July 4, 2007

More Thoughts

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog entry, I'm sure many probably think I forgot all about this blog. Recently I have become involved in not just a website ( but also an internet radio program "Lets Talk Bigfoot".

I have made no secret of my desire to get some of the credible information, discussed only internally by fellow researchers, out to the general public. It seems more and more like the media is only interested in the sensational (see latest Matt Moneymaker Interview on Fox).

I was fairly certain that eventually Matt Moneymaker’s use of the media to gain support and participants for his paid expeditions would eventually come back to bite him in the proverbial backside, but no one deserves to be treated so poorly. Some would argue he kinda deserved it, as the show hosts did use Matt's own words against him (which wasn't hard to do) but I wish that humiliation on no one. Not that long ago I told a BFRO member that Matt Moneymaker probably wasn’t the best spokesperson - but I didn't foresee this. So, what’s the lesson here? If you’re dealing with the National Media - find someone within your organization who understands Public Relations, because if you don't - these things will continue to happen.

Back to thoughts.

All of these projects have really taken me on a journey of discovery for more information for myself. Recent interviews and articles on various websites have, in some ways, forced me to re-evaluate my own opinions and ideas. While I do think there is a lot of good information out there, I agree with a comment made recently by Brian Brown (aka bipto) that the way the information is cataloged on various websites does not allow for easy access and understanding. But what is the answer to this? I have no answers as usual, just more questions.

Over the last few weeks on our show, we have interviewed Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Rick Noll, Brian Brown, and last night, Chris Buntenbah. These researchers have been in the field for years and have a enormous expertise in science, technology, and methodology – but are we any closer to the solving this mystery? I think we are. We know much more today than did when Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed Patty in Bluff Creek 40 years ago this year. We have theories, ideas, and some very good researchers in the field doing the "grunt" work, in much larger numbers than ever before. We have experts in their field, like Jimmy Chilcutt willing to lend their knowledge to the pursuit - and I do think that does help.

I'm sure your saying now,

Theories and ideas are great, but what do those things have to do with documenting this animal? My response? We have to start somewhere. Ideas lead to hypothesis that lead to theories that lead us back to ideas…all of which we carry with us in the field. Without ideas - we are wandering around in the woods with no game plan to speak of. We have nothing to go on. The work done by Dahinden, Green, and Byrne have brought us to this point, and going forward with the work they started is the only option we have – unless of course, you’re ready to give up. I'm not.

Whether you believe witnesses or not,

These people are seeing something as they are going about their daily lives. Are they misidentifications? Are they seeing known animals? Are they hallucinating? Even if your answer to one of these questions is yes, then you must ask yourself - what is it they are misidentifying? What known animal are they seeing to make such a bad identification? If they are hallucinating - wouldn't you think they would show signs of mental illness? If they are suffering from mental illness - then the numbers in the United States of people suffering from said illnesses are grossly underestimated. So what is going on here? What is the truth? That’s what I want to know. Regardless of the answer to that question, I just want to know.

My own field research has been very limited this year,

I will admit the start of this year was a bad one for me. I won’t get into the details, but suffice to say an illness kept me out of the field and I am praying it does not reoccur anytime soon. I want to thank the few people that I know who supported me through this very trying time; they were an incredible source of strength at a time when I needed it the most. My health issue is one which millions of women deal with every year in this country and maybe one day I’ll discuss it, but just not right now. Know that I am doing much better now, and have gathered the strength to begin my field research once again. It has been slow going - but I hope to have photos and more information to you all very soon.

I also would like to thank those of you who have patiently returned to this blog awaiting new articles and information.

I would also like to take this time to remind everyone the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy has announced their 2007 Conference to be held once again in Jefferson Texas. If your interested in more information on this event (which is always a great event) please follow this link to the TBRC website. I will be in attendance, and hope to see you all there :)


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