February 24, 2012

Photo Update and Information.

This is just an article to update everyone on some important information – so PLEASE read the entire article.

First of all to those who are emailing me privately and sending messages of support and thanks for showing this photo I want to say – Thank you!! This decision was not an easy one. I will work hard in the next few days to respond to each one of you personally. I feel I owe you that much.

There is a very good side to this community. I wish I seen it more.

Now onto information that many people are asking about.

Let me say first, I am not the kind of person who understands, “technology”. 99.9% of the time when conversations start over equipment, and their operation, I shut down and am not even listening. Just ask Wayne he is the tech guy in this household.
We all have things we are good at and things we are not so good at.

After I posted this photo on my blog, I didn’t expect to hear from this witness ever again. Then last night he did in fact email me. While I am not going to get into the bulk of the conversation I will disclose this, because I think it’s important.

He apologized for any confusion and told me this was not the typical game cam set up we are all accustomed to. He said this was a 35mm camera with zoom. He is not sure how the miscommunication happened, but I think he wanted to clarify this piece of information. He said this was a multiple camera set up designed specifically to photograph this alleged animal.

Most likely the miscommunication was on my part due to a lack of understanding when it comes to some of the technical equipment we use in the field. I remember early conversations after the photo was initially analyzed and I was told something about 35mm film. Which, of course, didn't mean much to me. I told this to Wayne and he thought I was confused and this must have been a game cam. So, there was much confusion on this point, stretching back 4 years.

He did not tell me I could or couldn't post this information. I think he emailed me with the information so there could be some clarification. So, I am giving you all this information.

Hopefully, when he contacts me again (as he said he would) we can discuss more. I have no reason to doubt that he will.

But, I will not disclose anything he does not want discussed in public. All I can do is hope everyone understands.

February 15, 2012

Ohio Conference is Announced!!

SAVE THE DATE: May 18-20 at Salt Fork State Park, Cambridge, OH

For those of you wondering whether there will be a conference at Salt Fork State Park this year, the answer is "YES"! The Conference is scheduled for May 18-20, 2012.

This year, the lodge will be hosting a Cryptozoology Conference at Salt Fork State Park which will feature speaker discussions on Bigfoot, Dogmen and the Honey Island Swamp Monster.

Of course, Salt Fork Lodge has generous discounts for those of you who want to book accommodations at the lodge and enjoy the whole weekend of events.

What is Creature Weekend 2012?

Creature Weekend is Cambridge, Ohio's first annual Cryptozoology Conference.

What is Cryptozoology?

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals, i.e. animals that have yet to be identified by science or thought to have been long extinct. Bigfoot, Dogmen, The Abominable Snowman, The Loch Ness Monster, Thunderbirds and many other mysterious and elusive creatures fall into this category.

Creature Weekend Schedule of Events**

Friday (May 18): Meet and Greet (Mingle with researchers, share your experiences)

Saturday (May 19): Conference (including vendor tables and speakers)

Sunday (May 20): Crypto Tour (weather permitting) Evidence Collection Workshop

For more information and speakers (to be announced) Keep an eye on this website Creature Weekend 2012

This promises to be a fun filled weekend, and informative.

An Overnight Comment....

I received a message overnight on Facebook in reference to the drama with Shelley Sherlock Holmes. I had no intention of writing anything else about this situation, but here I am. This, however, will be my last article about this. I think the solution is simple but it's not up to me.

I’m not posting the message itself. Why? Well, there was a bit of profanity – and I can make my point without drawing attention to her personally. I’m not angry with this person, because I fully understand why she sent me the message. She is a friend of Shelley’s and feels strongly that Shelley is telling the truth.

So, why am I posting this article at all?

This person sent this message then blocked me. Why would someone do that? It makes no sense to me. Why ask questions and not allow for a response?

Anyway, since I can’t message her directly, I decided to take a few moments to address her comments.

Dear (let’s just call her) Anonymous,

First of all let me say I never said anyone shouldn’t be “friends” with Shelley. I personally can’t be friends with someone I can’t trust but that’s my decision. But, I would like to remind you this bit of drama was not started by me or anyone outside Shelley’s Facebook group. I can completely understand why you would want to defend your friend. I defend my friends all the time. But, in order to do that properly, you should be willing to do what Shelley has not – post the information that proves, I and others did, what we were accused of. What was copied and pasted from Shelley’s Facebook page? She has refused to provide that information. Why? It seems very simple to me.

I provide proof of what I am saying all the time.

Yes, Shelley is a liar. In a comment she sent to this blog she said she didn’t remove me. In fact, she not only removed me from her group page but also her personal page. To block someone from your personal Facebook page you must do that yourself. She made false accusations against me and many others. Shelley said she created a “list of 20 evil researchers.” That wasn’t me or anyone else.

I wouldn’t call you a b*tch nor do I think you sound like one. I do, however, think you need to face reality and stop blaming others for the problems, Shelley, has created. We all make mistakes, but as adults, when we make mistakes, we apologize.

Shelley may be a good person, but so were the people she falsely accused, in front of more than 200 Facebook people on just her group page.

Neither you nor Shelley knows me, any better, than I know you. I’m glad Shelley gets into the field. But, considering she was willing to disparage people, by making false accusations, why should I or anyone else believe what she says about her field work? Also, you can say with no authority how much time anyone spends in the field unless you know them personally, especially in this day and age of wireless internet, air cards, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and cell phones. People log onto the internet from the woods. I have done it myself. So I would be careful how you pass judgment on those you think are simply spending all day, every day, at their computers and not getting into the woods.

I have no intention of bashing you. I see what you are doing, and I think you’re a good friend to Shelley, but your time would be better served, talking to Shelley about making things right with those she falsely accused. Sending me messages on Facebook will not solve this problem. I didn’t start this. But I do have the right to defend myself and anyone falsely accused.

I take these situations very seriously. After all we are talking about the reputations of people Shelley really doesn’t know either. You’re comments about “field time” proved that. Usually good manners dictate you get to know a person yourself, not request gossip about them in order to assess their motives or credibility. I challenge you to find one (1) article, on this blog, written about Shelley before this sorted situation occurred. You won’t find one.

As much as you would like to blame me or others we didn’t ban ourselves. We didn’t put our names on a “list of 20 evil researchers”. We didn’t ask people on her group page to go out and look for information on others within her group. Whether this list exists or not isn’t for you to say. Shelley made the accusations and plainly said she had created a list which she planned to email. I didn’t say that. I did make it known to everyone that she did say these things. That I won’t deny.

I respect that you hold Shelley in high regard. That’s what friendship is all about.

Shelley needs to apologize.She needs to admit she lied because she did (I have proven that) and If her comment about the list of “20 evil researchers” weren’t true, then she needs to admit that too. But, (a word of caution) within 24 hours of Shelley’s accusations people I know and trust have told me they were removed from other “groups” even though they had not posted in quite some time, if ever. So, were people removed from other groups because of either what Shelley said, or did she have a list she did send out? That’s for Shelley to say.

Shelley will carry this with her for a very long time if she does not make this situation right. That isn’t up to you or me. I respect you for wanting to handle this for, Shelley, but at the end of the day it’s up to her.

It’s natural human emotion for people to be angry when they are lied about. So, I would expect no less from those who are even more vocal than I am about this situation. I think any good psychologist would say; when people feel “wronged” the person who caused the hurt doesn’t get to decide how those who feel, “wronged,” should, would, or will react. What I’m the most curious about is why Shelley didn’t expect this? I would’ve.

I appreciate the time you took. I think you’re a good friend to Shelley. I’m not mad nor am I upset with you. I do think you would be a better friend to Shelley if you told her to be honest. To show how fair I can be I will even print her apology.

If or when, Shelley’s ready to apologize I will print it here.

But don’t expect attitudes toward her to change, until that apology happens.

February 12, 2012

A Lesson In Why We Should Not Lie ~ Why Is This Even Necessary?

Hello everyone :) I am happy to report that Shelley has responded to the article I posted yesterday. Did she share the list of 20? Heck no. Did she apologize for the lies she told. Heck no. In fact she added to the lies by making up more. I would say this is a good lesson in how to spot a liar.

Well, read it for yourself. Oh, and she included the name she is using now on Facebook, so, she outed herself too. Go figure.

Her comments will be in Black.

My responses will be in Red - I am an evil researcher. :)


Shelley Dion: Well, this all started because I retain the right to choose who I share company with and live by notion you are judged by the company you keep.

Melissa Hovey: That's very true. In fact I pointed out the very same thing. But, when you lie about those people, they have the right to call you out.

Shelley Dion: As a new room owner I chose to remove people that were just causing arguments that were going no where. I stepped in on a primate comment and said that it is over.

Melissa Hovey: That's an interesting take on the situation. I have about 5 others telling me differently - and a whole mess of others who are saying they were removed and do not know why. Really? So, what argument did I cause? Others were removed also, that were not involved in this conversation, what did they do? And then your Admin make statements about checking your members list against the list of other Facebook group pages, or just send you messages about people they don't like. What the heck is that about? Good ole fashioned witch hunt or just Paranoia?

Yes, you are a "new room owner" and half of the participants YOU added before asking anyone if they wanted to be a member of your "group" Facebook page.

Are you telling me you did welcome all opinions? Or, did you think everyone would just agree with you?

Shelley Dion: This individual continued ranting so yes I removed them they get angry and go running off at the mouth.

Okay, everyone, note her use of the word "INDIVIDUAL" then her use of the word "THEM" in the sentence above. You do not need a degree in criminal investigations to know - she is lying through her teeth. It wasn't just one "INDIVIDUAL" it was more than one -"THEM." So, now you know it WAS one person who said something Shelley did not like, and more than one person was removed. THUS her list of "20 evil researchers."

Running off at the mouth? So, that's what we call it now when someone says, "Humans are primates?" Really? I would also defend that statement, because it's true.

Shelley Dion: Their peers start games like this page for instance.. this whole time i have said nothing took the verbal smashing.

Melissa Hovey: That's cute, and awwwww, but that's what happens when you accuse people of doing things they did not do. What is so wrong about a discussion about primates? You allow red-circle photos and weathered boot print photos.. You should either sit back and take it or do the adult thing and apologize for the lies you told. It's that simple. But, let's be honest here, you have made other comments. I will get to that later. You are not a victim.

Shelley Dion: I made another comment which you fail to mention here.. let me do some copying and pasting now in YOUR TERRITORY.. Just so you get it right and no one gets called a liar for being painfully honest.. and btw.. where do you get some of the things you accuse me of? You must be a lil off to spend so much time badgering someone you never have met..

Melissa Hovey: Copy and paste away.

Really, you think I should have posted more of your comments? Okay. You have never met me either. You know Shelley, I have been around this community long enough to know when the crap is about to hit the fan. I seen this coming days prior (and told others about this impending doom) when Jim P. posted on your page that he wasn't sure he wanted to continue posting. Seems he was upset about you adding certain "mean" people. Yeah, I read it. Have you ever met me? Nope. Have you ever talked to me? Nope. If you knew me, you would know, how I deal with liars and BS artists. There is no doubt in my mind, you were primed and ready for this by others. You took bad advice and now you think lying is your ticket out of this mess. Wrong!

Shelley Dion: further you were never removed from my room.. you never a part of it. Talk about silly and childish .. this website proves it.. so here ya go.. the second thing i said after days and days of your abusive ridicule all because I choose who I allow to run off at the mouth in my room!

Melissa Hovey: Another lie. Shelley, just stop. If you want to try and pull yourself out of the trouble you have created - telling more lies will not help you. That is complete and utter nonsense. In fact the morning all this went down - I was not only on your "group page" I was looking at the artwork of one of your members - initials D.T. (I have no beef with him, as I do not know him so I am not using his name) YOU not only added me (and others) to your "group" page, but you also sent me a friends request for your personal Facebook page, some months back. I accepted it and put you on my page. Not only did you remove me from your "group page," you also removed me from your personal Facebook page, and blocked me all in the same day (the day this all went down). Now, for the important part. Do I care that you removed and blocked me? Heck no. One less drama queen in my world is a good thing. I will have more time for the things I enjoy. BUT - lying about it does not make you look any better than you did before you started typing this ill-fated response. The fact that you are willing to lie about something so trivial should tell everyone you will lie about anything. Anyone in your circle that knows differently is probably thinking (or should be) a lot less of you now and your ability to be honest. If your decision was a good one, then just own it, like I own every single article on this blog.

Again, you do have the right to have whomever you want in your Facebook "group." Point taken and I have already said that (you're starting to repeat yourself). BUT when you start telling lies about why you are removing people, creating lists (you remember the list of 20 evil researchers) and threatening people - that is where I draw the line. How important do you think you are?

Who's on the list Shelley? I bet you don't even have a clue as to the numbers of people that have been removed lately.

Are you blaming your Admin? Did they do this behind your back? I know Jim P announced he was "the new sheriff in town." Dude, it's a Facebook page - not the OK Corral.

Okay folks below is the cut and paste that Shelley discussed above. What she doesn't tell you is, according to her, she got into some trouble with Facebook. She "says" someone reported her for the use of the name "Shelley Sherlock Holmes." It might be true, I have no way of knowing. I do know there are people on Facebook that go by the names of "Bigfoot," "Sasquatch," and other miscellaneous names that are not really their names and they are still operating, or are they REALLY Bigfoot or Sasquatch??? You be the judge. I will give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. Honestly I really don't care.

Do I know who reported Shelley to Facebook? Nope. I honestly don't know, and no one is taking credit for it, which is strange. So, either this is another story Shelley is trying to sell or it really is true, but the usual people who take credit for these things are for some reason keeping quiet about someone they would love to continue discussing.. I don't know.

So, for the first few days of this blow out - Shelley did have others posting on her behalf.

Shelley's copy and paste from her own Facebook Group page:

Shelley Dion Amen Jim!! Couldnt have said it better myself.. but i can add to this.. the ones you always see running their mouths on facebook and we log in and catch it later.. are the ones sitting on their duffs while we are out pounding down the trails rain or shine.. snow or wind.. we are there working it .. and these "facebook-surfing- KNOW-it-ALLS" go out a couple times a year if they are lucky and when they doo they are so chicken at every noise they are tree huggin and batting their eyes to come tell us about those branches they heard breaking.. when in reality it was them squeezing that tree so tight that the bark was popping and cracking.. scared of their own shadow types that seriously sit around alllllllllll day bashing peeps and arguing amongst themselves if bigfoot is real or not... well if they just spend less time badgering the REAL DEALS and LESS TIME TYPING.. and more time getting the evidence they need to back up their over blown theories.. they might actually have some answers and a whole lot more friends in the industry. *SIGH*.. yeahhh i finally spoke out on what I think of the bigfoot computer surfing wanna beeeees.. oh or is that busy beeeees.. LOL Have a great weekend folks.. I ll be out there doing what REAL researchers do.... presenting a couple hours on all I have learned and showing all my evidence that I gathered MYSELF to those that actually want to be educated in this field and spend their time constructively contributing more than their opinions!!!! If i was the copying and pasting type i might put that in a few places... lol

*End of comment from Shelley's post on her group Facebook page*

Melissa Hovey: You beat me to the punch Shelley. But, I will post it here anyway. I had every intention of making you an honest person.

I would like everyone to make note of one very important bit - Shelley does not talk about. Did anyone see anything in this pathetic statement about her accusation of "copying and pasting" from her site to others as being one of the reasons for the removals and bannings? This wasn't just A reason it was the first reason she gave. Also note, even though she copied and pasted her own statement - where is the proof of the copying and pasting I requested, that caused the removal and bannings of so many people? Shelley - you are busting yourself.

Here is her statement again - the FIRST one she made, which I have already posted in the first blog on this issue.

As I stated above, what did you think would happen when you lied about people? Seriously? Stop playing the victim for 5 minutes and think about it. Not only did you lie, you stated clearly you had every intention of mailing this list of "20 evil people" to other "group" owners - so they would know the kind of people they were dealing with. Or did you forget about that post. Here - you must have forgotten to add this to this list of comments you have made..

<--- this picture says volumes. If anyone is acting "Superior," Shelley, that would be you. Most of the people in this community know who I am, and if we are being honest, they would probably tell you (or if you asked would have told you) you were stupid for adding me to your "group" to begin with, and even dumber, for dragging me into this stupid situation you created. I am critical of the evidence I collect. If you can't take a little criticism, that's your problem to deal with, but lying doesn't make you better - it just makes you a liar. The rest of what you say - just childish babble. You don't know anything about me or the others you are badmouthing. How much time you spend in the field, doesn't mean squat when you are not employing some critical thinking. I would also like to remind you Shelley - you started this by lying. So, you still owe people an apology. But, judging by your lack of remorse for the decent people you have maligned, I am guessing you are okay with this community thinking your a liar.

What you see as bashing - others see as being a critical thinker. Questions do not equal bashing. Disagreeing with you does not equal bashing.


Melissa Hovey: Well, actually that's not true either. Your response to Jim (posted above) was done on Friday today is Sunday. There are other comments too - but who wants to nit-pick. No, seriously folks, she did put this final statement all this in caps - and I did edit her spelling of a bad word - I hate to get emails because of foul language. If asking someone to correct their lies and apologize - equals me B*tching - I am guilty. I will always be guilty of this. My parents taught me the value of being honest - it has served me well in my life and I find it unfortunate others do not know this.

What Shelley does not understand is - she looks even worse today, than she did yesterday. She offered no apology, lied some more, then offered excuses for her bad behavior. She is acting like a child caught with a cookie then saying "the dog gave it to me." We should expect more from those within this community. Our word has to mean something.

Shelley's mistake? She thought she could badmouth people, lie and get away with it.

Shelley, there are many people in this who will tell you, I am a PRO at spotting a lie, and I would like to thank Shelley for proving me right. So, while Shelley does what's important, that being a witch hunt to find the Flesh and Blood people SHE put on her "group page," the rest of us will continue doing what we do - unchanged by Shelleys inability to be a responsible adult. Adults apologize, they do not make excuses for bad behavior!

Like it or not Shelley - you busted yourself.

February 11, 2012

Evil Researchers.. Are You On The List? ;)

Whew, it’s been a busy week.

For those of you who do not know, we are in the lengthy process of trying to buy a home. A week ago, this past Friday, we discussed it and decided to start looking.

Bankers and Real Estate Agents;

It’s confusing – then you add in finding the “home of your dreams”… It’s kind of fun, but it’s also very tedious.

Tuesday, I woke up, hit all my regular spots on the internet (while having my morning cup of coffee), then headed back out on the World Wide Web to start looking for more home listings. I finish my web surfing, after finding about 10great properties. All summarily dismissed by my guy, once he came home from work.

So anyway;

Later on Tuesday evening I logged back onto the “world wild web,” that’s what I call it, hey it’s true, to discover that once again more drama has been started with this community. Someone asked this week, “What would bigfoot research be without all the controversy?” I said, “Oh, I know - a great activity for the whole family!!! It’s true.

So, anyway, I discovered that I had been thrown into a situation, I knew nothing about.. Because, I ask questions...?

This is how we as humans learn things we do not know or understand.

Well, I jumped on one particular Facebook page to discover – I have been added to a list of “20 evil Bigfoot researchers”. Not just mean, but yes – evil. I was added to without my permission then summarily booted off for reasons that were complete and total lies.

First of all the owner of the Facebook page Shelley Sherlock Holmes (who has since changed her name, yeah I know what it is) said this list of “20 evil researchers,” had been copying and pasting comments from her page and taking them elsewhere for ridicule.

I have never done such a thing, and she still has yet to prove that. I have been through every post on the Facebook page that Shelley claims is filled with troublemakers, and have found NOTHING posted from her pages. I did post her comments after being removed. I received a screen capture from her page, “Living in the shadows”, where she discusses why the “20 evil researchers were removed.”

First of all, let me say, I have never read so many lies in one place, in my life, in order to cover one’s own butt. I respect most in this field of research, but I do not respect someone who lies, then makes up excuses, for their bad behavior. Not one person Shelley removed committed the offenses she “claims.” I guess simply saying, “They didn’t believe us, so I removed them,” was even too silly for her – what else was she to do? One person on her page was threatening to leave the page because Shelley had added too many people that (as he said) were mean, just days prior to this incident. I can only assume this gentleman was talking about Flesh and Blood researchers. Shelley had to come up with something to make her heavy handed tactics look good.

Truth is, she lied. She lied and then made up excuses. If her reasoning for why she was booting people was so good, why didn’t she just tell the truth? Because she knew she was being a hypocrite.

If we are going to be very honest;

Here is the truth, Shelley Sherlock Holmes brought on the large majority (if not all) of the “20 evil researchers,” to her Facebook page without asking if we wanted to be involved. I guess numbers matter to her. She then said, “all opinions are welcome,” then when opinions did not all go in favor of every bit of information posted – “BAM Hit the bricks folks – you’re evil and you don’t belong here.”

Honestly, I couldn’t care less that she removed me. Heck, I never asked to be on her page, “Living in the Shadows.” I have never posted on the page (that is about a week or two old) I read, don’t post and move on. Near as I can recall, I have never even posted to her personal Facebook page.

From what I have gathered;

Shelley became very upset with a conversation about how Humans are primates, and if Bigfoot is a human then it would still be a primate.

That’s it folks. No more, no less. No, I am serious. That really is what started all this.

I hate to add this, because I know it will break Shelley’s heart, but Humans are Primates. EVEN IF bigfoot is proven to be a HUMAN, -- It will STILL be a PRIMATE. Be upset all you want, kick, scream and cry, but that is the truth. Denying it won’t change it. Lying about people who say this – won’t make it untrue. Grow up!

That’s exactly what caused all this.

If Shelley did not want that kind of conversation, she should have stated that clearly, or did a little research before she added people to her page without their permission.

What I and others do mind is being lied about, and Shelley, you told some whoppers.

If we know someone told a lie in order to make someone else look bad, should we believe anything else they say? If they told one lie in an attempt to ruin the credibility of one person, wouldn’t that person lie to build up the reputation of another? I would have to answer that with a resounding, YES!

My dad is “old school”

He taught me a long time ago, “You are only as good as your word.” I take that to heart. It’s true, especially when dealing with something as difficult to prove as Bigfoot.

All I know is this;

When we start lying about others simply because they don’t agree with what we say, and it’s accepted – that is a sad thing.

Should this type of behavior be condoned or accepted by this community in general. Shelley Sherlock Holmes lied about some very good and honest people. Not one of the accusations she made has been found to be true. Yet, she has refused to apologize.

I and others may not agree with Shelley Sherlock Holmes, BUT (and here is the most important point) I and others would NEVER lie about what she thinks or what she has said.

We ALL have different opinions.

It’s not the end of the world. What Shelley sees as “putting down or making fun of,” others see as constructive criticism. People disagree with me all the time, and I don't boot them off my Facebook page. I listen, because maybe there is something in that disagreement I can learn. You might try that Shelley.

I will never look at a photograph of a tree line with red circles in it and say, “Oh yeah, I see the 5 Bigfoot that are circled, especially if I don’t. That would be a lie. Apparently some are on the “list of 20 evil researchers” because they don’t see the Bigfoot in the red circle, and have simply said that, and nothing more.

But, as far as Shelley is concerned that makes me and others, “evil”.

Saying “I don’t see it,” doesn’t make me “evil” or anyone else. Not posting on your Facebook page does not make me or anyone else “evil.” Asking questions does not make me or anyone else “evil”. Lying and making false accusations, well – look in your “good book” and see what it says about bearing false witness.

No, I don’t agree with anything she has typed.

That does not mean I think she is a bad person. I would never, do to her, what she did to 19 other people.

It’s a sad day when lies are told to hurt people simply because they do not share the same opinion. What really yanks my chain is her complete and total lack of remorse for the lies she told about others. I am used to it. I have a blog, where I write articles about my opinions and thoughts. Many disagree with me. I am okay with it.

I draw the line at liars and hoaxers. Neither is better than the other, in my humble opinion.

It’s always a good rule of thumb to form your own opinions, not take on the opinions of others. It makes you look stupid. You took bad advice Shelley. Neither, Shelley Sherlock Holmes or Jim P., know my total opinion about anything. Why? Neither have ever talked to me personally or even attempted. It would shock these people to know, I am friends with some “paranormal researchers,” and they totally understand why I ask questions and why I don’t understand the things being said. They even tell me my questions are good. They try to explain it, but they understand that I still don’t get it. They don’t call me “evil” or lie about me and what I am about.

The difference between those, “paranormal researchers” and Shelley Sherlock Holmes, those I am friends with respect the fact that we don’t agree. Yeah. I respect them, and they respect me. They do not discriminate against me simply because I do not understand.

I figured I was showing Shelley respect by NOT posting on her Facebook group.

So, who is ignorant now?

Make all the excuses you want, Shelley;

The simple truth is you did lie. Go ahead and tell everyone on your pages that you didn’t. If you didn’t why don’t you prove it? Post the comments that were taken from your page as you have been asked to do. If you can’t or won’t do that – then you, Shelley, are a liar. It is that simple.

You know as well as I do, Shelley Sherlock Holmes, you do not have the proof.

I will never find it acceptable for anyone to lie about anything, just so they can look good. Prove it Shelley, or the only thing you have done is show this community you are nothing more than a liar that can’t be trusted.

I will always call out a liar or a hoaxer. Disagreeing on ideas and methods is one thing. Flat out lying is a whole other monster.

Don't we have enough issues within this community? Must we add intentional lying to the mix?


February 2, 2012

The Heretical Bigfoot Blog.

If you are a "bigfooter" with no sense of humor - then you won't like this blog. Personally, this blog, cracks me up. The Heretical Bigfoot blog is a sharp yet comical look at some of the things that go on within our field of research, and there is enough material to keep this blogger busy for a while.

I have said before, you have to laugh at some of this stuff, or you will go nuts.