February 24, 2006

MK Davis

I must admit, I do not know as much about MK Davis as maybe I should.. So, maybe those of us who do not know him well, can learn together :)

I found this link on the website Bigfoot Encounters, check it out and tell me what you think. I will be adding more information on MK Davis over the weekend.

February 22, 2006

Hi All...

This is Sean Forker, from The American Bigfoot Society Journal, filling in for MsBunnyBF.
I am a contributer to this blog, but really don't have to contribute much besides a few ideas, because MsBunnyBF can do it all.

I just noticed that she hasn't posted in a few days, and I love this blog, and it's readers. (Mel does too.)

So, Here is a recap of Artists First last night... Hope you enjoy.

Bigfoot Central
Feb. 21 2006
Host: MK Davis
Guest: Jason Valenti
Important Links: 1)

Note: Some of the show was cut off due to Buffering problems from Artist First.

The show began with our host talking about the recent events in Malaysia. MK metioned sightings going back to the 1970's. (Loren Coleman, I believe in his book "The Field Guide to Bigfoot", mentions that these sightings have been going on since Pre-1937.)

Guest Jason Valenti is introduced, then MK mentions new prints found in the Patterson Film.(1)

Jason was the organizer of the 2005 Bellingham, Washington Conference; which was the big event of 2005. He jokingly says... "I am still paying it off". He has a website (2), but it does not list sightings, He refers them to the BFRO. Jason says he is impressed with MK's work on the P/G Film.
He believes that there me four species of Homonids, but belives that at least two of these species are of Neaderthal or other relic man. He takes Lloyd Pye view. Google that for more details.(Search bar on the side.)

He talked about his sigthing, but the buffering problem continued through this, but we did hear something about glowing red eyes and a road crossing. He touched on bio-luminesence, very interesting topic, but I would rather you listen to that.

His Conference DVD will be not be released until Patterson Film and Still rights are worked out between Pat Patterson and the Dahindens. He believes that the biggest support that Sasquatch exists, is Henner Farrenbach's Statistics. Not to mention the fact that these creatures have been mentioned in Sumatran Texts from over 6000 years ago.

All in all, minus the buffering issues, great show. MK has proven to be a very competent host. We have not heard from Don Monroe, who is listed as a co-host. I look forward to many shows, as MK is showing his willingness to have on fresh faces.

February 19, 2006

Bigfoot Colony in Johor???

JOHOR BAHARU, Feb 18 (Bernama) --

The Johor Wildlife Protection Society said it has "scientific evidence" to prove the existence of Bigfoot whose reported sightings recently in the Johor jungles have excited the world's media.

Not just one Bigfoot but a whole colony of the giant, hairy creatures which the society named "Orang Lenggor" (Lenggor People) as one was spotted in an area by that name, said the society's secretary Tay Teng Hwa.

Read the full Article here

February 18, 2006

Well, Well, Well,

Well - NEWSFLASH... Biscardi has posted a few new pictures from his trip, and a picture from a camera trap - from somewhere ??

The first one he posts on his site with the caption stating, this picture has been sent for "analysis". It shows what appears to me, a person who may have nelt down in front of a camera trap, and either the flash was to strong - or someone had a spotlight handy. Just a guess. The outline of this figure to me, suggests a person with a hooded sweatshirt or coat of some kind, as fur would not have such clean edges, but what do I know. I find nothing earth shattering about this picture. Biscardi however, does not disclose where this Picture was taken... so, if anyone knows please fill me in.

Second. Ask and ye shall receive. Biscardi has posted a picture of himself - chatting it up in a restaurant or somewhere on his search in Illinois (snicker) - so much for being on the "Firing line, braving the freezing temperatures" -- he has found a building with heat :)

I see I didnt miss a whole lot today, Biscardi has not captured his bigfoot ALIVE!!

Bigfoot 4 - Biscardi 0 :) If my count is off, please let me know..

February 16, 2006

John Green, The Final Questions,

OK, I am giving in.. I feel bad making everyone wait to see how this interview went... So, here are the final questions. I really enjoyed this interview with Mr. Green, and I hope you all did too. :) Thanks for reading..

Question #3. Bossburg. A few months ago, I read an article about the Bossburg Cripple foot tracks, this question will be in two parts.

a. Your opinion, real or hoax? and why?

Mr. John Green: I don't know. The circumstances under which they were found were very suspicious, but some competent people have considered them genuine.

b. I read you phoned Rene Dahinden, but after that, what was your involvement? Did you leave the area or did you stay? If you stayed, what did you do? If you left, why?

Mr. John Green: I was unable to go to Bossburg at that time, but I made several trips later on, interviewing people, looking for evidence, and in one instance spending a day struggling through deep snow on a wild goose chase. I was never able to stay there long, as I had a weekly newspaper to produce.

Question #4. Is there one Track Cast that you feel could be the best example for the existence of this animal? Which one? And why?

Mr. John Green: Not one, but the several casts of tracks made by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin after they got the movie and by Bob Titmus when he investigated the site several days later. I choose those because there is a movie of the creature that made them and because Bob casts a series of tracks that demonstrate tremendous foot flexibility.

Question #5. What was your first thought when you laid eyes on the Skookum Cast?

Mr. John Green: I don't recall a first thought. The people who had been there told us how they had worked out an interpretation of the puzzling imprint they found and I and others were trying to check their opinions against the cast they had made --with the handicap that it still had a thick layer of dirt clinging to it.

Follow up Question: And after it was cleaned up, and the scientists like Dr. Meldrum started giving opinions? Then what did you think?

Mr. John Green: That it was unquestionably an imprint left by a very large animal and that no part of any known animal could be responsible for it, particularly one print of the back of the heel and part of the Achilles tendon of a huge humanlike, hair-covered leg.

Question #6. Is there one sighting or one report by a witness that stands out in your mind? And Why? How do you view witness reports?

Mr. John Green: There are quite a few sighting reports that rate high for significant observation and apparent witness reliability, but they lack supporting evidence. The one with far the best supporting evidence is Patterson/Gimlin but that was just one individual walking away. The one that combines supporting evidence with significant observation of behavior is Glen Thomas' story of watching a large male excavate a steep, five-foot-deep shaft in heavy rocks to get at hibernating rodents, and share the meal with a large female and a small child. The excavation, which appears to be impossible for humans to duplicate, is still there as to witness reports in general, many nowadays are obvious hoaxes and presumably there are even more hoaxes that are not obvious, but reports by thousands of apparently credible witnesses are in themselves a phenomenon that requires an explanation.

Question #7. Questions about the Patterson/Gimlin film have been done over and over, but I am curious about one thing, Wasn't the area of Bluff Creek an area Bob Titmus was researching? If so, did Bob Titmus direct Patterson and Gimlin to this area? If not, do you know why Mr.Patterson and Mr. Gimlin headed to Bluff Creek?

Mr. John Green: By 1967 Bob was living and searching in British Columbia and I'm not sure he would even have heard of Roger Patterson. He certainly was not in touch with him. The reason Roger and Bob went to Bluff Creek was because Roger had been notified that many tracks had been seen there a few weeks before, and Roger hoped there might be more tracks show up which he could photograph. .

Question #8. Do you think Main Stream Science will ever take a serious look into this mystery?

Mr. John Green: Yes, that is slowly coming about.

Question #9. Do you have any regrets?

Mr. John Green: No.

Biscardi - What can you do other than shake your head?

I have the feeling I will be posting quite a bit about Tom Biscardi - until his Nationwide Search to capture a Bigfoot ALIVE!! (in his words) is over.

I was stunned to read, what I did in the news tonight..

Quote from Tom Biscardi:

"Nobody in the field is doing this like us. They're not in the firing trenches, not braving the temperatures, there's plenty of places that those creatures can be concealed," Biscardi said.

To this I simply say -- I personally THANK GOD, the people I chose to associate with in this field of research, do not do things the way Tom Biscardi does.. Im thinking Biscardi is feeling the "consequences" of bad decisions he made lately.. But, trying to make yourself look good, by making others look bad - only makes you -- look much worse.

Keep up the good work !!

You can read the full story HERE

P.S. Mr. Biscardi, Im sure there are many Independent Reserchers and Organized Groups that would tell you directly -- your full of something, and it isnt truth. :)

February 15, 2006

Biography of Gino Napoli

Photo of Gino Napoli
T.B.R.C Field Researcher

Hi, my name is Gino Napoli.

I grew up in western Pennsylvania during the 70's with 3000 acres at my back door. As kids we hunted fished and trapped in the woods all around our home. I always had a fascination with sasquatch growing up. My aunt lived in northern California and sent me dozens of articles about bigfoot sightings in and around her state. She kept my eyes wide open when I was a kid. We planned our trips to California in search of bigfoot. I remember making my mom stop at a Winnebago dealership so I could get some brochures on the one (we) were going to get. We had big plans all the way down to what cameras we were going to take in the field. Crazy kids.

Life went on and other things took place of my bigfoot hunting dream. I moved to Texas in 78 and started learning how to turn a wrench. Like a lot of teenagers girls and cars took place of hunting and fishing, and bigfoot was put on the back burner. Until the early 80's when I had a visual on what I first thought was a bear, it changed my whole perspective on life. I found out that things in our world are not always what they seem. My sighting report is on the T.B.R.C. website under parker county.

I started using the internet in 2000 and the first thing I entered in was bigfoot, man the information on the net. I read bigfoot came from ufo's, I read they came through worm holes, I read they could appear and disappear like magic. Lots of theories and lots of ideas, the big one was finding out there were more people who claim to see bigfoot in the south like I did. I hooked up with the T.B.R.C at there first big meeting in Dallas and have been part of there group ever since. For the last five years we have done many day and night outings in areas where we receive reports. I can tell you 2 things I learned from the Parker County incident. I went and got some help after I left the area that night. About 5 of us came back to the spot when it got really quiet, you could hear a pin drop. All of a sudden we heard this branch snap off of a tree, it was like you could hear it bending and then snap. After that, the animals started making there noises again and the night was back to normal. The next day my brother , myself and a friend walked up the creek to the railroad tracks. We all were armed with 12 gauge shotguns and 00 buck. After walking for a while we heard all this noise on the hill heading up to the tracks where my brother was, along the hill I was 50 yards to his right and our buddy was 50 to my right, all of a sudden I hear my brother yell for me in a panic stricken voice. I was looking in the direction of the noise when I see trees parting on the hill going up to the tracks.

When I made it over to my brother he was on one knee with his shotgun pointed up the hill, I said what the hell was it? He said he did not know but it was huge. When my friend got there we ran over to the hill (very steep) and found a footprint impression in the middle of the hill and one at the top. The trees were bent down as it used them to pull itself up the steep bank. I tried to get up the bank the same way and was not able too. It went up the hill like it was no problem. About a 100 yards from there we found what we thought was some kids starting to make a fort, I told my brother those kids walked a long way just to make a fort. From what I remember it was 10 or so branches snapped in half standing up against a horizontal tree branch- like a wall of a fort. The branches were about as big around as my wrist some smaller. I believe we saw a marker of some kind, a territorial marker or maybe something to do with the food in the area. Just a theory but I saw it just the same. Today we think they snap branches to show dominance or try to scare you out of an area. A lot of different stick formations have been found, why they were made we don't actually know. A lot of speculation on my part. Anyway if any of this holds true these animals have been doing the same stuff for a long time, at least since the early 80's because I saw and heard it.


Photo provided by Chris Buntenbah, Wildlife Photographer and T.B.R.C. Field Researcher

Quote of the Day,

I wasn't going to do anything with this quote, but I couldn't let it just pass by.

"What more can be said that hasn't been said? I've been ridiculed, but the proof is in the pudding, Jack, and that's the reason why myself and my team are out here now investigating across this great United States of America," said Tom Biscardi, Bigfoot hunter.

More eloquent words were never spoken . Jack :)

February 14, 2006

Well, I wondered,

I wondered which state Tom Biscardi would show up in next. I no more than finished looking at his site yesterday - looking for pictures of his 8 State Tour to capture a Bigfoot "ALIVE"!!, when I saw a news release that Biscardi was now in Illinois.

"Searching For Bigfoot"

February 13, 2006
Jessica Wheeler

Bigfoot has been sited in Central Illinois! And a group of animal trackers hopes to find the elusive creature. A man from Shirley, in rural Mclean County, first reported seeing a strange creature near Funks Grove about a year ago.

Now, am I surprised by this? No, not one bit. If you go and look on Biscardi's site, you will see pictures from his last 3 trips - New York, North Carolina and Ohio. The pictures are very generic - and show the placement of camera traps, ice on roads, open fields, a few trees, and the members of the local groups or independent researchers, that are taking out Biscardi in his hunt, but nothing else. No reports of what happened, nothing. I'm not surprised by this either.

I am curious about something...

Biscardi is going nationwide on his search to capture a Bigfoot ALIVE!! (his words) and we all know how much Tom Biscardi loves the media attention, but curiously he is not in any of these pictures... Why is that? Am I making to much of that? Is he in one of these photos, and I'm just missing him? When does Biscardi turn down a photo opportunity? Maybe there are some, and he simply has not posted them yet - don't know, guess only time will tell.

P.S. Mr. Biscardi just finished his Ohio Trip -- but no word on whether he went to the spot of the Wayne Burton Photo, as he told Rob McConnell of the "X-Zone" radio program. Biscardi did say he would find out if that photo was hoaxed or not when he got to Ohio on his Nationwide Tour...... Of course, he had to remove Idaho from his original list and add Ohio to it. I wonder if Biscardi knows he has 2 lists on his site (snicker). Psssssttt Mr. Biscardi - shouldn't you change them both??

Sorry, I had to go there :)

February 13, 2006

Just for fun,

Media shy Bigfoot has escaped from his home in Johor, southern Malaysia following a recent press expose on his "jungle activities". Allegations about the creatures love life made front page news in Malaysia, which has been gripped in Bigfoot mania for over a year now although no clear photo of the beast has ever been shown.

Bigfoot has now been sighted at several bars in Patong and one bar girl spoke to the Patong Times claiming that, "He is a big Chang drinker but he does not tip very well." The Patong Times investigation also revealed the beast was a big fan of Tiger disco but did not rate the girls in Banana very highly. Article

February 12, 2006

Maybe I should Introduce myself

Picture of Me - on a good day.

I was sitting here thinking.. What should I write about? When the thought hit me, no one really knows anything about me. I have thought about this since I started this blog. I argue with myself, the blog is not about me, but at the same time, people like to know who they are dealing with or who they are getting opinions from. Well, I will settle this debate once and for all, and tell you about who I am.

My name is Melissa, I am in my Late 20's to Mid 30's ( don't ask) and I work in the Legal Profession. But what most do not know about me is...

I was born in a very small town in Iowa, Maquoketa to be exact. When I lived there as a child you could walk from one end of town to the other in about 10 mins. You can still walk the length of the town in less than a half hour, but at the other end you will now find a Wal-Mart and a newly built Highway Overpass, but the old charm and country lifestyle still rages on. People there still give directions based on where the "Rose Garden" (a long since torn down bowling alley) used to be, and know all the neighbors by name. My grandma and whole family always knew when I pulled into town, because of my Wisconsin License Plates - the neighbors all know her granddaughter is from Wisconsin, and they all the neighbors have phones... LOL. I come from a very large family. The total number of kids, grandkids, etc. etc. I believe last count was over 100 - that all started with my grandma and her 8 kids. My dad is a proud veteran and served his country for many, many years. I am very proud of him - he has seen much, and his wisdom and his advice I still need, and seek out to this day. I was raised with very strong family values - and I am so glad I learned those lessons.

When I was still very young, my parents moved me and my sister (my brother was on the way) to Wisconsin. Where I lived and grew up until I was out of High School. I have spent time abroad in Europe, and traveled most of the United States. I am continuing my education and consider myself an independent woman, but, when I want to go on vacation, I go home to Iowa, where I can hear the church bells ring every day on the hour, and a full song play on those church bells every Sunday at noon. My dad (who moved back to Iowa ) has hummingbirds that feed off his back porch, life is quiet and peaceful and just the way I like it.

I have had an interest in this research for as long as I can remember. Not because I have seen one - I wont be making that claim, I don't know why for sure, I have just always been fascinated with the idea that this animal could be out there. It doesn't seem improbable, although I would need to see it for myself to believe it. But, there is the rub for me.. I, in all honesty would rather see it in a picture. First of all, because to see it in the flesh means I have to invade its territory and do I have that right? This is something I struggle with often. By invading its territory I simply mean - we as humans influence the behavior of animals by being in their environment, and may have an impact on their behavior and patterns, and we may not even realize it. Is that fair? Second reason - the animal if it is as it is described, scares me.. Yes, I am not joking about that. I frequent message boards and make many comments about "running in the opposite direction", that may just happen - only time will tell. I may feel totally different when in the situation, who knows. Im not going to guess about that, because I wont know until if and when the situation arises.

Do I think I will be any luckier than John Green or Rene Dahinden? Nope. I really don't think I will ever see one.. Im being realistic.

I am a "No Kill" researcher, and defend that position often.

One reason for starting this blog is to discuss women in the field of Bigfoot Research. Women are doing great things in this area of research, whether it be out in the field, researching reports or whatever they can to help this search move forward and toward a conclusion. Women have a role in this, and deserve to be taken seriously. Am I a "woman's Lib" kind of person - No, in fact I stay far away from that, but women are out there in the field and doing research right along side the men, and like the men are putting themselves in harms way -- even from animals we know about, regardless of gender - all who are in this, deserve respect -- regardless of the role they play. I promise information on the women in this is coming very soon... So, stay tuned for more information.

I moved to Texas, September 29, 2005. I immediately jumped feet first into this research. Why now? Well, I had known about a specific group for a long time here in Texas, so when in Rome :) lmao. I have met very wonderful and interesting people in this search for an as yet undocumented North American Primate. I am a member of The Alliance of independent Bigfoot Researchers, also a group here in Texas. I have attended one conference and met some of what I consider to be the top people in this field, people I never thought I would ever meet, let alone talk to one on one. I have learned so much about this research, I continue to learn more every single day.

I am by nature very boring - I will admit. When I am not working, I am watching news or "surfing" the net, and even doing my own research (Ha Ha,, not gonna tell you what Im doing though). This blog has become my latest past time. I have been surprised by one thing. I never considered myself someone who would enjoy spending days and nights in the woods. Yeah, I will be the first to admit, I am very "prissy". But, I find I am enjoying it very much. In fact - I find myself praying for a new "operation" to be announced all the time. I don't know if its because I enjoy the team I am with, or if its simply for the nature - which I do not get living in the city - or is it simply because I enjoy the search for this animal. I have to be honest, the thought of spending time in the woods hadn't crossed my mind in 30 some years - until I became involved with this. There is so much about this I enjoy. Its hard to name any one thing in particular.

Well, There is a little about me. Maybe not as much as you might want to know, but I am also very private, and shy. To date, I have had a very fortunate life. I have met wonderful people and done things I could only dream of growing up. While I am far away from my home and family now, I find comfort in my new friends and this research.

I am very lucky....

Bob Titmus

Bob Titmus began his lifelong inquiry into the bigfoot mystery in late 1958. Through his Taxidermy shops in Anderson, California, he had heard the stories of giant man like tracks occasionally found in remote sections of Northern California and other areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Titmus was skeptical about these stories until his good friend, Jerry Crew, approached him in August of 1958 asking for advice about preserving some odd animal tracks found around his work site. Crew, a logging road tractor operator, told Titmus how these large tracks were found every so often by construction workers returning to a work site deep in the Six Rivers National Forest. The enormous manlike tracks matched the general description of tracks found in other remote areas -- tracks that local native American tribes attributed to the legendary, shy, hairy giants that were occasionally seen and heard in the steep, misty mountain rainforests of the Six Rivers region.

Get the full story Here
The Willow Creek-China Flat Museum

New Additions

Well, since I fixed the link problem, I decided to make life even easier for the readers of this blog.

In the right hand margin you will see a "Subscribe me" box. That's right, if you enter your email address and follow the short instructions, you will get updates on new postings on this blog. I personally prefer email updates, searching for links in my browser can get time consuming.

I would also like to take this time to say THANK YOU !! To the many people who have sent emails and personal messages, telling me how much they like this blog. I like the praise, but can accept criticism too - so, if you have any ideas or suggestions - just let me know.

I do hope you subscribe, or just continue to keep coming back - sharing information is a good thing !!!

Again, THANK YOU ALL !!!!

February 10, 2006

Uh Oh,


I am currently having trouble posting banner links to other websites.

Some links that are posted do work - I am removing all that do not, until I can figure out the source of the problem.

Once again I apologize to Sam Rich of Georgia, and to any other website I may have been displaying a banner link to - that unfortunately was or is not working. I am working very hard to resolve the problem, and will restore all of the banners I had to delete, as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience. Isn't Technology Grand ??


You can find the banner link to Georgia in the full article on the owner of that website Sam Rich. Thank you all for your patience.

Something Interesting,

Thomas Steenburg writes on Bigfoot Encounters

The Making Of Bigfoot by Greg Long claimed to be the final nail in the coffin for the P-G film.

Both Mr. Long and colleague, Kal Korff, have been heard on recent radio talk shows claiming this book will forever kill any notion in the minds of the North American public and I assume Canadian public as well, the P-G film of October 20 th 1967 was in any way a real animal.

As far as I am concerned, I am sorry to say Greg Long has failed. Mr. Long does deserve high praise for spending a long time running down rumors and leads in Yakima, Washington...a race against the three of the interviewed witnesses have since died.

You can read the full article Here

While reading this article I read items of information, I had never heard before. I do enjoy reading anything written by Mr. Steenburg, and, I am currently reading his book "In Search Of Giants".

My opinion on this may not matter much, but I think Mr. Steenburg is right on the money. And he brings up many good points in this article. If you havent read this article, its well worth the the read.

By the way,

If your interested in purchasing this book I spoke of you may do so here:

In Search of Giants,

By: Thomas Steenburg

AIBR Article "How to Tape Record Primate Vocalizations"

Click on the Banner above, to read a fantastic article on "Recording Vocalizations". Written by Thomas Geissmann, Institute of Zoology, Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover, D-30559 Hannover, Germany.

When you see this banner - New Information or Articles are waiting to be read.

I hope you enjoy it !!!!!

February 9, 2006

Bossburg Cripple Foot

"Something is making those gawdamn tracks!"
….René Dahinden (1930 - 2001)

"These tracks display anatomical details that a would-be hoaxer would be unlikely to have a knowledge of. These tracks are not simply enlargements of human feet. Rather, they exhibit distinctions in proportion and anatomy that are consistent with the size and purported gait of the Sasquatch."
Prof. Jeff Meldrum



There is a lot more to foot prints than most people realize. When you study foot prints very closely there is a tremendous amount of information that can be obtained. Variations in toe positions, weight shifts, weight distribution, lift off, heel strike, stride, depth of impression, pressure ridges, all of these can be used to detect fakes and to gain information on the creature that made them. The information gained from bigfoot tracks indicates an anatomical structure that is very different from a human foot.

Read the full Article Here

February 7, 2006

'Lost World' Found in New Guinean Jungle

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Scientists exploring an isolated jungle in one of Indonesia's most remote provinces discovered dozens of new species of frogs, butterflies and plants, as well as mammals hunted to near extinction elsewhere, members of the expedition said Tuesday.

The team also found wildlife that were remarkably unafraid of humans during its rapid survey of the Foja Mountains, an area in eastern Indonesia's Papua province with more than two million acres of old growth tropical forest, said Bruce Beehler, a co-leader of the monthlong trip.

Two long-beaked echidnas, a primitive egg-laying mammal found mainly in Australia, simply allowed scientists to pick them up and bring them back to their camp to be studied, Beehler said.

The December expedition to Papua province, the western half of the island of New Guinea, was organized by the U.S.-based environmental organization Conservation International and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

"There was not a single trail, no sign of civilization, no sign of even local communities ever having been there," said Beehler, adding that two headmen from the Kwerba and Papasena tribes, the customary landowners of the Foja Mountains, accompanied the expedition.

"They were as astounded as we were at how isolated it was," he told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Washington, D.C. "As far as they knew, neither of their clans had ever been to the area."

Papua, the scene of a decades-long separatist rebellion that has killed an estimated 100,000 people, is one of Indonesia's most remote provinces, geographically and politically, and access by foreigners is tightly restricted.

The 11-member team of U.S., Indonesian and Australian scientists needed six permits before they could legally fly by helicopter to an open, boggy lakebed surrounded by forests near the range's western summit.

The scientists said they discovered 20 frog species — including a tiny microhylid frog less than a half inch long — four new butterfly species and at least five new types of palms.

Their findings, however, will have to be published and then reviewed by peers before being officially classified as new species, a process that could take six months to several years.

The World Wild Fund for Nature, which had no ties to the project, said finding previously unknown species in the sprawling nation, renowned for its rich biodiversity, was not unusual.

"There are many species that have not been identified" in Indonesia, said Chairul Saleh, a species officer for the global environmental conservation group.

Because of the rich diversity in the forest, the group rarely had to stray more than a few miles from their base camp.

"We've only scratched the surface," said Beehler, vice president of Conservation International's Melanesia Center for Biodiversity Conservation. He said he hopes to return later this year with other scientists.

One of the most remarkable discoveries was the golden-mantled tree kangaroo, an arboreal jungle-dweller new for Indonesia and previously thought to have been hunted to near extinction, and a new honeyeater bird, which has a bright orange face-patch with a pendant wattle under each eye, Beehler said.

The scientists also took the first known photographs of Berlepsch's six-wired bird of paradise, a bird described by hunters in New Guinea in the 19th century and named for the wires that extend from its head in place of a crest.

The scientists said they watched in amazement as, just one day after arriving, a male bird performed a courtship dance for an attending female in their camp, shaking the long feathers on its head.

One of the reasons for the rain forest's isolation, Beehler said, was that only a few hundred people live in the region and game in the mountain's foothills is so abundant that they had no reason to venture into the jungle's interior.

There did not appear to be any immediate conservation threat to the area, which has the status of a wildlife sanctuary, he said.

"No logging permits are given to this area, there is no transport system — not a single road," Beehler said.

"But clearly with time everything is a threat. In the next few decades there will be strong demands, especially if you think of the timber needs of nearby countries like China and Japan. They will be very hungry for logs."

Fox News

February 6, 2006


That name just says so much, doesn't it?

Ok, Last night Mr. Tom Biscardi was on the Joe Mazza Show, live. I listened intently.. Well, boys and girls - Mr. Biscardi is in the field. In fact he has already been in New York, and is now in North Carolina, where he called the Joe Mazza Show from last night. Mr. Biscardi reports they found activity of Devil Worship in New York, and lots of ice.

Now, I stayed up and listened until around 1:30 - and to my surprise, no extraordinary claims were made. Mr. Biscardi made his usual comments, involving things no one can verify - such as one of his 5 sightings had him within 12 to 13 feet of one of these undocumented animals, so - I must take him at his word for this, for now. Mr. Biscardi did promise to have pictures from his New York expedition on his site today, at some point -- and I for one plan to look.

Now, I want to be clear about something.. This blog is not for bashing or destroying reputations. I am doing this blog for a number of reasons, first to get good information out, not the tabloid junk you can find anywhere - just good solid information and as fact based as possible. Second, to begin profiling the work being done by women - as I am a woman and in this field of research, and the women in this are not discussed nearly enough.

As I sit here typing this, I am thinking about the dilemma I face, in discussing the first of my goals for this blog. At what point does discussing wild claims and exposing alleged hoaxes become tabloid itself. I am not a gossip, and I do not like gossip. I believe the work all of the men and women in this research field do is good, honest work - but, we do have that very few who do like to make things "interesting".. So, at what point do my comments become tabloid or gossip? I do not know.

Take for instance one caller on last nights show. He called in to discuss the ice Biscardi and his team encountered while on expedition in New York. Well, I can not say I would totally disagree with Biscardi's explanation - they may have been at a higher elevation, I do not know as I was not there. Anyone who has been out doing this work will tell you, conditions change in the field depending where you are. Elevation does play a role, also if your sitting by a stream or river in November or January - the temperature does drop and is much cooler compared to what others in your team may be feeling even a half mile or less from your position. Was this caller bringing up a legitimate point, or simply trying to add "Fuel to the fire" for Biscardi and his problems?

Am I defending Biscardi -- ABSOLUTELY NOT. I have no intentions of this blog becoming an apologist for Biscardi's camp, I will in fact delete this blog before that were to happen. But, at what point do we beat a dead horse so much - its not even worth discussing? After careful consideration I have decided, I will let everyone know when and what programs Biscardi will be on, but I will only report what he says. I may have commentary - because I like to discuss things and get my opinion out there (for what its worth) but, I will not engage in the same tatics used by some to discredit others. I will report anything I hear, that can be confirmed as mis-information. It's my personal opinion, researchers in this field must police themselves, and that is something I have said from day one. Comments directly from Biscardi or his website are fair game, but second and third hand information is gossip, and in my opinion not relevant to anything. My training has always taught me to go directly to the source, and that is what I will do with Biscardi, his statements alone give me enough to type about for a few months.

Will this opinion or my statements make me popular -- Dont know, maybe not, I have never been in a popularity contest.

February 5, 2006

Guess What,

Biscardi has found a new Radio Talk Show to have his Bigfoot discussions on. Tonight, it's the Joe Mazza Show.

Yes, thats right. I was so excited by this, I jumped right on Mr. Biscardis website. While scrolling through Biscardi's site, I noticed something that peeked my curosity. Seems Mr. Biscardi has altered his plans.

Biscardi has taken Idaho off his list of States he plans to visit, in an attempt to capture a live Bigfoot. Where is he going instead? Why, Ohio of course. During the interview on the "X-Zone" with Rob McConnell , Mr. Biscardi stated that he would find out if the picture taken by Wayne Burton ( you know, the picture that ultimately ended Biscardi's airtime on the "X-Zone") was a hoax, he would find out when they got to ohio.... Only one problem at the time of that "X-Zone" program - Ohio was not on the list of States to be searched..

Did Mr. Biscardi change his mind about going to Ohio instead of Idaho as a measure of good faith after the Wayne Burton "situation"? Not sure, but I will give Biscardi the benefit of the doubt here, as typos on websites happen often (snicker).

Now, just to keep everyone updated - when we last heard from Biscardi, he was still trying to get permits and pack gear for his 8 State Expedition in search of a bigfoot, to bring back ALIVE!! Yep, thats it. I have no clue if Biscardi has left on this "mission" or not, not sure if anyone knows.

I have to ask myself, what keeps biscardi going? This man has been involved in some of THE most questionable situations in this field of research, he gets kicked off 2 radio shows in roughly 6 months, and he keeps going, just like the energizer bunny.. What motivates this man? Is he truly interested in this undocumented animal, is that really his motivation? Is it the all mighty $$? I just cant figure out what makes this man tick.

Well, listen for yourself tonight and see whats new with Biscardi on the Joe Mazza Show Check the website page for times in your area.