dallas Texas. Last night I had my first experience living in Tornado Alley.

While I am fine, many are without homes and their lives have been turned upside down, there is also one reported death I know about. Mother Nature sure can cop an attitude sometimes, I am just thankful she spared me her worst. I ask that the readers of this blog, keep those who lost everything - including their lives, in your thoughts and prayers. This storm is unlike anything, I am told, the people of Dallas have seen in a very long time.

I also know this storm spun off a twister not far from an area I spend time in doing my own research with one other person - so next weekend I will be headed that direction to take a general look around the area to see how much damage (if any) is out there, and get in a little bit of long awaited night time listening and observing. I am looking forward to this, as it has been a while since I have been in the field, I will be sure to take plenty pictures to post on the blog for you all :)

April 8, 2007

Dermal Ridges and Casting Artifacts - Does Temperature Really Matter?

By Melissa Hovey

As detailed in numerous articles and discussions available on the web, several researchers were able to produce false dermal ridges, called casting artifacts, using various casting materials and volcanic ash. While this article does not address the issues of such experiments on the reliability of the Onion Mountain casts, it does address the need to identify how and why casting artifacts occur.

For this round of tests, soil that had been sifted five times to remove as much organic material as possible was used. Although the soil was reused due to multiple experiments, it was re-sifted prior to use.

It has been previously hypothesized by researchers that “wicking,” a process by which water is pulled from the casting agent by very fine dry soil, is the cause of false dermals. The soil from Onion Mountain indeed is fine and dry, but previous tests (as discussed in Article One) did not produce any casting artifacts.

Since wicking, at least in these experiments, did not produce casting artifacts, water temperatures, ranging from 70 to 100 degrees, were tested. These tests also did not produce any casting artifact.

Next, experiments with the casting agent were undertaken. After speaking with an expert with, who has more than 25 years experience and has worked with the FBI to help them understand how to properly use casting agents in the field, several points were made.

1. As long as you are mixing your casting agent properly, what you can see in the track should show up in your finished cast. The water temperature should always be right around the same temperature as the air (plus or minus 5 degrees).

2. Organic material and/or minerals do not play a role in the casting process, nor can various soils rich in specific minerals cause “artifacts” to happen. Minerals and organic material will not affect the casting agent's ability to retain details or cause details that look like dermal ridges, where there are none, as long as the casting agent is mixed properly.

3. Extremes in temperatures and mixing your agent too thick or thin will affect your cast.

Here is an example, with the only difference being the amount of casting agent and water.

Cast 1: 1 cup water and 2 cups Plaster of Paris. This mix is per the manufacturers specifications.

Cast 2: 1 ¼ cup water and 2 cups Plaster of Paris

Cast 3: 1 cup water and 2 ¼ cup Plaster of Paris

All water in these 3 experiments was room temperature, 76 degrees, humidity 25%. This water was not heated.

Notice the gradual change in the cast features. Cast #1 - the disturbed soil in the center of the cast corresponds to the area where the casting agent was poured. Cast #2 - fine pour lines can be seen toward the bottom of the cast, which shows the casting agent pushing out from the center of the cast. Cast #3 – the same affect as Cast #2, only more dramatic.

Although the only change between each cast was ¼ of a cup of either water or Plaster of Paris, the change is fairly remarkable. However, false dermals still were not produced.

The next set of experiments took additional “extremes” into consideration, this time temperature.

Cast 4: Water 105 degrees; soil baked in oven to 105 degrees prior to pouring; 2 ¼ cup Plaster of Paris; 1 cup water; air temperature 76%, with 25% humidity

Cast #4 shows the very same pour lines in the substrate, again only more dramatic. Even with the temperature extreme introduced with Cast #4, false dermals do not appear. The next set of experiments deal with opposite extremes.

Cast 5: Water 105 degrees; soil temperature 50 degrees; 2 ¼ cup Plaster of Paris; 1 cup water; air temperature 76%, with 25% humidity

False dermals do not appear in Cast #5 either.


Although this paper set out to determine the cause of casting artifacts or false dermals, none of the experiments resulted in producing them. However, it should be noted that extremes in water temperature and improperly mixed casting agent will result in undesired results (i.e., the inability to cast what you intend too).

End notes: “Plaster Mixing Procedures, USG Plasters and HYDROCAL® Brand Gypsum Cements IG503”

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