May 28, 2006

Are we prepared?

Recently I was in the middle of conversation about "Education." This has really started me to thinking.

I'm not talking about the Education levels of researchers, so back away from the comment button.. LOL.

Ok - here is a hypothetical situation:

1. Bigfoot is documented and proven to exist.

2. Protected status hearings have started.

Now, how do you think the general public is going to view this new development in their daily lives? By the time this hits Washington D.C., news of this newly discovered animal will have already hit the front page of every newspaper in this country. What affect will that have on the nations hikers, campers, hunters, and suburban families with a cabin in the woods?

How do you think they will recieve this information?

My mind goes back to the Movie "Jaws." This movie was based on true events, HERE is a great link for information on the true story behind the movie. For those ten days, and long after, the area was frozen in fear. But why? We always knew sharks were a reality, why now all of the sudden had they become such a horrible creature?

Human perception.

Then the Movie, "Jaws" came along and restarted the fear all over again. People really believed the theory of a rogue shark with the ability to hold a grudge - was in the ocean just waiting to eat humans. What was the response by humans?

Kill the Great White Shark.

The worst part about this is we're finding now, it was probably a Bull Shark and not a Great White.

Thousands of Great Whites have been killed, and are now riding on the edge of extinction. Then science started understanding this animal and began educating the public. But who knows how long it will take to undo the damage done by people.

What caused all this?? In a word .... FEAR.

Now, what if this animal, which has been a legend and laughed at by so many within our society, is proven to exist?

Who will take on the responsbility to "Educate" the public about this animal?

Will it be left to those who have been researching this animal? When will that education begin? Are we prepared for that? What do we have to help calm nerves in society?

Do we honestly believe there will not be fear attached to the discovery of this animal? I think we are kidding ourselves if we think that's the case. When I first became involved in this search, I was absolutely terrified at the prospect of seeing one of these animals at close range. I decided to "Educate" myself. I began reading reports, talking to people who had witnessed this animal, and now I understand a couple things; my chances of seeing one are slim to none, and if I ever did I would likely fair better than if I met face to face with a shark.. LOL. But, I took the time to try to educate myself - will the majority do that? I doubt it. The general public will rely on what they know. Right now that is an image based on scary movies and the idea that this animal is HUGE and potentially very powerful. That will be the focus for many.

Is "Education" an issue we should address?

I personally think it is. While no one might listen now - they will want to know IF this animal is documented. To say "Well, that could be 10, 20, 50 years down the road - is not part of the solution either, as it is, possible proof could come at anytime - and if it does....

Are we prepared?

May 27, 2006

Quick Note

I recently recieved an Email from T.B and his friend J.B

In this email they tell me "As promised" they are going to be turning over the information on Dr. Warren Cook- with a catch.

Excerpt from Email "We will be posting Dr. Cook's paper, in its entirety on our web site and invite your readers to log on read what Dr. Cook has to say."

In order for the readers here to have all the questions answered - I will have to link to his blog..Or, post his website address (which he tried to do a couple times during the initial interview and I removed the links) I wont do that. I have stated this very clearly, I WILL NOT put a link on this blog to T.B's website, or post the website address, for any reason whatsoever.

Now, if he is serious about this offer - he may still post the information on his site - he has not done this yet (I am assuming he is waiting to see if I provide the link). If you have been around this field of research for more than a few months - it's not hard to find his website, but for me to post a link provides him more legitimacy than I am willing to provide.

I can tell you that as of today, I have not seen the information - I could have missed it, but I doubt it.

May 26, 2006

"Crowley Lines"

Volcanic ash:

Volcanic ash consists of rock, mineral, and volcanic glass fragments smaller than 2 mm (0.1 inch) in diameter, which is slightly larger than the size of a pinhead. Volcanic ash is not the same as the soft fluffy ash that results from burning wood, leaves, or paper. It is hard, does not dissolve in water, and can be extremely small, ash particles less than 0.025 mm (1/1,000th of an inch) in diameter are common.

Ash is extremely abrasive, similar to finely crushed window glass, mildly corrosive, and electrically conductive, especially when wet.

Volcanic ash is created during explosive eruptions by the shattering of solid rocks and violent separation of magma (molten rock) into tiny pieces. Explosive eruptions are generated when ground water is heated by magma and abruptly converted to steam and also when magma reaches the surface so that volcanic gases dissolved in the molten rock expand and escape (explode) into the air extremely rapidly. After being blasted into the air by expanding steam and other volcanic gases, the hot ash and gas rise quickly to form a towering eruption column directly above a volcano.

Close view of a single ash particle from the eruption of Mount St. Helens; image is from a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The tiny voids or "holes" are called vesicles and were created by expanding gas bubbles during the eruption of magma.

Information courtesy of the USGS Website

I bet your wondering why I just gave a definition for volcanic ash.. Matt Crowley has been using volcanic ash for his preferred substrate when doing his work to debunk the "Onion Mountain cast." Why is this such an issue for me? Well, I will tell you.

After 10 phone calls to the USGS and the NRCS, I had a few questions answered. My argument all along is simply this "If you are going to prove or disprove something, you should be as accurate to the original as possible". Matt Crowley early on started out with Plaster of Paris - but quickly moved on to other casting agents such as Hydrocal, and the soil he is using to test in is volcanic ash, along with other substrates I will add, but when he challenged me - the specific challenge was to use volcanic ash.

Guess what??

After these phone calls and discussions with soil survey scientists (who know what they are talking about) I have discovered the amount of volcanic ash in the soil in and around the Onion Mountain cast area is not even registered as a factor. There is no mention of this in any of the most recent reports dated 1979 and approved in 1984. These soil samples also predate the Mount St Helens erruption, and there was not an active volcano in that area during the time this cast was made.

I also discovered volcanic ash breaks down fairly quickly. In as little as 2 years, it can have a whole new chemical make-up and/or structure.

So, what does this mean?

I am currently in the process of trying to obtain this soil to test for "crowley lines". Will I get them? I dont know, but I will report all of my findings and keep everyone up to date.

I would like to thank Mr. Crowley for suggesting I challenge myself and do these tests for myself as that was very good advice. Am I nit picking Matt Crowleys work? No, I really do not think so, as my questions are valid, right on target, and have yet to be explained. If these "crowley lines" are so easily duplicated - why didnt I get them? I dont know.

It would be nice to know which casts and which artifacts were found in which substrates using which medium, like with a chart. I will be testing Plaster of Paris in hopefully typical soil from the Onion Mt. area with the method described to me by John Green, under the conditions he remembers.

Obviously Matt (Crowley) has found that under certain curcumstances these lines can appear. I don't know if he can describe what conditions will prevent them from appearing, however. I feel that both are needed to fully understand what is taking place.

So the real question is, with the materials, conditions and method employed by John Green in 1967 on Onion Mt., N. Cal. could these lines have been introduced artifically; not really something that was in the original tracks?

To be Continued........

May 20, 2006

Women in Bigfoot Research, Monica Rawlins

*Photos provided by Chris Buntenbah
Wildlife Photographer*

Monica, what can I say. If you want the truth - this is the woman to go to, just be ready for her response. She is straight forward and p
ulls no punches. Monica is not only a member of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, she is a strong voice within the organization.

When I first became involved with the TBRC and met Monica, I knew she would be someone that would be tough on me when necessary, b
ut a good friend should I accept her challenge to be willing to push myself and challenge my own comfort levels. My friendship with Monica has been something I value very much. She has, in all honesty, helped me through some rough times when I doubted myself and my place in this research.

Someone once told me - I balance beauty with brains -- that person has not met Monica. Monica is as tough as nails, but she is very intelligent, and can hold her own in a debate with the best of them ( I am grateful to her and I agree on most issues ). I admire people who stand up for what they believe in, and are not afraid to say exactly what
they think, and Monica is one of those people.

I respect Monica first and foremost; she has achieved excellent standing within the TBRC, and she is a respected leader within this fine group of researchers. I am very proud to profile Monica Rawlins here on this blog, and it's about time.

Women in Bigfoot Research, Monica Ra

Please tell the readers about yourself. What you would like people to know about you.

Monica: I grew up in Northern California and spend most of my summer vacations in a remote part of South West Oregon, so I really grew up around the Bigfoot legend. I moved to Texas in the Spring of 1992, and really had just a passing interest in the subject of Southern Bigfoot. My only exposure to such an idea was with the film, "The Legend of Boggy Creek", which inspired me to go out and research here in the South. I am convinced that such a creature exists in the Pacific Northwest, but am still very skeptical that there are any here in the South, the regions that I have researched anyway.

How long have you been active in the field of Bigfoot research?

Monica: I have been active for the last 4 years.

Are you active in any Organized Groups, or are you Independent? Or Both?

I am active, as much as possible, with
the Texas Bigfoot Research Center. I began my role with this group as a Southeast Regional Leader, being that I lead all research within the south east region of Texas, followed up on recent reports within the area and organized and led research outings until I moved to Dallas in the Spring of '04.

While I am no longer a regional leader, I am a mem
ber of the groups "advisory board" which is made up of senior members of the group that make decisions on where the group is headed as a whole. I enjoy this role, as the group is very important to me and I want to make sure that its best interests are at the heart of all decisions.

What do you think about the growing numbers
of women becoming active in this field?
Monica: I think it is great, and I really don't understand why more women are not active.

Have you had to deal with any resistance to your b
eing in this field of research, due to your gender?

Yes, but not until recently. This question was posed to me 2 years ago at a conference, and at that point I had not really c
onsidered it, but it did make me take a really good look around, and more specifically at the roles that some would like to see women play in active "research". There are some individuals who hold very antiquated ideas in regards to women in the field.

How do you deal with this? What advice wo
uld you give to another female researcher who is experiencing this?

Monica: I deal with it by ignoring it, when I am in the field (and I admit it is not as often as I want) I am just as focused and dedicated to the research as anyone else there. If you want to think like a caveman, go hang out in a cave, there is no time for that in serious field research. I feel that every member has the potential to contribute great things if trained correctly and given the opportunity - regardless of gender. I would advise other women facing this adversity to cast all negativity to the side, go out and give it their best, you will surprise yourself and others.

Can you give any advice to women who are considering entering this research, but are hesitant.

Monica: Do not hesitate, and do not take any crap. Go out, suck it up and play like "one of the guys" and you will do well. Be sure to keep an open mind, and don't be discouraged if others do not accept your ideas; no one in this field is an expert.

Have you had a sighting? If so please explain

Monica: NO

Does not having a sighting ever discourage
you? If so, why? If not, Why?

No, not in the least. I am actually skeptical of anyone who sees them behind every bush, or claims that evey noise in the dark is one.

What keeps you interested in the research?

I believe in the possibility of such a creature existing. While I do believe that most sightings are misidentifications, a flash of fur or shadows in the dark don't prove a thing, I do believe that if they are in the N.W., they could be here in the South. It is my own curiosity combined with this pos
sibility that keeps me going.

Do you ever get into the field?

Monica: Not as much as I had in the past. I have family commitments that keep me out of the field more than I care for, but my family will always come before any research. Also, I do not agree with some of the methods used in the field, but I also do not have the time to create my own outings - therefore I choose to remain outside of most current field research.

Do you take witness state


Most researchers have one Report that "Stands Out" in their minds, is there a report that still "stands out" for you?

They all blend together.

Please tell the readers about yourself. What you would like people to know about you.

I am in my early 30's, the mother of 3, with a full time job. I enjoy the outdoors (obviously) and adventure.

Do you have any advice for a new researcher?

Keep an open mind, but remain ske

I would like to thank Monica Rawlins for allowing this interview. This is another researcher I am sure we will hear more from in the future :)

*All photos provided by Chris Buntenbah, Wildlife Photographer*
*Proofreading by Teresa Hall*

May 19, 2006

Reminder! Tomorrow on Sci-Fi...

Just to remind everybody that this weekend is the World Premier of "Abominable". Also being shown before is "Sasquatch". Check them out on The SciFi Channel. It's a "Sasquatch Double Feature".

Showing at 7pm EST.

In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a rescue team find the crew of a downed plane brutally murdered... and evidence suggests that the culprit is a rampaging Bigfoot. Lance Henriksen stars.

Showing at 9pm EST.

A wheel chair bound man (Matt McCoy) is witness to brutal murder... committed by a Bigfoot. Suprisingly, no one believes him when he explains what happened. Lance Henrikson, Jeffrey Combs, and Haley Joel co-star.

This blog just got better

I am THRILLED to announce that Kathy Strain (many of us know her as HairyMan) will be a contributor to this blog. For those of you who do not know Kathy, she was profiled on this blog a few months back - please take the time to get to know Kathy by going HERE
(scroll down the page for the interview with Kathy Strain)

Kathy is a busy woman, and I am thankful for any time she can spend keeping the readers of this blog informed and up to date.

Also -- I am THRILLED to tell all of you - Teresa Hall a/k/a ARsquatch, if you forgot, Teresa was profiled HERE will also be lending her help and support to this blog. She has graciously agreed to work on the typo's of Kathy and myself - and if time allows she will also discuss what she finds interesting in the world of Bigfoot Research..

This blog is growing in ways I could have never imagined, and its all thanks to the readers and the wonderful support I have been given. I have tried my best to keep you all updated and informed - but as this blog has grown, I have discovered one person is simply not enough.

Thank you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 17, 2006

The Bigfoot Sketch Project

Sketch by Pete Travers. Head shot of a Sasquatch.

Artist Pete Travers has done an excellent job bringing us detailed images of what eyewitnesses are seeing. Go to the website by clicking on the link below. Awesome job Pete!!!! If you have had a sighting and would like to share it in image... email Pete Travers at or call him at 805-252-4491.
Sasketch Table of Contents

May 16, 2006

Women in Bigfoot Research, Rebecca Bridges

*Photos Provided by Rebecca Bridges*

I met Rebecca Bridges a/k/a MountainLady, at the 2005 TBRC Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson Texas. I really didnt get too much time to talk to her, but in the time that I had, I soon realized, not only does she have an incredible sense of humor, but she is intelligent and a strong woman. I would hate to be the person to tell Rebecca Bridges, she couldnt do something.

My membership in the AIBR has allowed me to get to know Rebecca and other women much better. One of the requirements that I needed to see in the women profiled here - was the ability to call a "spade a spade", and be damned the consequences. Rebecca along with the other women - will do just that. Rebecca embodies the qualities I strive for, along with all the women I admire. Rebecca has become a trusted friend, to myself and many others. I look forward to wonderful things from her, as her energy level runs high - and her love for this research is very obvious.

Women in Bigfoot Research, Rebecca Bridges..

Please tell the readers about yourself. What you would like people to know about you.

Rebecca: I was born in California in October of 1967 and my family moved to Utah when I was 4 years old where I lived my whole life up until 7 years ago when I moved to northeast Arkansas where I currently reside. I am married with 2 children and have been fortunate to have a supportive family given my fascination with such a controversial subject such as bigfoot research.

I used to go hiking and camping in the mountains of northern Utah as much as possible growing up and into adulthood, sometimes every weekend during the summer months with my dog(s) by my side. I am a mountain fanatic! I always loved leaving behind civilization and going to areas where people were rare and nature was at its finest. I miss that!

I first heard about bigfoot from my father who had become interested in the subject in the late 1950's when he read the newspaper articles of the bigfoot tracks found by Jerry Crew in Bluff Creek, CA. My father, years later, actually paid to go see a movie because he had heard they were showing the Patterson film before the Feature Presentation. I was only a baby then. It was only years later when I was about 8-9 years old that a show came on TV called “In Search Of..” which was focusing on bigfoot that I watched with my father. I was glued to the TV, yet had been told all my young life that “there’s no such thing as ‘monsters.’” I was frightened, yet fascinated and remember they played purported recorded screams and I asked my father what he thought and he very seriously told me he thought it was entirely possible that they could be real though he wasn’t certain and then told me of the track finds in previous years when we lived in California and the Patterson film which he had gone to see. He thought the creature in the Patterson film was possibly the real thing. My father was curious about these findings and we would read about it from time to time over the years and watch specials on TV about it when we could … little did he know that that curiosity would lead me to an even greater fascination and to where I am now.

In short, I became completely hooked…

How long have you been active in the field of Bigfoot research?

I’ve been active in research fo
r the past 4 years, though read everything I could get my hands on since I was a child. I was an investigator for the BFRO for about a year, but later left that organization of my own accord along with many other investigators, some which had served the BFRO for well over 5 years.

What has been your primary focus, in this field of study? Please explain.

I, like almost everyone else, want to know if these animals are really out there. I’d like to see undeniable, scientific proof.. an
d if/when that day ever comes, hopefully conservation efforts will go into effect to protect them and their environments. I’m also very interested in their behavior and intelligence.

I’ve worked with animals practically all my life, including domestic and exotics. I was very fortunate to land a job at a zoo for several years in which I was able to interact with both small and large exotic species, including great apes. Gorillas, in particular, absolutely fascinate me and I have a soft spot for them. They have a way of stealing your heart. *winks*

I was able to briefly meet Jane Goodall around 1986-87 when she visited our zoo, to dedicate a new savannah that had just been built, and give a presentation of her chimpanzee research which was very exciting for me. Over the years, I learned quite a bit about ape behavior (though not nearly enough to satisfy me) and witnessed much of it myself (at least, what can be witnessed in a zoo environment).

I had lost some interest in bigfoot at this time as most of the stories I would see on TV or hear about were pure bunk in my mind, and most of the books that were out (which were few) seemed to rehash the same stories. I had gotten serious doubts about there possibly being a large hairy biped living in North America. There was no new information and I basically lost interest for a time. At the same time, I would find myself wondering about it while on long hikes in the mountains.. just wondering.. what if..

It was many years later that I decided to do a web search on bigfoot one day, found the BFRO site, and began reading. As I was reading through some of their reports, I noticed a few in which similar behavior was being described. I was struck by something.. It seemed like some of these witnesses were describing ape-like behavior that not only had I read about, but I’d seen some of it. In short.. I was hooked… again…

The Skookum Cast find totally blew me away and is probably one of the best pieces of evidence we have to date aside from some very detailed track casts, IMO. Unfortunately, it still isn’t enough..

Are you active in any Organized Groups, or are you Independant? Or Both?

Rebecca: Both. I’ve worked independently and I am a founding member and on the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers and also currently serving as Treasurer for them.

What do you think about the growing numbers of women becoming active in this field? I think it’s fantastic!

Estrogen! Harness the Power! *laughs* In all seriousness, I think it’
s wonderful so many people, both men and women, are so interested in this fascinating subject! It’s a puzzling mystery with no easy answers that’s been going on for a very long time. It can get very frustrating at times and I have a lot of respect for those people who can stick it out and keep searching actively in the field as well as those who consider themselves “armchair researchers” and are diligently looking for answers in that arena.

Have you had to deal with any resistance to your being in this field of research, due to your gender?

I haven’t had to deal with anything like that, though have heard of some that have. I can’t really give an opinion on that as I hav
en’t experienced it myself. On the contrary, most of the men I’ve met or talked to in this field have been highly supportive and very helpful to me when I’ve needed it. I’ve gone to both men and women for advice on several occasions and though they may not always have an easy answer for me, there has been a great comradeship and teamwork involved and I really appreciate it and have made some wonderful friends to boot. Can’t beat that!

Can you give any advice to women who are considering entering this research, but are hesitant.

Know who you are, be yourself, and
keep the critical thinking cap on. It’s good to keep an open mind, but know usually the simplest answer is the correct one. Don’t jump to conclusions. Look at all possible explanations first to rule them completely out before coming to a possible conclusion. Common sense is a virtue.

One needs to have a thick skin as well. As unfortunate as it is, the world of bigfoot research can
be a tough one sometimes. There is a lot of cont
roversy both within the field itself and outside of it. There’s a long history with many differing personalities who may clash from time to time and there are also many, good, kind-hearted people too.

Know which animals are indigenous to your ar
ea of research. It is good to learn everything you can about them such as what they eat, the vocalizations they are capable of, what their scat and tracks look like, etc. Being aware of local plant life and its uses in the environment and with local wildlife is also helpful.

Get a partner to go in the field with you if you can. If you’re unable to, always make sure someone knows where you will be if in the field alone.

Have a good sense of humo
r! Laughter really is good medicine and we all need it from time to time.

How did you become involved in the search for this undocumented North American Primate?

I’ve explained much of that above. I had also met and become fast friends with Teresa Hall, Jaylee, Kathy Moskowitz Strain, Kathy Harper, Tim Cullen, Dan Keithley and many others on the BFF. I have the utmost respect for these men and women. Teresa emailed me one day and simply asked if I’d be interested in following up on some back-logged Arkansas reports and I jumped at the chance. I don’t regret it for one minute!

Have you had a sighting? If so please explain.

Unfortunately, no. That would be the ultimate experience and for me, at least, given a close enough sighting, would be my own personal proof that they are really out there.

Does not having a sighting ever discourage you? If so, why? If not, Why?

It does sometimes, but I haven’t let that stop me and the chances of having a sighting are equivalent to finding the old needle in the haystack. The odds are against me. There are enough interesting reports, includ
ing sightings and experiences by a couple close friends in whom I trust their judgments, to keep me actively interested.

Do you ever get into the field?

It is rare nowadays for me to actually get out in the field. Between family obligations, work, and supporting AIBR which is still in its growing stages, I stay pretty busy! Occasionally I’m able to get out, but don’t consider it “in t
he field” per se, but more like poking around and just enjoying nature. I usually have a very small partner (namely my daughter) accompanying me on my outings. She will be 4 years old soon and will make a great investigator someday. (haha!) I am pretty limited to where I can go when my little partner is in tow, but we still enjoy ourselves just the same. We haven’t found any signs of bigfoot in this particular region and I have no expectations of finding anything bigfoot-related in this part of the state, but plenty of evidence that populations of squirrels, raccoons, possums, and a plethora of other wildlife are flourishing! *laughs*

Do you take witness statements?

I was taking witness statements when I was active with the BFRO and continue to do so with AIBR when the opportunity arises.

Most researchers have one Report that "Stands Out" in their minds, is there a report that still "stands out" for you?

There are a few that stand out, but one in particular struck me as the witness reported waking up one morning in 1986 when he was around 12 years old to see something peering in the window at him while stayin
g at his grandparent’s farm in Jackson County, AR. When I first read the report, it had been submitted 1-2 years earlier and never been followed up on by anyone. I didn’t have expectations of there being much, if anything, to it, but went ahead and called the witness out of the blue. After some long in-depth interviews with the witness, I found him to be easy to talk to, down to earth, very matter of fact and still very puzzled at his experience and at a loss for an explanation as to what he saw that day. His story never wavered from his original submission and he was adamant at what he saw and experienced. After much questioning and going over the incident repeatedly, I felt that he was telling the truth as he experienced it and feel he did indeed see something. While I can’t say with complete certainty he saw a bigfoot, I can say that whatever he saw that day has affected his life and left him grasping for explanations and answers. He stated he was relieved to be able to finally speak to someone about it as it had been bothering him all these years and no one, aside from his immediate family, took him seriously.

What do you think is the most important question to ask a witness?

I don’t know that there is one particular question to ask of a witness that is more important than anoth
er. Every case is different. One must try to keep the big picture in their mind and see it from all angles and be able to ask the proper questions relating to that particular report and make sure to cover all the bases without leading the witness. Some are more difficult than others. The best thing I’ve found is to just listen. Let the witness tell the story, then you can go back and start questioning to get more details and clarification where needed. I take notes on everything to help me keep perspective.

It’s unfortunate that th
ere are many misidentifications, fabricators, and outright hoaxers looking to gain attention in this field for whatever reasons. It can become very frustrating at times and luckily, most of them are easy to weed out. But every once in awhile, that one good report comes along that leaves you scratching your head with no plausible explanations and it makes all those frustrating reports that have gone nowhere seem like a small hill of beans in comparison. Those are the types of reports that keep me going.

Do you have any advice for a new researcher?

Read all you can on the subject. Bigfoot has a very long history, going back to Native American stories that have passed down through generations with reports from many regions of North America still
coming in to this day. There is a lot of information out there in the way of stories and reports, but it is physical evidence that is needed to start being taken seriously by the general public and bring this animal to light of mainstream science. Ask a lot of questions. The Bigfoot Forums (aka BFF run by Paul Vella and Brian Brown) is a great place to get some answers and much debate in several areas of this subject, but there is a plethora of information to be found there and many well-known researchers with years of experience post there and share their findings and field techniques which is extremely helpful. I’ve learned a lot there, made some great friends, and it’s a fun place to boot! Our very own AIBR also has articles and a forum to help with advice, answer questions, look at evidence, evidence collection and protocol, etc.

The best advice I can give is to keep that critical thinking cap on and learn all you can before diving in. Everyone has something to offer in trying to solve pieces of this puzzle if they really put their mind to it. Maybe, someday, we will all have an answer to this amazing mystery.

I have no doubt we will be hearing from Rebecca Bridges more in the future. If after reading this interview - it is not obvious why I chose rebecca -- please re-read.

Thank you Rebecca!!

Discussions with Biscardi

JavaBob SearchingForBigfootInc _ wrote: Once again, I will have to contact Tom and work with him to get his take. Or you can wait a few days and he can do it himself. Are you asking for a photo of me or Tom? And, do you want answers to the clearly sarcastic questions, or just the serious ones? Thanks.. JavaBob

From: Sent: Mon, 15 May 2006 04:54:05 -0700 (PDT) To: Subject: Re: Answers to your questions

Well, I guess if at all possible, a picture of both - you and tom :) I don't think I know what you look like..

My questions are serious. I discussed this with Mr. Biscardi and he
did understand then, that hard questions needed to be asked and answered. When I spoke to him after reciept of your answers, I did tell him I wanted to wait for the answers to the follow up before posting the article - he deserves to have his side heard, in full. I don't do my blog for ratings or numbers - so, I guess you can answer them or he can - you have done a fantastic job so far :) So, I would like all the follow up questions answered. Thank you so much Melissa M. Hovey

Can you sense the sarcasm in that email from me?

Above are a couple of the final emails between JavaBob and myself, They are complete, the only things taken out are email addresses. I am pretty sure you can tell when JavaBob sent this email about the "sarcastic" questions.

I found nothing sarcastic about the questions asked by Rick Noll. People have been asking those very questions for years - and have never gotten a response to them. I have to say JavaBob did a fantastic job of Public Relations for Mr. Biscardi - and he deserves applause.

On the very first day I called Mr. Biscardi, I did have an open mind. What if people had mistaken his enthusiasm for attempts at deception? It could be - you never know for sure whats in someone's heart and mind until you talk to them. My first conversation with Mr. Biscardi, at first was very pleasant.

As I said before, he can be very polite and very jovial. He reminds me of a child with 50 cents and is skipping all the way to the candy store. He has some extreme highs and lows. One night he called me at 11:22 pm - (yes, that is right). I was more than happy to take his call, as I wanted to know all about this man, Im not stupid. When I picked up the phone he quickly apologized for calling so late (very nice, cant say that wasn't polite) and then went into a story (which I wont discuss as I did promise to keep some things confidential, and I do keep my word about that, REGARDLESS) during his telling of this story - I almost felt sorry for him. He was very depressed and sounded upset.. I think in somethings he is sincere - mainly about his emotions and how others make him feel, he is very honest about his feelings there, and will tell you all you want to know.

During that first conversation, Biscardi struck a nerve with me. When I called him, the very first comment out of my mouth was -- "If you want to talk to me, you will do it in the form of an interview for my readers" - I was firm on that. There was a pause (on Biscardi's end) and finally "ahhh ohh ok ". Then we exchanged pleasantries.. A few minutes into the conversation Mr. Biscardi then leveled the BOOM.. "You are nothing in this research, your blog is nothing, I don't have to do this interview - do you realize what my interview will do for your blog?" "My interview will put your little blog OVER THE TOP" He went on to say "I don't need your little blog to tell my story".. I then said to Mr. Biscardi "You may be right, I may be nothing, my blog may be nothing - but my readers I assure you are not, and they deserve honest answers, so don't insult my readers!!"

What Biscardi failed to ask (or realize) is I could have a total of 1 reader -- and I would still fight this hard for the truth.. That 1 reader deserves good information. I am not in this for fame or glory, I could care less about that. I also don't care what his interview could do for my blog in terms of numbers, which by the way, I did a blog a few months back, an interview with a very well known and respected man - and his numbers were MUCH higher than yours biscardi.. So much for putting me "Over The Top" - LMAO. In fact - I have done interviews with the men and women in the field - that brought higher numbers of readers to this blog.

I really don't care about the numbers Mr. Biscardi. Maybe that's your problem, you care more about that - and because of that - your not keeping your skepticals firmly in place?

Im not sure what Mr. Biscardi expected when he agreed to this interview. I was very straight forward in discussing the "ground rules" - I would ask the questions, he would answer them, and he could NOT refuse to answer one. If he did, I would post the question and let the people decide. He still agreed.

It was never agreed that JavaBob would be answering the questions for Mr. Biscardi --- in his words. I was told JavaBob would act only as the transcriber - as Mr. Biscardi stated he was on the road and couldn't get to a computer. I agreed to that - not to JavaBob answering on behalf of Mr. Biscardi, and when I saw that is in fact what they did - I was upset - not angry, the anger came when I read the email remarks by JavaBob. Was handling the interview like this your idea JavaBob? If it was, you gave some pretty piss poor advice to your boss. What was it about me that said "Hey, Im stupid, treat me that way"?

During my last conversation with Mr. Biscardi - he brought up the number of hits on my site. He said "I noticed your blog has a low number of hits" (to imply my importance in this blogging game,, snicker) I said, "first of all, I just started keeping track of the numbers with a site meter in January - recently I changed the starting date to December (the month I actually seriously started working on this blog) see, the numbers don't matter to me all that much.... I skewed my own numbers. He then asked me, if my blog does so well, why is it not showing up on some site rating service he has.. I said "Well, I don't know about yours - but Google Search, Yahoo Search, MSN and many others rank me in the top numbers depending on what your searching for.. I later discovered this search he discusses is a "paid" search engine -- like I said, I don't care as much about self promotion as Mr. Biscardi does, if people want the information - they can find me, Im not hidden.

In JavaBobs email comments he asked me if I was going to address certain things in my interview.. I tried to do just that. In my questions about Bossberg, he could have told me everything he knew about that... He chose not to. I asked him to address and discuss the things that people say about him - that's the only way he will ever re-establish his credibility (which I think is pretty much shot right now). Instead, JavaBob decided to give short yet sweet answers to the questions people most want answered, he attacked me via an email message - so, I decided turn about was fair play. If any of you noticed, my questions in blue are very easy questions -- why did JavaBob and Biscardi have such an issue with them? I hadn't even gotten to the hard ones yet, and already they were crying foul. I was truly amazed.

During one of my final phone calls from Mr. Biscardi - he wanted to know what I looked like.. I was, well - confused by this. What did my physical appearance have to do with the substance of what I was offering? He told me, and I quote "Well, you know all about me, you even know what I look like, can you send me a picture so I know what you look like?" I said "Well, my picture is posted on my blog - you can go look at it there". And he did. When he saw my picture - even his voice changed. It was almost spooky. He went from talking to me like I was one of the guys -- and his voice became very soft and mellow.. He told me how attractive he thought I was - and then went on to tell me "There is just something about you, I cannot put my finger on it right now, but your going places in this - I can feel it , and if Tom Biscardi thinks your going somewhere - girl you are !!!"

I almost said "Yeah, to the bathroom, so I can throw up".

Maybe that was supposed impress me? Im sure that is exactly what his intent was, as he said this to me many times. Do I care if I go anywhere in this -- No, not really. Mr. Biscardi - you read me completely wrong. I told you from day one - I have never seen this animal, I don't know that it exists -- so, I don't have anything to gain or lose. I am simply writing this blog to have a place for myself and others (if they wish) to come and read information, not the tabloid crap put out - but good information that is out there in this research.. That's my goal here. Nothing more, NOTHING less. And, Mr. Biscardi - as long as you hold my blog and its readers in such contempt - I will not be putting a link to your website on this blog.

Yes, Mr. Biscardi asked me to put a link on my blog to his website, I wont do that. In fact during all of my conversations - this was the only comment by Mr. Biscardi that seriously made me pause - I didn't know what to say - lmao. I already knew by this time he was infact playing games, so I knew a mutual linking of sites was not going to happen -- lmao. My blog is "Nothing" as Mr. Biscardi says -- so not having a link to it on his site, really shouldn't bother him.

My commentary on the Biscardi/JavaBob interview is not over. I will be watching Mr. Biscardi and checking out some of the things he told me. I will report any positive and negative. My blog is not a gossip rag - but I do intend to keep him under my watchful eye -- researchers have the obligation, in my opinion, to police ourselves - and put out the good with the bad.

BREAK A LEG MR. T.B. (sorry, I just had to, *snicker*)

May 15, 2006

Editorial on Biscardi Interview , by Kathy Strain

When I was a little girl, I saw Legend of Boggy Creek on television. It had a profound effect on my life… So much so, that I felt deeply that this was what I was meant to do with my life. I went into Anthropology because of my passion for the subject. I think it is fair for me to say that I have worked hard to contribute to bigfooting, both in the field and in the science realm. I have tried to be scientific in what I do and what I am associated with. And I'’m not alone… There are hundred of people out there, spending their hard earned money in search of an answer. They don'’t seek acknowledgement, repayment, or glory… Just an answer to the mystery.

It is because of this that I am feeling so very frustrated. First, it was the BFRO and their stubborn stance that the Sonoma Video was real. They verbally assaulted investigators that said different. Then, the world found out the truth… It was all a hoax created by Penn and Teller. Strike one for bigfoot.

Next, there is Tom Biscardi. I don'’t know Tom, never meet him, but my impression of what I thought hasnt changed due to this interview. Let'’s see. Peter Byrne is a bottom feeder (completely untrue). Ivan Marx is the best man in the industry of tracking this creature down (again, completely untdebaclehe debackle of the captured bigfoot (yeah, Stagecoach, Nevada is a well-known hub of bigfoot activity). And then there is this:

Quote JavaBob/Biscardi: "There is a huge fabric of myth and misinformation about this creature out there. In this huge fabric there are threads of truth. With Tom Biscardi'’s guidance, Searching for Bigfoot goes out and investigates alleged sightings and/or encounters and attempts to find the threads of truth. We collect those threads to help us prove to the world that this creature really does exist. What we show on our website is what we actually see and hear, the whole fabric. We do not alter it, nor do we make any judgment calls about it. Just like the observers we allow to go along, or the News media that goes out with us, we show you what we see, the way we see it, when we see it. As we gather up this fabric, we study it and search for the threads of truth in it. We will eventually be able to weave our own fabric from these threads of truth. That new tapestry will be the "“product"” that Searching for Bigfoot Inc., will produce."

It sounds to me that they believe that making sensational and false claims, seeking out newspaper and television press everywhere they go, and generally disregarding scientific methods contributes to a “new tapestry that they are producing. Well, strike two for bigfoot.

I wish there was a Hippocratic Oath for bigfooters…. “first do no harm….

I don'’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to make some money by studying bigfoot. In fact, I wish we could all do it. However, I do mind if someone'’s need for money supercedes ethics. I mind if they continually seek out publicity with their wild claims and never produce anything to show for it. I mind very much if they make bigfoot into a joke… Because it effects me personally. Many of us have worked way too hard to take two steps back now.

So, is there a strike three? Or do we just stop pitching to those who don'’t want to play on the team?

I would like to thank Kathy Strain for writing this editorial. :)

*Interview with Biscardi Follows below*

Interview with Tom Biscardi - or was it JavaBob??

Yes, this is the photo he provided. I blew it up to 200% and crashed my computer once to get it this big for you.. He was in charge of the photo.

*Tom Biscardi is Second from the left of this picture wearing all blue, JavaBob is the first from the right, wearing all blue as well*

Recently I was told Tom Biscardi wanted to talk to me. I wondered why? Was I about to be the victim of a lawsuit? Was Biscardi accepting my challenge to speak out and answer some questions many have asked? Humm,, decisions, decisions.

Well, I went ahead and called him. Mr. Biscardi is very smooth. He is very polite and well mannered -- but make no mistake, he is a showman. I asked Mr. Biscardi if he would be willing to answer his critics by answering questions for my blog? After much discussion over what his interview would do for my little blog that was unknown- he relented and agreed to answer any and all questions I had of him, along with follow up.

I had approximately 4-5 telephone conversations with Mr. Biscardi ( my phone rang ). The latest one was right after I received the answered questions for the blog interview - the questions were not answered by Tom Biscardi, but from his partner and friend JavaBob, with this nice little note inserted by JavaBob to start things out.

Mellisa, (my name is spelled Melissa - for the 3rd time)

Tom is on the road taking care of business for Searching for Bigfoot Inc., He and I are in constant phone contact and he asked me, (JavaBob), to answer these questions for him. He has read the answers I supplied and is comfortable with them as written.

Please understand my take on these questions before we continue. The major issue Tom had and I had with Blogs such as yours is that you are free to print whatever you want or what ever you hear, with no responsibility for investigating or checking for accuracy. All of the questions you have asked can be researched and found on the web. My issue is that no one ever did that but still printed the cause of the questions as fact?

Are you able to or willing to address that issue in anyway with your interview? I will do my best to answer your leading questions as openly and honestly as possible, but it does make me feel like I am being asked to answer for issues that are based on perception created with minimal attempt at education, and not on any actual reality. With that said, I will answer these questions with actual information that is found in news articles or reputable web sites. I will augment some information with my personal observation, but the vast majority of what I have to say could easily be investigated by anyone who cares to try.

So, in the spirit of being as fair with Biscardi as he was with me, and the readers of this blog - I have invited Rick Noll to handle the follow up questions, and he accepted.

What JavaBob and Mr. Biscardi fail to realize - is Most of what I know, I did get from their site. Not sure what else I can say about that. I have spent hours on his site - and found nothing different than I have found anywhere else. Honest answer -- you just never asked me that one.

Well, your welcome :) Ohh, P.S. Leading questions are the point of an interview.. I am asking for specific information.. Or did you think you should write the questions?

Interview with Tom Biscardi

1. Tell us how you became involved in the search for this North American Primate that is yet undocumented?

Tom saw the Patterson video. After seeing that film, he spent many months at the library doing research on the creature. Once he felt he was able to spot the failures of his predecessors, he decided he could do a better job and began a search that has lasted over three decades. During that time, Tom has been privileged enough to have seen the creature five separate times. He refers to these sightings as “being bitten by the Bigfoot mystic”. Now he is driven to prove to the world what he already knows.

Follow up by Rick Noll: Interesting that so many others claim to have done the same thing and:

1. Not found that much information in the library,
2. Spent money buying the material from independent distributers,
3. And after all of that never coming away with a plan they claimed to have worked.

JavaBob/Biscardi: Just another indication of how serious Tom Biscardi is about this!

Follow up by Rick Noll: Seeing the animal five times through patient investigation and a well thought out game plan must mean that you were fully prepared for those encounters and planned accordingly. Do you have evidence supporting the five sightings? If not, why not?

JavaBob/Biscardi: There are some photo graphs and supporting foot prints. They have all been posted and/or published. Most are the Ivan Marx photos, but not all.

2. Are you with an organization? Or are you an Independent Researcher?

Tom is the founder and CEO of Searching for Bigfoot Incorporated. Searching for Bigfoot Inc., is currently, a privately funded corporation dedicated to proving the existence of this creature. However, as far as Tom is concerned, actually finding the creature is a need that Tom
Biscardi has fostered “independently”.

Follow up by Rick Noll: When was this organization incorporated?

JavaBob/Biscardi: Searching for Bigfoot was formed early in December 2005, our incorporation was officially recognized January 17, 2006.

3. Please tell us how you met Ivan Marx, and his wife Peggy.

Tom researched who the best man in the industry of tracking this creature down might be. His research brought him to a man that people like; Walt Disney, Bill Burrard, and Lowell Thomas found to be the best tracker and natural photographer in the world at that time. Tom spent several months living and working with Ivan Marx, before Ivan would consider taking Tom along on a serious search for the creature. Tom, Ivan, and Peggy have been friends ever since. Tom was with Ivan at his death bed and is still treated like a family member by the Marx’s to this day.

Follow up by Rick Noll: The name Ivan Marx is as synonomous with hoaxing as Ray Wallace. Please explain the perceptions held by the Bigfoot community at large that Ivan Marx resorted to hoaxing Bigfoot films of the creature, both stills and motion.

JavaBob/Biscardi: When I (JavaBob), first saw the original photos from Ivan Marx, I commented to Tom Biscardi about them. I said, these look like a man in a suit to me. I suppose, that is why the creature has not yet been shot. Every story I have ever heard from hunters who claimed to see the creature first hand, was that it looked so much like a man they couldn’t shoot it! They reported that although it was unusual, it still looked like a man. I suggested to Tom that he not show these to anyone because even if they are authentic and real, they do not match the average persons expectations of what a Bigfoot should look like. Tom’s answer to me was straight up. He said, “Bob, I appreciate the way you termed that, but these are the actual pictures we took. I cannot change that. The creature we saw is the picture we took and I have no control over what people may think about them.” Later on in our relationship, Tom shared a written manuscript from a Dr. Warren Cook with me. Dr. Cook analyzed these films and gave point and fact why these photos must be real and authentic. I have that original document at home in my files (I am currently in Sacramento) and will send you a copy when I get home (probably Saturday or Sunday of this week)

*Readers, please do not hold your breath on this promise, as JavaBob said in the attached email with this set of follow up questions - they will no longer be cooperating with this blog.* Apparently the follow up questions were too difficult.

4. Please tell the readers what you know about the "Bossberg" incident.

When the Bossberg incident had hit, Ivan was called in. At that time Ivan was working for Peter Burns. It seems that a creature was hit by a train, Ivan had gone and followed these tracks. He was fortunate enough to get some footage of a creature. Peter Burns also spotted some tracks in this same area. Peter called Ivan over to help him follow those tracks as well. However, Ivan, after inspecting those tracks, told Peter that they were not real, but staged. Peter and Ivan got into an argument about those tracks and Ivan ended up quitting his relationship with Peter. Ivan went on to work with Tom Slick and the Hoopa Indians after this incident.

Follow up by Rick Noll: You mean Peter Byrne? Right? Tom Slick died in a plane crash when? I thought the Slick expeditions started up in 1961 and that Ivan worked with the group then with dogs he had for tracking. Peter also states that he found the exact location where Marx claimed to filmed an injured Bigfoot and that the measurements make it a pretty small creature.

JavaBob/Biscardi: Yes, I meant Peter Byrne. Remember, Tom only heard this over the cell phone and couldn’t check my spelling. Peter Byrne is someone Tom refers to as a “bottom feeder”, we need say no more.

5.. The Ivan Marx photo - you display them on your Searching For Bigfoot Site, why do you think they are genuine?

Tom was with Ivan when most of this footage was shot. He has first hand knowledge of most of these photos. There is also a synopsis from Dr. Warren Cook that substantiates these photos. I will supply it to you after Tom gets back from his current trip.

6. What proof of authenticity of these photos can you offer?

This was answered in the question above?

Tom was with Ivan when most of this footage was shot. He has first hand knowledge of most of these photos. There is also a synopsis from Dr. Warren Cook that substantiates these photos. I will supply it to you after Tom gets back from his current trip.

7. Many of the readers here know about the Coast to Coast incident, involving the claim of 2 captured bigfoot alive in Nevada.. This will be a multiple part question.

a. How did you get involved?
b. When did you discover the hoax?
c. Describe for the readers - in your words - what happened?
d. Were the people, who paid money for the webcam viewing of these bigfoot, refunded their money?

All of these questions can be answered by the online/on air interviews that Tom has already given;

8/23/05 - Stagecoach Debunking

On July 15 the CEO and founder, Tom Biscardi, was informed by co-founder, Peggy Marx, that an acquaintance who she believed to be credible claimed to have an injured Bigfoot in captivity. This woman had been known to Peggy for over 20 years of phone communication. The woman insisted that doctors were caring for this creature, and that while we couldn't see it until it recovered from its injuries, they wanted assistance from us to protect, care for, and study it. The creature was being held on an Indian reservation in Nevada.

As weeks passed we received disturbing information that the creature was abducted by one of the doctors. Realizing the urgency and importance of making contact, we took action to ensure the creature's safety. By August 17 Tom assembled a small expedition team and made arrangements for professionals outside of the organization which included transportation, physicians, scientists and other volunteers.

Following bizarre and outrageous instructions, the team traveled four days and over 1500 miles between California and Nevada. The story we were receiving was that the creatures had been abducted by one of the two doctors who were caring for it. It seemed that this doctor was intent on stealing the creatures away, for his own personal gain. After some manipulating, the doctor that wanted to insure its safety by releasing it to the care of Tom and his team had regained possession of the creatures. By the third day, after all of the strange information we were receiving, the expedition team suspected they were being misinformed and insisted on meeting the woman immediately.

That same night, Tom Biscardi was scheduled to be interviewed on the Coast to Coast radio show. Tom, being pressured by the host of the show, and trying to protect the ownership of these creatures, took a huge risk and made the announcement that these creatures were in captivity. The expedition team finally arrived in a desert town, Stagecoach, Nevada, and discovered the shocking truth. The person who made these claims was a fan of the Coast to Coast radio show and had heard about Tom’s expeditions. She called her old friend, Peggy Marx and began this story. It turns out, she was unstable and totally house bound. This entire story was a figment of her imagination.

Due to the outrageous course of events, it was prudent to delay the official announcement and true story until Tom had time to meet with the Board of Directors. Because Tom and his crew were still on the road, it took a couple of days to get the Board together and make an official decision on what needed to be done.

Tom put out a video and did some additional radio broadcasts apologizing for the misinformation. He also offered a full refund to anyone who signed up on the website because of the misinformation that went out, no questions asked. The full and entire story was put up on Tom’s website (at that time). The site, Great American Bigfoot Research Organization is still up, but Tom is no longer affiliated with that site. Tom resigned from that organization for personal reasons and started up his current affiliation, Searching for Bigfoot Inc.

P.S. Because I was there when Tom first received the phone call about these creatures being captured, I asked Tom to allow me to go with him on this expedition so I could see the creatures first hand. I was physically along with Tom on this entire trip and I am speaking first hand.

Most of this information may still be available at our website.

8. Do you still have involvement with Peggy Marx?

Of course, Peggy, Ivan (before his death), and Tom have been working together for nearly 35 years. They are still close friends and keep in touch. One of the trackers in our organization is Lee Hickman. Lee is Ivan and Peggy’s grandson.

9. Could you please explain to the readers - Your meaning behind the use of the word "Bottom Feeder".. This has caused many hard feelings - and I think you should explain that.

“Bottom Feeders” is a term Tom has used to describe people who take and use the information other people, who are actually out in the field and working hard to discover, for their own personal and financial gain. The people Tom refers to, use other peoples work to promote
their own ideas without giving any credit to the people who do the actual field work. As a matter of fact, they sometimes go out of their way to actually personally discredit the people whose work they plagiarize.

10. Do you think the people involved in Bigfoot Research have been hard on you? If so why?

Tom, for the most part, does not feel that he has been treated poorly by any of the people in the field that act professionally or with integrity. However, he feels he is sometimes dealt with poorly by the few people who are not willing or able to verify the things they hear from the few
people who consider themselves experts in the field, even though they may never have spent a single day in the field. These same people are free to spill their opinion and theory on line as if it were fact.

11. How do you feel about the numbers of women becoming involved? ( I ask this of all the people I interview).

I am unsure of how to answer this question. All I know, is that an ever growing segment of Bigfoot Research arena has been women. Tom and this team are very pleased to be working with the support of any person who demonstrates the integrity and grit it takes to work in this
controversial field. Male or female is a non issue, being honest and sincere is what counts.

12. Do you think your work should be taken more seriously?

For those who are willing to do the homework, they will find that we are very serious about what we do. Most people who have taken the time to come and work with us go away taking us very seriously.

Follow up by Rick Noll
: What is it exactly that you or the group do? So far the biggest things I can identify is that you drive around, have length telephone conversations with dilussional people and make web sites showing some pretty poor pictures of purported Bigfoot.

JavaBob/Biscardi: There is a huge fabric of myth and misinformation about this creature out there. In this huge fabric there are threads of truth. With Tom Biscardi’s guidance, Searching for Bigfoot goes out and investigates alleged sightings and/or encounters and attempts to find the threads of truth. We collect those threads to help us prove to the world that this creature really does exist. What we show on our website is what we actually see and hear, the whole fabric. We do not alter it, nor do we make any judgment calls about it. Just like the observers we allow to go along, or the News media that goes out with us, we show you what we see, the way we see it, when we see it. As we gather up this fabric, we study it and search for the threads of truth in it. We will eventually be able to weave our own fabric from these threads of truth. That new tapestry will be the “product” that Searching for Bigfoot Inc., will produce.

13. Were you contacted at all over the Sonoma Footage? If so, could you please tell us your involvement?

Yes, Tom Biscardi was contacted about the Sonoma Footage. I remember it specifically because Tom used this contact as a “test” for me. I remember Tom sending me an email with the footage attached. He asked me for my opinion about the film. I called Tom and told him why I thought it was probably staged. Tom’s reply was “. Good for you! I can see you are learning. I already called these people back and told them I thought this was a man in a monkey suit and they shouldn’t pass it on any farther I was just curious about what you saw”

Follow up by Rick Noll:
So what tipped you that it was a man in a monkey suit and why didn't you go on record with the conclusion before the Penn and Teller show?

JavaBob/Biscardi: There where several things, but the most obvious was the image in this film didn’t even try to conceal itself. In fact once it got out of camera range, it moved back in again! This is something that a creature smart enough to avoid human contact for centuries would clearly avoid. As I have said, there is so much misinformation in this field that we cannot take the time away from our serious research to debunk it all. That is not what we are about. Anyone who is serious about this subject will eventually learn how to spot obvious fakes.

14. What happened on the X-ZONE? Were you mislead by Wayne Burton? Please explain.

Caught off guard, but not mislead. Wayne is a “simple” man who got very confused under the pressure of the radio interview. He did get his dates and names confused, and that proved to be difficult for Tom. However, Tom and the team’s idea, was from the start and all during the interview, to go to the site and investigate the alleged photo. Tom never said it was a picture of a creature, only that it warranted more investigation.

15. What would you like the readers to know about you?

As Tom’s business associate and his friend, I can share with you my observations. Tom, at times, has the tact of a pit bull dog! However, he is a caring and honest man. My best example of this might be what his reaction was to the woman in Nevada, who caused us such embarrassment. After discovering that this woman had made up this story and was instrumental in causing us to make a blunder that may take us years to overcome, Tom’s first reaction was to find a way to see that this woman would get some help to deal with her fragile mental state.

I was there to see this first hand, and I must say it really impressed me. A year later, I realize that this type of behavior is actually the norm for Tom Biscardi.

16. Do you think my blog commentary has been tough on you?

Not tough, just unfair and unfounded.

17. Why?

Most of the inputs printed were simply opinions and misinformation printed as though they were actual facts.

Short answer - Why should people trust Tom Biscardi?

Trust is something that is earned and not simply given. If there is a question about something Tom has said or done, come to the “horse’s mouth” before making judgments based on someone else’s opinion. Everything we post or print on our site is simply our observation.

The public is always welcome to contact us and make arrangements to come with us and observe for themselves. To the best of my knowledge, every person who has done that has developed a sincere trust in Tom, his team, and his work.

Follow up by Rick Noll:
Could you provide some of those people as references that I can contact and interview?

JavaBob/Biscardi: How about Steve Kulls, the Squatch Detective. He was the last person who went out with us. (email address removed by Melissa)

19. Why did you agree to do this interview?

Because, we believe that the use of honest and open communication can help develop a sense of synergism within this field. That sense of team will help us work together to solve the mystery of the century! Besides, Tom has told me he appreciates your bold approach and respects your straight forward manner of dealing with things. He apparently holds you in high esteem.

20. Anything you would like to say to your critics?

Come out in the field with us and see what we see, hear what we hear, smell what we smell, and talk to the great people we get to talk with.

Base your criticisms on real observation and not on perception.

Follow up by Rick Noll
Can I get a picture of you to go along with this blog interview?

(Picture posted above)

May 14, 2006

Just a short note before the next article

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

Before my next article on Women in Bigfoot Research, I wanted to take a minute and say Thank You!!! Many people have responded to this first set of interviews so positively. These are good women - and they have worked hard side by side with men who they respect as well.

I want to say a special thank you to West Coast Sasquatch.. They added a link to this blog, on their fantastic website today - and made special note in the link, that this forum will be dedicated to women in the field of bigfoot research. Overall, that is my goal, but I will continue to also do articles on the hard working men too. The work being done by women should be taken seriously, and it makes my heart happy to see the people at West Coast Sasquatch being so supportive, along with so many of the readers of this blog.

It is my hope, by telling these stories more women out there, will join in this field of research. If not, maybe we will all just get to know each other better.

That has to be a good thing for information sharing :)

May 10, 2006

Tom Biscardi

Well.. I hear from reading different websites - Mr. Biscardi is attempting to mend fences. That's really nice.

Where to start?

Is the bigfoot community being to rough on Mr. Biscardi? Is he as misunderstood as he claims to be? I dont know. Sometimes I think if people had been hard on him years ago - things wouldnt have gotten so out of control. Mr. Biscardi has no problem stating he is attempting to make money off this search.. Why not, we have crypto authors out there who make money off these stories, why not Tom Biscardi?

Well, there is a big difference - Mr. Biscardi, you need to fact check.. This is free advice, take it or leave it. Stop depending on the word of one person. Start mending fences by saying Im sorry. Its one thing to make money doing something you love -- its another thing to call the same people who enjoy and work just as hard at this research - "Bottom feeders". I assure you I am no "Bottom Feeder", my interest in this subject is sincere and genuine, I ask for no money in return - and I spend my own money on my field gear. I ask no one for anything of value - I do this because I enjoy it.

Mr. Biscardi - you started this war. How will you end it? Will you continue to point fingers, or will you except your fault in this as well.

This of course remains to be seen. There are things I would like to ask you, questions readers of this blog would like answers to. Are you sure you want to mend fences? Are you willing to stand up to my questions? Do you think I am to hard on you? Why is that? Am I asking you questions, you havent asked yourself?

I dont think so.

Balls in your court Mr. Biscardi --- the next play is up to you