December 31, 2011

AlexMidnightWalker - Clarification....??

AlexMidnightWalker has posted another YouTube Video, apologizing to Abe.

I think it was an apology. I'm still perplexed as to why Alex went after Abe anyway. As far as blogtalk shows go, Abe has always shown himself to be fair and impartial to both sides of this research. He has treated both the F&B and the Paranormal community fair.

There was quite a bit of double speak and circle talking about being a christian. Alex acknowledges Sharon Lee and her Uncle Fester comparison. Then once again goes back into his comparison between the Flesh and Blood researchers and the KKK.

Personally, I think there are enough problems within this community, without someone like this, making these kinds of comments. I think Alex owes a big apology to everyone in this field of research who is a Flesh and Blood researcher, or was simply offended by the hate filled comments in his first video.

I wonder what his "christian beliefs" tell him about hatred and loving thy neighbor. I think there is some coveting in there too.

Well, enjoy.

December 30, 2011

A Community "Divided"....

Before I start this blog, let me say a few things first.

1. I have (for the most part) been staying away from the "bigfoot community". Whether it’s the flesh and blood conversations or the paranormal discussions. Why? I have said it before and I will say it again, after a period of time, you just get frustrated with the same arguments that never end in a solution or even an idea of how to move forward and you just need a break. People badmouth attorneys all day long, but at the end of the day (or months/years ) whether you like the outcome the attorney reached for you - you have an undeniable outcome. Bigfoot research is not nearly as cut and dry. I could only pray for that much clarity.

2. I have been involved in this for a little over six (6) years. While that is not nearly as long as some, I rather hoped that some of the issues which divide this community could or would have been resolved in some fashion. No dice. There seems to be even more division than there was just 2 years ago.

3. In my opinion the most important parts of this “mystery” gets lost in the divide, that being two (2) things:

a. Witnesses and;
b. Bigfoot.

Autumn Williams wrote a blog yesterday titled, “
Intellect v. Emotion” you can read the full article by clicking the link above. I would hope, Autumn, wouldn’t mind my saying, I have had the chance over the last year to get to know her better and her me. I like Autumn. She and I are a lot alike in many ways. She is a tough no-nonsense woman – and if the opinion we dish out hurts – well sometimes it does. I respect people who just “say it”. Life is way too short for “beating around the bush” games.

To be perfectly clear: This article is not directed at Autumn. Her blog article did, however, get me to thinking. But, if anyone decides to try and turn this into an Autumn v. Melissa “thing” – you will get no help from me, and frankly, I am growing very tired of people who do just that.

I do not necessarily disagree with Autumns blog – other than a couple points.

First and foremost, I consider the witnesses and the animal to be my top priorities. If it was not for, witnesses, those of us who call ourselves researchers (regardless of our flesh and blood or paranormal designation) would have nothing to look for. That is just fact. This brings me to the animal a/k/a Bigfoot. A question each one of us must ask ourselves is simple, “What is my end goal? Do I want this animal recognized or not?” We all make that decision.

I among many, “Flesh and Blood researchers,” (for the purposes of this article Flesh and blood will be hereby known as F&B researchers) try every day to understand the claims of the paranormal community, yet we get nowhere, because the questions we ask are met with hostility and anger. If I have not been witness to a “paranormal bigfoot incident” what can I do for a witness other than direct them to a paranormal Bigfoot researcher? Which I have done, only to be met with, “If you weren’t so closed minded, you would have handled the report yourself.” What good does that attitude do for the witness or anyone?

I can’t even pretend I am anything other than a, “F&B researcher,” calling myself anything else would be disingenuous. I can only apply what I know, from life experience, to my work trying to solve this mystery. I would also argue, when you pretend to be someone you’re not, it always comes back to bite you on the backside. So, I refer these reports to someone who can truly understand them and investigate.

I would also have to say to, Autumn, the idea of a body solving this mystery – is a very difficult situation for me. I think many (in the Paranormal Community) assume that because some of us identify ourselves as, “F&B researchers,” we automatically want to bring a body to the scientists. AlexMidnightWalker accused F&B researchers of wanting to kill everything in the forest.. That couldn’t be further from the truth and I know other F&B researchers who feel the way I do. I have always been No-Kill – I have been fierce in my No-Kill position for a very long time. But what good does it do me, or anyone else, to deny this is what science wants? This is the only thing that will get this animal the recognition necessary for protection. I don’t make the rules. If I did make the rules this animal would always be safe from harm or the blade of a scientist. But, when it comes right down to it I think we all know (whether we want to admit it or not) a body is the only way this mystery will be solved (in the eyes of science).

We can beg the authorities for protection until we are blue in the face, but it won’t happen unless they have solid undeniable evidence. That does not make me or anyone else who is a F&B researcher synonymous with the KKK, AlexMidnightWalker, it simply means we are realists as to what is required. That is one of the most hateful things I have heard said in this field of research.

Am I arguing that we should all become Pro-Kill? Heavens no!

I absolutely couldn’t and wouldn’t kill this animal, unless my life or the life of someone else necessitated it. That is called, “self-preservation” or “survival”. I wouldn’t take that right away from anyone.


Most “F&B researchers” have just as much empathy for witnesses as anyone outside the F&B community. I think some forget that many “F&B researchers,” are witnesses too. When a child tells me they are too scared to sleep in their own bed that hits home pretty hard. I can’t think of one F&B researcher who does not have empathy for the witnesses, regardless of age, sex, color, or religious status. You don't have to be a witness to see the confusion and fear in the eyes of a witness and I would say it's pretty heartless to deny what these people go through.

But here is a question to ponder. How do we bridge this divide in the best interests of the witnesses? I have tried to understand some of these issues with the paranormal community – but my questions are met with hostility and insults.

While we are on the subject of insults and hostility, let me also remind, AlexMidnightWalker, you admitted through your own posts you were intentionally trying to anger the people on that specific Facebook page. You admitted to knowing (those you were provoking) were F&B researchers and you admitted to making comments that were specifically intended to provoke these people, because as you said, you were bored and the FB page was pretty slow the last few days. I have been a member of many Bigfoot Groups, websites and Facebook pages for a long time and never once have I intentionally tried to irritate someone simply for my own amusement.

That’s pretty twisted when you think about it.

Considering how I have been treated, by some within the paranormal community, I have to wonder if all “paranormal reports” are vetted thoroughly, or are these people simply believed? Does any paranormal researcher ever ask the tough questions to determine if their report is due to circumstances that have nothing to do with “paranormal activity”? No, I am not talking about sending them to a therapist. I am talking about known conditions that can happen when people are under extreme stress. Oh, and I do practice what I preach. I always ask witnesses about any health conditions or medications they are taking. I ask about alcohol consumption and if they were partaking in any (shall we say) substances for “recreational” purposes.

The only “standards” in this field of research are the ones we place upon ourselves. I do not expect that one day both “camps” (for lack of a better word) will ever get along and be “chummy.”

But, I would propose that if the paranormal community wants to be better understood by the F&B community, maybe questions could be answered? As a, “F&B researcher,” I am asked questions all the time that I can’t answer (from within my own community and outside of it) but (and here’s the kicker) I would never tell someone, “you’re too stupid to understand,” or “It’s true because I said so.” Paranormal researchers have been questioned for a long time, and will always be questioned, just as F&B researchers are questioned – if you don’t want to be questioned maybe you shouldn’t post (on a clearly F&B website or Facebook page) announcing that you think (for example) “Bigfoot can disappear” unless you are willing to answer questions.

If you are not prepared to tell me how Bigfoot spoke in your head, then it’s probably not a good idea to bring it up. That’s not being rude, that is being honest about what I need to know intellectually to understand where you are coming from. If Bigfoot has never engaged me in “mind speak” how can I possibly understand what you’re talking about? If I am unprepared to explain or field questions about something I experienced in the field, I don’t bring it up. Again, that’s not being rude, it’s being honest. It also does not make me “closed minded”. If I were, I wouldn’t ask the questions.

Would you rather I lie to you?

Also, if you don’t want to be questioned about what you are putting up as “evidence”, you should not be demanding others provide “evidence” of what they are saying. Turnabout is fair play, and one group of researchers, is not better than the other when it comes to the necessity of backing up your “alleged evidence”.

I get some of my best ideas from people who disagree with me. When they call me names or attack my intelligence – I simply shut them out. This, in all honesty, is what happened this past week with AlexMidnightWalker. I don’t agree with some of my closest friends. But, I do not attack them on a personal level, nor do I insult their intelligence. I simply listen and move on.

If you don’t like the way an organization functions or their methods, don’t donate to the group. But, when you are not a member of the organization, honestly, you really have no say how it’s run. I don’t vow to “destroy” any organization. Instead I try to understand where they are coming from and why they chose the path they are currently on. If I disagree with them, I will voice my opposition, sometimes very strongly but I do not vow to “destroy” anyone or anything. I recognize my limitations.

The decisions each one of us make, can be very difficult at times, and none of us have all the answers. I am assuming no one has that Bigfoot mounted above the fireplace yet.

“Let ye without sin cast the first stone.” That’s not my quote, but I think we all know who said it. Oh, Alex, that reminds me. If you’re going to throw out “God” in your arguments in a Bigfoot conversation, you would get your point across much easier if you didn’t throw out unfounded accusations and accuse people of hateful things. Especially when you don’t have the first bit of information about the person you’re making the accusations about. In other words, God, and hate speech, in the same sentence, just doesn’t jive.

The path each one of us takes is our own. I wouldn’t want someone telling me how to do my field work, and neither would anyone else. Do you know how I know that? If we did want this type of input, we would be fighting for standards and procedures in this field of research.

After six (6) years in this field of research, I have no answers, only more questions. But one thing has remained true, in my mind; witnesses should be our first and foremost priority. This is why I try so very hard to understand things that I frankly do not understand. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

But, I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I want this animal recognized so it can be protected legally.

What do you want?

December 29, 2011

AlexMidnightWalker - does it again.

I hestiate to post this, but well Alex did put it out there. Before you view this video produced and performed by AlexMidnightWalker PLEASE UNDERSTAND:

The opinions and contents expressed in this video are not the opinions of ANYONE associated with the Searchforbigfoot blog. They are the sole opinions of AlexMidnightWalker. In other words, please direct all mail to Alex, I have provided a link below that goes directly to his YouTube account.

It is my sincere hope AlexMidnightWalker does not represent the whole of the "Paranormal Community", I know many good people involved in this group of researchers, and I would be shocked to find out they agree with him. Let me also state very clearly, I did not, nor have I ever (and I don't recall anyone else) refer to god as a knuckledragging ape.

Oh, and I don't think my name rhymes with Buddy - do you?

Your title "The Great Divide" was pretty accurate Alex, and you help continue that. By posting such hateful comments, instead of giving explanations for why you hold certain opinions (as you demand others do) "The Great Divide" gets even larger.

Here is a link to his Youtube video:


The opinions and contents expressed in this video are not the opinions of ANYONE associated with the Searchforbigfoot blog. They are the sole opinions of AlexMidnightWalker. In other words, please direct all mail to Alex, I have provided a link above that goes directly to his YouTube account.

Sasquatch Field Evidence ~ On Blogtalk Radio

I decided to set my "flesh and blood" bias aside, and listen to this blogtalk show by AlexMidnightWalker, Thom Cantrall and Arla.

I am not going to lodge an opinion, I want to know what the readers of this blog think about what these folks had to say. It's a long show, but you need to listen right to the end. I am interested in honest opinion. Consider these questions below:

1. Were your questions answered about this "mindspeak"?
2. Do you spend enough time in the woods?
3. How many languages do you think bigfoot speaks?
4. Do you think they are right - do we as "flesh and blood" researchers put too much emphesis on "proof".

All comments are moderated, so if you do not want your comment posted, please state that in your comment. I will not post any comment if asked not to.

I know what I think, now tell me what you think.

Sasquatch Evidence

Russian Bigfoot?

As you all know, the Russians, are claiming to have a female bigfoot in custody. They say it's female and eats meat and vegetables.

People ask me all the time, "Melissa, why don't you blog on current breaking news in the field of bigfoot research?" Look at the video above, and I think you will understand why. This story however is too funny to pass up.

Lets play a game. Caption this picture!!

Clearly this is a hoax, but ohh, the entertainment value has been high.

One has to wonder if this isn't in response to Dr. Meldrum and his inability to "go along" with the shenanigans during the much publicized Russian Yeti Expedition.

The Doubtful NewsBlog

Here is a snipit from this article:


Dr. Meldrum expressed that he felt the conference was “orchestrated” with “publicity stunts” to promote tourism for the region. He was dismayed and perhaps a bit angry that the Russian group “exploited his credibility” for their means.

In addition, Meldrum was put off by a Michigan woman, Robin Lynn Pfeifer, who claims that a family of Bigfoot was living on her 10 acre farm. He described how she, as a guest invited by Burtsev who believes her story, intruded into the scientific discussion. Meldrum admitted to confronting her over her lack of evidence for her outrageous story (which included her noting the creatures’ favorite food was blueberry bagels). Morehead was blunt, telling her that her kids were obviously playing a trick on her. Yet, disturbingly, Burtsev takes her account as typical in the U.S. and believes this kind of habituation was commonplace all over Russia as well!


I know I am wondering... It could also be a group of Russian's having some fun at the expense of that expedition. Who knows what the motivation is behind this.

I just wish people would spring for better suits. :)

December 28, 2011

Thom Powell responds to: To be or not to be ~ so many questions

Mr. Thom Powell responds to my article posted today, “To be or not to be ~ so many questions” on his blog.

Mr. Powell writes:

“In a blog entry entitled, "To be or not to be..." writer Melissa Hovey. asks, "Are the opinions of the “paranormal crowd” so weak, they can’t withstand some questions or the scrutiny of the “flesh and blood community"?" Asking for scientific evidence of paranormal attributes seems to be a bit of a contradiction in terms but, O.K., here is it: the Freeman footage. I'd call it evidence, but not proof. Like it or not, I think the Freeman footage is some of the best evidence of paranormal activity you can find. In the end, that's why the video is so damn important. But you have to look at it and look carefully, then be willing to ask some questions that don't have easy answers.

As Freeman himself said in the interviews I posted here, it has never been shown to be a fake, but I doubt it will seal the deal in the minds of Ms, Hovey nor to mention the Ben Radford-style skeptics. But it's still there and, based on my own investigations and interviews with Freeman himself, I'm saying it's the real deal. Now, if I could just figure out who owns the dang thing?” end quote.


With all due respect to Mr. Powell when did the “Freeman Footage” become a paranormal video? I have never heard anyone (until now) refer to any “paranormal” elements that may be contained within this film. I have been party to numerous conversations about this film, with people within the “Flesh and Blood community” as well as the “Paranormal Community”, yet this is the first mention I have ever heard of this. Also, whether or not Mr. Freemans footage is a hoax, has nothing to do with the information you bring to the table.

How is asking for evidence of paranormal attributes a contradiction in terms? Either these attributes are there or they are not. If these “paranormal attributes” are contained within any kind of footage – then these “attributes” should be easily noted by anyone. Why are these attributes easily seen by you, and not me? Please don't tell me it's because my mind is closed to the possibilities.

Mr. Powell brings up the freeman footage as “some of the best evidence of paranormal activity you can find,” okay – show me the evidence. I have looked at the Freeman footage and to be quite honest with you, I absolutely do not see what you are talking about. Is it because the footage is shaky?

I lose patience with the paranormal community because they say things like this, yet offer nothing in the way of proof or even specific evidence to even allow me (or others) to form our own opinion. Mr. Powell intimates, I must look closely, or I won’t see it. Others might say (probably would say) if I look closely and do not see it, it’s probably not there.

While I appreciate being compared to Ben Radford in my skepticism, I am sure, Mr. Radford would completely deny any comparison.

What I propose is this. Stop with the “if you look closely” – and just show me. Look at me like Missouri. Show me. My parents taught me long ago, never take anyone at their word. Experience has taught me that was very good advice.

I have no beef with Mr. Powell, in fact I have always been willing to discuss all sides of this mystery – but you must give me something more than, “you have to look closely”. If you’re willing to show me, Mr. Powell, I am willing to look. I am applying no different standards of evidence to the “paranormal community” than I assign to the “Flesh and Blood.”

Question is, will you?

To Be Or Not To Be ~ So Many Questions....

Over the past year (maybe a little longer) Bigfoot researchers all over the country have been waiting with baited breath and hanging on every released statement of a DNA Scientist by the name of Melba Ketchum.

For those of you who do not know what is going on, it’s a story of Bigfoot DNA samples sent to Dr. Ketchum, from across the country by Bigfoot researchers. Dr. Ketchum has kindly offered her time and expertise in DNA analysis to this community.


This project has been tainted by “leaks” and accusations of shady people being involved. Dr. Ketchum herself has been accused of withholding information, even though she has clearly stated she cannot and will not release any information about the project until the paper she is writing is accepted by a peer reviewed journal. Like it or not folks, if she does speak before her paper is accepted, she is done. That’s the process.

I think the most interesting item to come of this is;

Due to alleged leaks coming from within Dr. Ketchums group comes the word, “Human”. Although the “leak” said the results are not completely human, and not completely chimp, the samples are somewhere in between the two – a specific group of researchers within this community is holding onto “human” with both fists and running with it.

That’s fine;

But, will Bigfoot be classified as “human”? I’m not a betting person, but I sure wouldn’t put money on that one. Personally, (if you believe the leaked results of Dr. Ketchums work) I think the results will stay somewhere between chimps and humans – not human. Actually, I think it would be, non-human primate. Why do I think that? Well, it should be fairly obvious to most reading this blog. There is a big difference between humans and non-human primates. The last time I checked, chimpanzees were the closest non-human primates to humans yet they are not called human. Humans have bridged over the gap. We do not live in the woods anymore. We discovered fire, live in homes, drive cars, and we have jobs (just to name a few obvious differences). Bigfoot may live in a family group of some kind, but humans have laws which govern our communities and society.

Can you imagine what would happen to our judicial system;

If we were to assign the same laws to Bigfoot, as are assigned to humans? It will not ever happen. This is why there are laws on the books for endangered or threatened species. There are regulations imposed for hunting all over the country. If you place Bigfoot into the human category – it would have the same legal rights and responsibilities as you and I – can you even imagine the implications of that?

There are laws on the books that would protect this animal, if proven to exist;

There is the rub; We must prove it exists first.

But, now comes the difficult part for some within this community. How do you prove to science Bigfoot is real if you have no definitive proof it does in fact exist? Science and even the law function on proof. Yes, you must have proof this animal is out there, and that it is in danger of either extinction or harm that would affect its population before the law would or could step in to impose laws of protection.

There is a specific group of researchers within this community who want this animal protected;

Fantastic I say. I would like to see this animal protected. But, how are you going to do that – if you can’t prove Bigfoot is real? Pretty please is not an acceptable argument for protection. Without laws on the books to protect this specific animal – it will never have the protection necessary. It will be fair game for anyone in the woods carrying a gun. That is just a fact. We are not in the habit (as humans) of protecting anything that is not proven to exist. I am all for protection of this animal, but I also understand certain things must happen in order for this recognition.

You can’t have protection without a dirty word: proof;

It’s just a simple fact, as sad as it might be. As much as some hate the word "proof" all the wishful thinking won’t make it go away. Am I for killing a Bigfoot? No. But, if current rumor holds true, it has already happened and those samples are sitting with Dr. Ketchum. If you think that’s true - It’s over and done with. There is no reason to cry over it now. Although I am not a “pro-kill” researcher, I recognize what it will take for this animal to get the protection it needs. I won’t pull the trigger, but I won’t discriminate against the person who does.

You can be “friends” with Bigfoot all you like, but that friendship will not give this animal the protection it deserves. Saying you are “friends” with this animal wont cut it in the scientific circles.

I think there are some against the “proof” of this animal’s existence;

First of all, there is a lot of circle talking within this crowd. First they say Bigfoot needs our protection. Then in the same breath say, “No, it doesn’t because it has survived for a long time without our help.” If Bigfoot doesn’t need protection – what are they worried about?? Good question, eh?

Ultimately a body will “prove” once and for all whether or not this animal can talk to them;

Or, can disappear, or has these paranormal abilities, that some assign to it. If this animal is examined and found to have no abilities different from any other animal in the world (as I am assuming is true) then what will that do to the “paranormal bigfoot” crowd? This same group of people becomes highly offended if you say, “bigfoot is a non-human primate”. Why? They hear the words, “big ape” at the same time forgetting they are arguing that Bigfoot is human. Hey, guess what, we “humans” are apes too. So, if Bigfoot is “human” – it’s an APE!! Get over it.

There is a lot of back and forth between the “paranormal crowd” and the “flesh and blood crowd.” Although I would say the paranormal crowd has more to work on than the flesh and blood folks. Hey, if you’re going to say “Bigfoot travels via wormholes” or talks to you while you are fast asleep in your comfy bed at night – that’s a tough argument that is going to require some serious proof. Oh, and if Bigfoot can disappear, why in the world would it need protection? I hate to point out the obvious, but if Bigfoot can disappear at will, how could it be sighted by a hunter long enough to be shot? If it can read our minds, why doesn't it disappear before being seen by humans? If bigfoot can read our minds, it should know we are coming.

These are good questions, which have always been ignored by the group of people making the claims.

So, I have been in this now for 6 years, and the same arguments are being had.

While I am sure my “flesh and blood” opinions will be attacked by the “paranormal crowd” It won’t be the first time. But I would ask why the “flesh and blood crowd” should be silent? Why are the opinions of the “paranormal crowd” so important that it should silence the opinions of others? Is it because they call themselves, “friends of Bigfoot”? Are the opinions of the “paranormal crowd” so weak, they can’t withstand some questions or the scrutiny of the “flesh and blood community"? I would argue if you can’t defend your opinion within your own peer group – you have no chance outside of it.

My hope is that Dr. Ketchum has the information to at least (in some way) prove this mystery once and for all.

Pretty Please :) Did it work?