June 29, 2008

The SE on 6/29/2008: No Show

Due to prior scheduled commitments, there will NOT be an episode of The SE airing tonight.

Please tune in next week for a new episode. 9pm EST.

Thank You,

+Sean Forker

June 22, 2008

Theories and Speculation....

I was sitting here this morning wondering what to blog about. So many things have happened recently, none of them panned out to truly be "bigfoot related" but, none the less, things being discussed within the community.

When the thought hit me.

Weird "theories" and "speculation"...

Where do they come from? I often wonder about this. In the field of bigfoot research we have some "out there" "theories". Everything is "speculated" on by some. From wormhole jumping, to bigfoot being the intergalactic pet of space aliens and then my personal favorite the "disappearing" bigfoot club.

Maybe I shouldn't call that last one a club, those who have that belief do not hold that as an exclusive belief, but they do think it's not just plausible, but a fact.

They investigate every paranormal claim when it comes to bigfoot and, believe me when I tell you, these people are serious.

Then we have another group, which raised their collective heads in the last couple weeks, just like Punxsutawney Phil (you know, the famous groundhog that comes out every year to look for his shadow). I will refer to them as the "Bigfoot is human" group. When this crowd pipes up it's like shooting fish in a barrel, they are all over the place, and pretty easy to put your sights on.

Is bigfoot human? I have no idea. I will however venture a guess and say "NO" (you can quote me). Chimpanzees display some very human traits, bonobos even, but they are NOT human. You can "speculate" or "theorize" on this issue all you like, but I do not foresee bigfoot (if categorized and documented) being defined as human. Bigfoot (if categorized and documented) will most likely be called a non-human primate. No more, no less. So, why are there some out there "hell bent" on making this animal human?

I do not know (again you can quote me).

As we all know Scott Marlowe took a very brave and/or foolish step in this regard last week when he fired off that letter to the D.A. of Humboldt County. I bet your asking yourself, "how was his step brave or foolish?" right now aren't you? Well, if for some strange reason, the D.A. of Humbolt county were to actually pick up this request by Scott Marlowe and "run with it", the D.A. is not charged with the duty of investigating or prosecuting the death of animals, only humans.. So, the natural conclusion to make (if this investigation happens) is that the D.A. for some strange reason, would be of the opinion a human (either in a suit or not) had been either shot or killed, and later limped away injured or buried, thus vindicating everyone who thinks bigfoot is human. Scott Marlowe has been a proponent of the "Wolf boy syndrome" as being one of many possible answers to the bigfoot mystery for a long time. In his letter to the D.A. Mr. Marlowe throws out that the subject of the Patterson/Gimlin film is most likely a human with this "Wolf boy" condition. Mr. Marlowe's "team up" with M.K. Davis and John Johnsen was not a shock to me, I wondered when it would happen to be honest.

Scott Marlowe simply took his "speculation" too far.

The community responded, and loudly.

What did Mr. Marlowe think would happen? Now, keep in mind Johnsen and Davis have categorically denied they had anything to do with the decision to mail off this "letter" to the D.A.'s office, but this threesome was working together (at some point). I am just waiting for Mr. Marlowe to finish filling in blanks as to who was involved, their role, and when. I will not be holding my breath though.

In my almost 3 years I have seen some unbelievable "theories", and "speculation". I have commented on them here but, I must be honest and tell you, the recent "revelations" of "theory" and "speculation" have left the majority of us scratching our heads (including myself) as there have been no answers to important questions (and none seem to be forthcoming anytime soon).

Questions?? Are you serious??

Yeah. I have questions, and If you throw out "theory" or "speculation" for the entire world to dine on like a thanksgiving dinner, then you better have answers, or something that resembles an answer. I will not apologize for asking questions, even ones that make you cringe if I need to. I, for one, am tired of those who call themselves researchers who think their job is to throw out "theory" and "speculation".

I am tough. I am proud of that.

If you're looking for hand holding, or someone to rest your head on so you can cry about those who do not buy into your latest "theory" or "speculation" you would be best served by not coming to me. If you feel it is your "God given right" to speak and put forth "theories" and "ideas" that you have no hope of proving, and you get blindsided by those in this community who disagree with you, well good luck to you. You didn't think the idea through to what the logical end would be. You get no sympathy from me.

We then move onto those very people who make these statements, and their "feelings".

Hey, grow up. You were the one who threw out the "theory" or "speculation" in the first place. You were the one that felt the need to invite everyone to your dry turkey dinner. Now, if someone (such as myself) feels the need to decline your invitation, and goes so far as to say "I don't eat turkey and you are a horrible cook", well that is my right. You shouldn't expect everyone to enjoy your dining preferences.

Here is an example (sent as a comment to this blog)


You have 10 days to formulate and publish a statement of apology to me for the constant innuendo and bashing I have received on every one of your published sites, as well as Forest Giants (I terminated my yahoo account) and Cryptomundo. Also, I believe you are a regular on Cryptozoology dot com. If so you may post it there as well. Ten days, then if you haven't complied I play the one thing I know will get your attention. Ten days and counting.

Your move.

John Johnsen 9:52 AM

Then Mr. Johnsen follows up with this little gem,

In the spirit of telling the truth, as you want others to do, are you going to tell your listners and readers why you ran from Washington State to start a new life in Texas? Would you like me to?

12:58 PM

Does anyone have a Kleenex?

This is not my first "go round" with Mr. Johnsen, I am sure it will not be my last. For some reason (unknown to me) Mr. Johnsen feels he should be allowed to simply throw out anything he wants, and the best part, he feels no one should question his comments. No one is more entitled to freedom of speech than Mr. Johnsen (in his opinion), and god help you if you should decide to question him, or those he surrounds himself with.

Mr. Johnsen is right. He does have the right to "throw out" whatever he wishes. But, his right to help be the messenger of these "theories" does not mean he is free from my right (or anyone's) to criticize or question the very things he is helping to promote. I am not advocating anything other than a tough look at the information he is helping to put out there in the form of DVD's. Which is well within my right to do.

Mr. Johnsen (and anyone else) has the right to say whatever they like. I don't care if they throw out the "theory" that "Bigfoot is purple and lives in tree knots" but, you can bet your backside I am going to respond, and not in support of your "barneybigfoot".

Do I have any intention of "apologizing" to Mr. Johnsen?

Nope. I told Mr. Johnsen to point out any factual errors in my articles (which he has not done). I will not be threatened, blackmailed or intimidated by anyone who wants to call themselves a "bigfoot researcher", "enthusiast" or "hobbyist" (I think Mr. Johnsen missed the articles I wrote about this at the beginning of the year). I am entitled to my opinion just as everyone else is. Mr. Johnsen (and everyone else) is free to disagree with me but, when you start making threats to "expose" the lives of those you disagree with, you have become the lowest form of researcher, unprofessional and unethical.

I have asked Mr. Johnsen a number of questions, he has refused to answer them, so I brought my questions and my own thoughts on this latest "theory" or "speculation" to this blog.

I have said this for a very long time now. Either the people who call themselves "researchers" of the mystery for an animal we call bigfoot, finally start taking stands against people like this, or we will forever be force fed dry turkey, and handed a menu of items we did not ask for, or even want, then to top it off, be the ones to clean up after their Thanksgiving dinner from hell. Everything that becomes public reflects on us all - whether you like it or not.

Public perception is everything. Do you think Im kidding? If so, check out this quote:

"The underlying problem is that the bigfoot community has no self-government. There is no procedure of peer-review, controlled theoretical publications, or codes of conduct."

I have been on countless websites and read the very same thing. And what's even worse about the above quote is that it comes from someone with only a passing interest, who can see the problems we face.

And we wonder why the world laughs at the work we do.

Having public perception on our side is not something this community has enjoyed. I don't know about you but, I would like to see the time come where I can freely discuss my work in this research with strangers, and not be looked at as if I have lobsters coming out of my ears. Witnesses are not the only people who should be questioned, and it's high time those who call themselves "professional" start acting "professionally" and answering for the mayhem they create, that is completely unrelated to bigfoot.

I fully intend to keep their feet to the fire.

June 18, 2008

The Grey Area Update

Just a quick update to let you all know "The Grey Area" is now on iTunes!!!!!!! Some of you have discovered this, and both Monica and I want to thank you for downloading :)

On the next program scheduled for Wednesday June 18 at 9:00 pm Central, Chris Buntenbah of the
Texas Bigfoot Research Conservency will be our guest.

Chris will discuss "Operation Forest Vigil" (an ongoing camera trap operation by the TBRC), Game Cams, Equipment, and finally what is being referred to as "The Smiter Photo". Chris was kind enough to come to us and use his photo software to analyze this photo. Find out what he thinks, and why.

Also, if you were in chat for the first program as a guest, you will need to create an account with Talkshoe to chat during any future "
The Grey Area" programs. We apologize to those who sat quietly or were discussing the topics like adults, unfortunately a few bad eggs always ruin it for the rest (and as usual, it's the same bad eggs).

To make it easy for you, please follow
THIS link.

Here are photos that will be discussed on the program:

June 15, 2008

M.K. Davis, NO SOUP FOR YOU !!!!!

If you're a blogger and a Bigfoot Researcher, the last two days have been very busy. Yesterday (as you all know) Loren Coleman posted an article at Cryptomundo, that included a letter sent to the Humbolt County District Attorney's Office, penned (or typed) by Cryptozoologist Scott Marlowe.

Whewwww, that was a mouth full.

As you most likely read here and at Cryptomundo, This letter requested a criminal investigation into the "Bigfoot Massacre at Bluff Creek". Mr. Marlowe has taken the "speculation" and "theory" of M.K. Davis and John Johnsen (and lord knows who else) who a whole new level.

This community erupted with more anger than I have seen in a while..

Now, it has escalated to THIS article written by Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo. M.K. Davis has been removed as a speaker at an upcoming conference at the Bigfoot Discovery Center. Apparently Michael Rugg, Curator of the Museum called Mr. Davis on June 6, 2008 to inform him his invitation to speak, has been revoked.

“in light of the ridiculous letter written by Scott Marlowe (as shown on Cryptomundo) I thought it was time our opinion on the matter was made public.” Michael Rugg

"On the 6th of June I called M.K. Davis and rescinded my invitation for him to speak at our [August 2008] event." Michael Rugg

Has anyone ever watched Seinfeld? Do you remember the episode with the "Soup Nazi"? Yeah, that was the first thing I thought of.

Good decision Mr. Rugg. I applaud your forward thinking in this regard, and the assurance this "theory"/"speculation" or whatever, will not be discussed yet again at your Museum. Way to take a stand!!!!!!

This situation is not funny, that I grant you, but it's about time those who hold "positions" within this community stepped up and finally said publicly the things we have only discussed privately. The community seems to be policing itself this time. It's too bad it had to go this far before people finally became outraged and yanked someones soup privileges away.

Now this quote gave me pause,

"he was sorry that others (such as Johnsen) had spread the story so far so fast. (Johnsen subsequently bragged online that he had sold over 120 DVDs as a result of the radio broadcast.)" Michael Rugg

I'm sure he was sorry, just as sorry as he was in 2006.. He blamed John Johnsen then also (along with Henry May).. It never seems to be the fault of M.K. Davis. M.K knew what would happen, and he simply turned a blind eye. What a better way of getting the information out, without having to do it yourself? Then, when the heat gets turned on, you can simply pass the buck and fade into the background.

Does lighting striking the same place twice?

The odds are enormous. But, the odds appear to be in M.K.'s favor.We have all sat as witnesses to the distancing of Mr. Davis from John Johnsen now twice.

Speaking of John Johnsen,

why would Mr. Davis be surprised a businessman such as John Johnsen would not do whatever is necessary to make his business successful?? While I may not agree with John Johnsen on, well, anything.... He is a businessman and, turning a profit for whatever purpose, is how he makes a living.

M.K. knows that, so for him to be even the least bit upset (or surprised) that Mr. Johnsen took this information and ran with it, and not know that he would, is disingenuous.

Come on M.K.

I think this tactic of releasing questionable information to the public, through others, and disappearing when the situation gets too hot for him, has finally blown up in his face, like a pressure cooker.

It was only a matter of time before people said "Enough is Enough".

When Scott Marlowe fired off that letter to the Humbolt County District Attorney - the limit had been reached. But, do not kid yourself folks, M.K. still has his supporters. They are out in full force and attacking anyone who spoke out publicly against M.K. and this "Bigfoot Massacre" theory, speculation, what-the-heck-ever. I wonder if the "Davis" supporters would be as "supportive" if the request for a criminal investigation had their names attached, instead of Bob Gimlins? Yeah, most likely not. It's always ok when it's someone else..

Well it's not, and I will not apologize for my strong defense of Mr. Gimlin, or anyone else, who may in the future have such things said about them. Right is right, and this is not!!! If you feel it is your god given right to make these kinds of claims about people, then you better be prepared to defend yourself with the information that proves your right.. Or be ready for the impending fall out that will inevitably happen.

And, now that Scott Marlowe has realized he sent that letter to the wrong District Attorney, he states he will be making the necessary change and mailing to the correct authorities.

This is not over. Question is, when will the next shoe drop?

June 14, 2008

Un-Freakin-Real Mr. Marlowe.........

Well folks, get a load of this.

The "Bigfoot Massacre" "speculation" has now taken a whole new sad twist.

Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo posted a letter written by Scott Marlowe of the Pangea Institute, which Mr. Marlowe has mailed to the Humbolt County D.A. Mr. Gallegos, excerpts from this fantastic tale of fantasy below:

Dear Mr. Gallegos,

"It has become necessary to correspond with you as a number of questions have arisen over newly developed material from the film which Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin took in the Bluff Creek area of Humboldt County back on October 20, 1967."

He then goes on to say,

A number of photographic experts have re-examined clarified images from the film, along with several animal experts, and concluded that the “animal” pictured in the film was actually a person afflicted with congenital generalized Hypertrichosis.

And, if that wasn't enough, we have this,

In addition to this determination, there is increasing photographic evidence that the person, or possibly persons, so afflicted were shot and killed by others in the Patterson/Gimlin party who remain unnamed by Mr. Gimlin who survives Robert Patterson.

Read the full letter to Humbolt County D.A. Mr.Gallegos at Cryptomundo And seriously, you need to read this full letter.

Don't those excerpt's just beat all?

First of all, I thought this was simply "speculation" on the part of M.K. Davis and John Johnsen? When did it turn into a theory worthy of criminal charges? Did Mr. Davis and Mr. Johnsen possibly forget they had rendered this "expert opinion"? Is this just the work of Scott Marlowe?

Mr. Marlowe states "a number of photographic experts". Well, first of all who are these Experts? Does "a number" refer to M.K. Davis and John Johnsen?

Who are these other people in the Patterson/Gimlin party that are being accused of something so horrible Scott Marlowe thinks criminal charges are in order?

Mr. Marlowe makes some very damning statements in this letter,

Yet offers nothing by way of substantial proof. I am willing to bet the D.A. is not going to consider 40 year old enhanced footage "substantial proof" for a winning case. This is even weaker if you evaluate it on a circumstantial basis. I am feeling fairly certain M.K. Davis and John Johnsen were doing more than "speculating" when he had this conversation with Scott Marlowe, so when did this stop being "speculation", shoot by theory, and turn into an "expert opinion rendered" to Mr. Scott Marlowe? If this is simply speculation on the part of Mr. Marlow, then I guess I (and everyone else)who heard the comments made by John Johnsen and M.K. Davis on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory were right in our assessment. I'm not sure where else either Davis or Johnsen discussed this alleged event... I have asked Mr. Johnsen to explain his role in this in full. He has refused to answer even the easiest questions.. So, where could Mr. Marlow have gotten the information, that lead him to this horrific conclusion??

I am sure the D.A. takes our legal system as seriously as I do

And, once he stops laughing, will hopefully (if he wants to be re-elected) file this letter,in the "circular" file. Does anyone think "Patty" looks anything like the "Mexican Wolf Boy"?? Hypertrichosis?? Are you serious Mr. Marlowe? Do you think the Taxpayers of Humbolt County are going to appreciate their tax dollars being wasted on something like this? I bet you will receive a nice letter from the D.A. thanking you for your concern. But unless you have something more substantial he will regretfully tell you there is nothing he can or will do. Do you have DNA analysis from a piece of hair found that day, that proves "Patty" is a human with Hypertrichosis? Do you have a map to the bodies? I do not think the D.A. is going to buy the "Hypertrichosis" diagnosis for a second.

Witnesses? Do you have names of witnesses? Do you not understand the implication your making?

This is what happens when these outlandish theories are simply ignored within this community. M.K. Davis and John Johnsen can not even prove the possibility of this "speculation" (or is it theory now) within their own research community, yet we have a complaint filed and, a request for a criminal investigation? M.K Davis's "good friend" Henry May is on all the talk shows screaming this is just "speculation" Well this is no longer "speculation", and I do not think it ever was simply "speculation". I have the sneaking suspicion one or more of these people have been building toward this move for a while now.

This move by Scott Marlowe is simply shameful.

I must be honest and say, I am truly at a loss for words. I have sat here over the last few weeks and watched as people lined up to say "M.K.'s theory hurt no one. The Johnsen and Davis "speculation" should be allowed..... yadda, yadda, yadda... Sure people can speculate all they like, it's normal and there is nothing wrong with it. This is not speculation any longer however. To make statements like this, someone has most likely been making this case for a while.

Well, this is not speculation, this is a direct accusation which carry's with it the potential for serious life altering changes and repercussions. M.K., John Johnsen or both apparently (based on Scott's letter) offered an expert opinion, that is not speculation or theory anymore.

I am sure now I will hear "M.K. and John Johnsen did not request the investigation". Well, apparently Scott Marlowe received his information from someone and based this on something said by these two men. M.K. Davis and John Johnsen are clearly named as the "photographic experts", so they are involved. Mr. Marlowe almost sounds like he is trying to protect himself, just in case Mr. Davis and Mr. Johnsen fail to do anything about what they claim has been discovered.

I have never been a big Scott Marlowe fan,

But this is not only disturbing, but disappoints me deeply. It's little wonder why we are the laughing stock of the world. Thanks Scott for giving the general public (to now include the legal community in Humbolt County) something to laugh at yet again. As someone who has devoted her life to the law, and someone who firmly believes in our right to due process, this complaint filed by Mr. Marlowe does not just make us look incredibly silly, but makes a mockery of the system I love so much.

Again, my fellow researchers.. If you feel compelled to practically french kiss every researcher that comes along, and not ask questions, do not go into an all out hissy fit, get angry at me (or anyone else) when the next letter to the D.A.'s office includes your name. We should be demanding better.... Question is..

Why aren't we?

June 11, 2008

BIgfoot Supplies.... Things To Never Leave Behind, by Matthew Simerson

A few things not to leave home without.

So as we all know for any type of field research you will always need supplies. In this article I will list off some of the things you will need while in search of the elusive beast. Follow along with me as we go over the essentials for the everyday researcher.


Sure you may be thinking to yourself, Thank you captain freaking obvious for your genius insight. And I would say to you, Your welcome. But the fact of the matter is a lot of us do not bring enough with us. A bottle or two will not suffice on a hot day I find it better to carry something like the Camel pack as shown above, it holds enough water to last you a day plus you don't have to stop and unzip your pack to get a drink. Just put the hose in your mouth and bite and water floods in nicely. Convenient, simple, and light weight. So now that we have water out of the way move on shall we.

No, hey, over here damn it the tours not over follow me. Man seriously the nerve.

First Aid Kit

This should be a no brainer seriously. Everyone has someone who is less then savvy when traversing through the forest. We all have that one bumbling friend who cannot do anything without somehow stabbing himself, or sticking his hand into a nest of rattle snakes. So this comes in really handy when said friend has come along. These kits pretty much have everything you need for almost every emergency. You know besides loss of limb due to hairy ape attacks, if that comes to fruition just keep snapping pictures we will come back and get the camera when the authorities come to clean up. Ok Moving on single file people let's get this trip over with.

Food and Bait

Ah food the necessity of life, tasty tasty food which can also be used as bait. Like you see in the picture here you have Peanut butter which provides a quick protein boost, pancakes for that nice carbohydrate boost, and garlic it keeps bugs and vampires away. Mix the three together and you have a Bigfoot pancake. It is safe for your consumption, however, I doubt you will enjoy it. Just lay it out for your hairy friend and maybe he will eat, and maybe he will hit you in the face with it no one really knows nor do I think anyone has ever tried to feed him one. But hey anything is worth a shot right? Well moving right along.

Protection and Wood Knocking Device

Sunglasses will help during the day to shield your eyes from UV rays. The wood knocking device also shown here with an axe edge just in case you knock out Bigfoot code for "Come and eat me please". This is a handy little tool for every occasion remember folks you're never wrong in carrying a multi-tasking device. It is also rather cheap to make yourself, old 3x3 or 4x4, a piece of steal, sharpen and your ready to do battle. Off we go to the next exhibit.


Any form of shelter will do really but unless you like building lean twos, or living in a cave for a few days, I recommend bringing a tent. Something sturdy with enough room for you to sleep comfortably in; make sure it has a nice bug screen unless you like waking up missing a pint of blood. This should also be a no brainer so in your hurry to get in the field make sure and throw this in the truck. Moving on.

Headphones extra camera and nicotine

Headphones that can adapt to your parabolic are a must that much is easy. I also recommend bringing a disposable camera just in case your digital dies or malfunctions. That way if the booger knocks the digital out of your hand and crushes it, you have your back up. Nicotine for me is a must, it is a good way to calm my nerves when something has startled me beyond pooping myself and curling up into the fetal position. Your form of nicotine enhancement is up to you I prefer something that does not carry a smell or could give my position away at night.

Also at this moment I would like to address those against tobacco, Screw off, yes I know it will kill me but so will a lot of things now leave me alone.

Your handy dandy burial spoon.

Spoons are a MUST, not only will you be able to dig a fox hole, but you can also bury a family of Sasquatches. Now you may stand back and ask "What the hell are you talking about?" Well my friends you apparently have never looked at a spoon and noticed the endless possibilities of this wonderful device. People have used them to dig out of prisons, make trips to china, and bury entire families of bigfoot with this simple device. So man up and grab your spoon, don't mind the odd looks you may get once you start out digging those guys with that useless backhoe. Because you sir are holding a spoon, and digging faster than a beagle on a mission.

Thus ends our tour I hope this has taught you a lot, and you leave this tour with a new found sense of adventure. Good luck and happy Squatching.

-Matthew Simerson

June 7, 2008

Thoughts On Our First Show "The Grey Area"

Well, as you all know the first installment of "The Grey Area" is history. Both Monica and I want to thank all of those who tuned in and have been downloading the program. The first program (by all accounts) was a hit. I think by and large everyone "gets" what this program is about. Which of course thrills both Monica and myself.

If you missed the first show, and still have not downloaded, I will give you a quick recap of events.

1.Introduction, get to know Monica and Melissa.

We fielded questions throughout the entire program, so the listeners (who do not know either Monica or myself) could have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know us a little better.

2.Discussion of "Logical Conclusion".

If you missed this, you missed not just good information on how to "think through" a decision but, a very funny story told by Monica. "Logical Conclusion is something not practiced often (inside or outside) this field of research but, it's about time it was practiced by all.

3.Demonstration of what can happen when you do not practice "Logical Conclusion".

Yes, ladies and gentlemen we had a caller which demonstrated this perfectly. Please tune into the next program where we will discuss a photograph that was sent to us while we were on the air live. We told this person we would be happy to look at the photograph and we would render an objective opinion about it. This person stated the bigfoot in the photo was clearly visible, then later stated we would need to enlarge the photo. We asked under what circumstances did the opportunity arise for the taking of the photo, and the caller stated, he simply listened to his senses, he stopped and took the photo (randomly). The caller denied witnessing any tracks, tree twists or any other "reported" bigfoot activity. He simply stopped and snapped a random photo.

This person also reports there are other "photos" in his possession. He apparently has had remarkable success taking random photos, since he became involved in April of 2008.

So, the photo is under evaluation as we speak. What will the opinion of Monica and Melissa be? Well, tune into "The Grey Area" next time and find out.

Both Monica and I want to thank Daniel Falconer a/k/a Reverend Strone, who was kind enough to be the person behind the artwork for this program. Daniel is a Graphic Artist with Wetaworksops in New Zeland. Daniel has worked on projects such as "The Lord of the Rings", "Hercules" and "Xena.

Daniel is also the artist behind the blog banner artwork you see on this blog. I am honored to have his work displayed on both this blog, my website forum ( and now "The Grey Area" on Talkshoe.

Thank you Daniel, your work is truly wonderful and you are a true friend!!!!

June 2, 2008

New Internet Radio Show "The Grey Area"

Be sure to check out the new show called The Grey Area hosted by Melissa Hovey and Monica Rawlins, Wednesday nights at 8 pm Central/9 pm Eastern on Talkshoe.

The name of the show is a nod to the many “grey areas” in our hunt for Bigfoot. Nothing can be proven, as of yet, and no one is an expert; it’s all grey.

Once a month we will award one outstanding researcher for their enlightening contributions to the cause with The Booger Award. Sarcasm most definitely intended. Much like the Darwin Awards, this is one nod you don’t want in your direction. We will field suggestions from the community to come up with our monthly “Booger”, so weigh in – the community as a whole will "pick" the winner (pun intended).

This is not your run of the mill show, folks, Melissa is opinionated and Monica is not “PC”. Tune in and find out what it’s like to listen to a show that thinks for itself.

For more information and our schedule of shows please follow this link:


June 1, 2008

Loren Coleman Of Cryptomundo Weighs In.

Often times when I write articles for this blog I am never sure what will happen. Will the information be received the way I have intended it? Will the readers laugh along with me, in spots where I am laughing and and most often wiping away tears? I always hope so.

Mr. Coleman writes:

"Often during the last two weeks, I have had to step back and conclude that the Bigfoot world had gone mad for even listening, once again to M. K. Davis. How could anyone seriously give time and consideration to a theory being floated among us that there had been a massive killing field of Bigfoot at Bluff Creek in 1967?

I swear to you all, he read my mind. Mr. Coleman then goes on to say:

"If I allowed people to hear fully about the entire theory at Cryptomundo, I thought, would not the house of cards collapse upon itself from the ridiculous nature of the supposed theory, the blatant lack of evidence, and the refusal or inability to bring any supporting documentation forward?"

While I posted privately I would not have done as Mr. Coleman did when he published John Johnsen's statement unresponded to on this blog, I do understand why Loren did it. And, it was absolutely brilliant.

You can read the full article on Cryptomundo And, as always Mr. Coleman's articles are worth the read.

Mr. Coleman goes on later in the article to discuss the reaction of those who support this new theory (speculation) by MK Davis and John Johnsen. Loren is correct, these people are not happy that this new theory (speculation) is not being well received. Well if you back something like this, and public opinion turns against it, wouldn't you be a little upset too?

There is a serious lack of what my good friend Monica Rawlins and I like to call "following it to the logical conclusion" in this field of research. It's time researchers started pausing before they release these types of theories to the general public. Start considering the end result of what you might think is a good idea. I promise you if you do not "follow it to the logical conclusion" in your head, you may be stuck in the situation Davis & Johnsen find themselves in now.

There is a time to break away from the herd, and that time is now.

Instead they are blogging their support for this theory (speculation). They are in effect "passing out spoons", in an attempt to help dig the hole to bury this theory (speculation) next to that dead family of bigfoot. The desperate pleas to stop picking on MK are as funny as the idea of using a spoon to dig a hole to bury a bigfoot (but it is funny).

Am I picking on MK Davis and John Johnsen?

Nope. My critique of this new theory (speculation) is right on the money. And, the evaluation of every theory (speculation) that comes down the pike is the responsibility of every researcher in this. It's about being informed. Being armed with all the facts should be something you care about. Especially if you plan to back someones new theory (speculation). In this situation do you even know what your defending?? I don't know how you could, when MK Davis and John Johnsen refuse to release the necessary information so you can make an informed decision. Speculation or not, what are you defending??

If you're angry about all this...

You can point your finger of blame squarely at MK Davis and John Johnsen. They should have never allowed this unsubstantiated "load" of information to be released to the general public, without so much as someone who knew one of the people who had the key to the backhoe, as a supporting witness. It is the responsibility of the person(s) with the theory to provide evidence. Not mine, and not Mr. Coleman's. MK Davis and John Johnsen put this enormous "load" out there. I am helping people make sense of it.

I would like to also remind those who are holding the "spoon of support" for MK Davis and John Johnsen.

If you think it's ok to question Mr. Bob Gimlin about all this, and have the finger of blame thrown in his direction, in support of a theory (speculation) there is no hope at all of ever proving, then you should also know it's well within the rights of anyone trying to wade through this "load" to turn that finger of inquisition back where it truly belongs, MK Davis and John Johnsen. Davis & Johnsen are not so far above reproach they should not be questioned about the things they say.

To not question them about these things and go along with everything they say because they are nice guys, borders on insanity.

You may not like my methods, and you may not like me, but in the end I get to the truth as quickly as possible. If you cant take the heat my friends: